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Download Software for Data Acquisition

Download this data acquisition tools and keyboard wedge software and capture device data within minutes! Our software for data acquisition is available for Microsoft® Windows, Windows CE®, and Windows Mobile®.

The demo version can be downloaded free of charge, no registration required.



Download Keyboard Wedge Software

Download TWedge - Keyboard Wedge Software

Download the extremely flexible data acquisition software TWedge: This software wedge collects data from devices like barcode readers, scanners, gauges and electronic scales via USB, serial ports (RS232, RS485, virtual COM ports), TCP, UDP and Bluetooth. Device data is stored directly in databases and files or simulated as Data captured via USB, serial RS232 port, TCP, UDP and Bluetooth® is transformed into keystrokes and forwarded to applications like Microsoft Excel®, Word, Access, SAP® R/3®.virtual keystrokes.

Windows CE
Pocket PC

Download Mobile Keyboard Wedge Software (Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded)

Download TWedgeCE - Mobile Keyboard Wedge Software

Download data acquisition software for mobile devices! TWedgeCE supports automated data collection from devices connected via RS-232 serial COM port, Bluetooth®, TCP and UDP. Capture device data with Microsoft® Windows CE®, Pocket PC® and Windows Mobile®.


Download Data Acquisition ActiveX Control

Download TConnector - Data Acquisition ActiveX Control

Seamless data acquisition! Insert the ActiveX controls can be used with Microsoft Internet Explorer (HTML and JavaScript), Visual Basic® (VB), Visual Studio® (VC/C++/C#/.NET), Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word®, Borland Delphi, Borland CPP Builder and many other ActiveX-compatible applications and development environments.ActiveX control TConnector into your application and capture data from devices like bar code readers, gauges or scales via any Supported interfaces are serial RS232, COM port, Bluetooth, parallel port, UDP, TCP.interface.


Download Event Check-In and Boarding Software

Download BlueBooking - Event Check-In Software

Download the event check-in software BlueBooking to ensure boarding without a hitch - your guests are booked reliably by discreetly scanning a barcode or NFC/RFID tag. In addition, Bluetooth® Barcode reader support is included.

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