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Download TBarCode/X (Linux® Barcode Software)

Download the Linux® versions of the barcode software TBarCode/X. For the UNIX® versions please click here. TBarCode/X contains an intelligent spool filter (e.g. for LPR, LPRng & CUPS integration) and a bar code generator as command line tool. Most packages contain also LibTBarCode, a comprehensive barcode generator library for developers.

The demo version can be downloaded free of charge, no registration required.

Download SoftwarePlatformSize Download
Note: Installation of BIN packages is done by executing them as script (sh ./package-name.bin).
TBarCode/X 11.2.0RH Enterprise 5.11 x865.3 MB Download tbarcodex-11.2.0-20514-redhat-5.11-i386.bin
TBarCode/X 11.2.0RH Enterprise 5.11 x86-6411.3 MB Download tbarcodex-11.2.0-20514-redhat-5.11-x86_64.bin
TBarCode/X 11.2.0SUSE 11.0 x864.2 MB Download tbarcodex-11.2.0-20514-suse-11.0-i386.bin
TBarCode/X 11.2.0SUSE 11.0 x86-644.4 MB Download tbarcodex-11.2.0-20514-suse-11.0-x86_64.bin
TBarCode/X 11.2.0Ubuntu 8.04+5.2 MB Download tbarcodex-11.2.0-20514-ubuntu-8.04-i386.bin
TBarCode/X 11.2.0Ubuntu 8.04+ x86-645.3 MB Download tbarcodex-11.2.0-20514-ubuntu-8.04-amd64.bin
TBarCode/X 10.2.2SUSE 11.0 x86-644.3 MB Download tbarcodex-10.2.2-19106-suse-11.0-x86_64.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X 10.2.2Ubuntu 10.04+4 MB Download tbarcodex-10.2.2-19146-ubuntu-10.04-i386.deb.bin
TBarCode/X 10.2.1RH Enterprise 5.5 x86-646.8 MB Download tbarcodex-10.2.1-16367-rhel-5.5-x86_64.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X 10.2.1SUSE 10.0 x86-644.5 MB Download tbarcodex-10.2.1-16367-suse-10.0-x86_64.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X 10.2.0Ubuntu 10.04/11.04 x86-646.9 MB Download tbarcodex-
TBarCode/X 10.1.2Ubuntu 9.043.8 MB Download tbarcodex-
TBarCode/X 10.1.2Ubuntu 9.04 x86-644 MB Download tbarcodex-
TBarCode/X 10.1.1SUSE 10.2 x86-643.6 MB Download tbarcodex-
TBarCode/X 10.1.0SUSE 11.23.5 MB Download tbarcodex-
TBarCode/X 10.0.0SUSE 10.1 x863.6 MB Download tbarcodex-
TBarCode/X  9.0.6RH Enterprise 5.3 x86-643.4 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.6-13428.rhel5.3-x86_64.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4Debian 3.1 x863.2 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-1-i386.deb.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4Debian 5.04 x86-643.4 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-2-Debian-5.0.4-amd64.deb.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4RH Enterprise 43.2 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-1.RHEL4.i386.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4RH Enterprise 5 x863.3 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-1.RHEL5.i386.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4SUSE 11.12.7 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-1.suse111.i586.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4SUSE 9.3, SLES 9 (SLES 10)2.9 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-1.suse93.i586.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.4Ubuntu 7.10 x86-643.3 MB Download tbarcode9-9.0.4-1-amd64.deb.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.1SUSE 7.03.2 MB Download tbarcode-9.0.1-0.suse70.i386.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.0Red Hat 93 MB Download tbarcode-9.0.0-0.rh9.i386.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.0RH Fedora 62.8 MB Download tbarcode-9.0.0-0.i386.rpm.bin
TBarCode/X  9.0.0Ubuntu 7.042.8 MB Download tbarcode-9.0.0-1-i386.deb.bin
Other Linux versions on request
Download DocumentationPlatformSize Download
TBarCode/X User Manual V11 2 MB Download TBarCodeX11_Manual_EN.pdf
TBarCode/X User Manual V10 1.8 MB Download TBarCodeX10_Manual_EN.pdf
TBarCode/X User Manual V 9-1.8 MB Download TBarCodeX9_Manual_EN.pdf
TBarCode/X Developer Manual (LibTBarCode) V11 0.7 MB Download TBarCodeX11_Developer_EN.pdf
TBarCode/X Developer Manual (LibTBarCode) V10 0.5 MB Download TBarCodeX10_Developer_EN.pdf
TBarCode/X Developer Manual (LibTBarCode) V 9-0.5 MB Download TBarCodeX9_Developer_EN.pdf
TBarCode Library API Online Documentation V11-  Download index.html
TBarCode Library API Online Documentation V10   Download index.html
TBarCode Library API Online Documentation V 9-  Download index.html
TBarCode/X User Manual V1-0.5 MB Download TBarCode_Linux_V1_Manual_EN.pdf
Barcode Reference -1.7 MB Download Barcode_Reference_EN.pdf

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