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Training Courses

TEC-IT provides courses regarding barcode products for SAP®, Windows, Linux®, Mac OS X and UNIX®, report generator software, label printing and output techniques, barcode printing methods and data acquisition applications. All of these courses are tailored to your exact requirements.

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TFORMer for Programmers

TFORMer for Software Developers

The report generator and label printing software TFORMer Designer / TFORMer SDK gives developers a huge potential. TEC-IT offers in-house training courses (e.g. half day seminars) upon request. Course time and flow can be arranged.

You learn details regarding embedding TFORMer SDK into own applications, tips and tricks, trouble-shooting, optimization, ...

For more inquiries please contact contact TEC-IT.

TFORMer for Users

TFORMer for Users

Learn how to design simple as well as complex report and label layouts with TFORMer Designer quickly.

This course covers layout structure, layout design, form printing, scripting and data source usage.

Barcodes and Output with SAP

Barcode Printing and Output with SAP

This course provides you with detailed information regarding barcode technologies, barcode printing techniques and barcode integration into SAP® R/3® systems.

Your barcode software product (TBarCode/SAPwin, TBarCode/Direct or TBarCode/X) is discussed within the context of SAP applications.

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