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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the most important FAQ are listed here. In most cases the product manual contains also an FAQ section with helpful answers. Please contact our support team for further assistance.


Licensing Problems, Applying the License Key

How can I unlock the software? Problems with access rights, licensing with a developer license (on the basis of Microsoft Access, Excel…)


Barcodes, Configuration, Printing, Decoding Issues

FAQ about barcode parameters, bar code types, printing quality, readable ness (thermo transfer printers), FNC1, Data Matrix and much more. More information about bar codes can be found in the Knowledge Base.

TBarCode SDK

TBarCode Barcode Generator

Rotation, human readable text font, IDEs, programming, Microsoft Visual Basic, Navision, Access, .NET, web applications, distribution, printing issues and more...

TBarCode Office

TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In

Troubleshooting, installation, bar code configuration and more...


TBarCode/X - Barcode Software for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X

How to create GS1 Data Matrix, FNC1 escape sequences, PCL coordinate system and more...


TFORMer Labeling Software and Report Generator

TFORMer Designer (check digits, page headers, date formatting), TFORMer .NET programming, TFORMer COM programming, TFORMer SDK, font problems, CUPS issues and more...


Barcode Software for SAP: TBarCode/SAPwin, TBarCode/Direct

TBarCode/SAPwin, TBarCode/Direct: Installation, configuration steps, trouble-shooting, guidelines and more...


TWedge Data Acquisition Software

FAQ about the TWedge Software Wedge : Troubleshooting, setup, installation and more...


TConnector Data Acquisition Software

FAQ about the TConnector data acquisition component: Troubleshooting, setup, installation and more...

Blue Booking

Blue Booking Event Tracking / Boarding Software

FAQ about the Blue Booking Event Tracking / Boarding Software (incl. trouble shooting).

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