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TWedgeCE: Software for Mobile Data Acquisition

TWedgeCE is a universal data acquisition software for mobile devices or handhelds based on Windows CE®. Captured device data is simulated as virtual keystrokes. Thus you can link data acquisition devices with any application. Works with serial interfaces, Bluetooth®, TCP and UDP. No programming is required!

New in TWedgeCE 2.0: TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Client, native Bluetooth®-Support, Anti-Jitter, Check-Alive!


Mobile Software Wedge

Download Keyboard Wedge Software for Pocket PC's - TWedgeCE Eval Version

Connect devices to all applications

No programming

Keystroke simulation

Pocket PC

Windows CE

Windows Mobile

from €71.00

Data Acquisition for Pocket PCs, Windows Mobile, Windows CE

Mobile Software Wedge: Data Acquisition for Pocket-PC, Windows Mobile

You need to capture data from external devices - like a bar-code reader, a gauge, an electronic scale… - into your existing application. Your requirements are as follows:

  • Your device is connected locally (serial port / RS-232) or is accessible via Bluetooth, TCP (client or server) or UDP?
  • Changing or reprogramming of the target application software is not possible or should be avoided?
  • Automated selection of input fields in the target application would be nice? You know – this is not a matter of minutes or even impossible with keyboard scanners.
  • Basic data modification functions like pre- and postfix capabilities are required?
  • Captured device data should be redirected to different applications e. g. depending on the data received?
  • You need to simulate control and function keys like Ctrl or Tab?

Using TWedgeCE your requirements will be covered easily and in a cost-effective way. Download the demo and try it!



I would also like to thank you all for how great the TEC-IT customer support has been. You guys were very willing and helpful to what I was requesting along with being very pleasant to work with. You don't find tech support like this around too much anymore especially in the business of computer products that is so willing to help before and after purchase so this was a breath of fresh air.

Bryan Craig - Alcoa, Inc.


Configure Interface (RS232, Serial, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, UDP)

Set up key stroke rules

Background operation

How does this Keyboard Wedge Software Work?

After downloading and installing you have to configure TWedgeCE. Configuration is done via a simple text-file, thus deploying an identical configuration to multiple handhelds is very easy. Just select the interface and adjust the communication parameters (e.g. baud rate, flow control, TCP address, port number, …).

TWedgeCE operates in the background and does not influence other applications – like a watchdog. If needed, you can adjust TWedgeCE to run as "Mini Application" in the task bar – like the system clock.

Keystroke simulation (keyboard wedge) is very flexibly adjustable – you can define actions which are executed depending on captured device data. Whenever TWedgeCE receives data from the device it forwards it as keystrokes to the destination window. Depending on the configuration TWedgeCE can bring a specific window into the foreground, start applications automatically or simulate function keys or special keys like Return, Ctrl, Alt, Tab, etc.

Operating systems: Microsoft® Windows CE®, Pocket PC®, Windows Mobile®, Symbol PPT 8800 etc. Other platforms on request!

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