BluePiano: Bluetooth Keyboard-Wedge for Android

BluePiano represents a smart keyboard-wedge software for Android phones or tablets. It supports devices like external Bluetooth barcode scanners, RFID readers or GPS devices supporting the Bluetooth serial port profile (RFCOMM). BluePiano collects and injects device data into Android Apps, modifications of the target apps are not required.

Bluetooth-Wedge for Android Smartphone or Tablet

Bluetooth-Wedge for Android

BluePiano extends arbitrary Android apps with automated and universal data collection capabilities.

BluePiano works as a so-called keyboard wedge: such a keyboard wedge captures device data and forwards this data by simulating user-input to target apps. Captured device data appears as entered by the user in the input field of the target application - without manual typing:

  • Accelerated, automated data acquisition (e.g. when scanning bar-codes with an external Bluetooth scanner).
  • Compatible with all serial Bluetooth devices (Bluetooth SPP - serial port profile respective RFCOMM).
  • Captured data is injected into input-fields of arbitrary target apps.
  • Transparent data collection via simulated user-input.
  • Additional key on the soft-keyboard for recovering lost Bluetooth connections.
  • Simulation rules for target application specific cursor control.
  • Keyboard languages (English, German, French, Russian and Swedish) are selected automatically according to the system language.

BluePiano is very user-friendly: After downloading and installing BluePiano a setup assistant supports the configuration of the keyboard wedge. The soft-keyboard notifies users in case of lost Bluetooth connections using the notification bar or via a meaningful symbol on the additional Bluetooth key. Recovering lost connections is possible with a single tap (e.g. Bluetooth scanner out of range). The integrated camera scanner is useful for backup purposes.

BluePiano at a Glance




General Bluetooth SPP Information

On some earlier Android smart phone models it is not possible to reliably connect to a Bluetooth SPP device: Due to buggy Bluetooth firmware BluePiano may complain about so-called SPP errors (see BluePiano device manager - long tap on the "?123" key of the BluePiano keyboard). These steps may solve the problem:

  • Quit all Bluetooth related apps on the smart phone.
  • Remove the Bluetooth pairing to the device causing the troubles (see Android Settings).
  • Switch off Bluetooth (see Android Settings).
  • Reboot the Android device.
  • Activate Bluetooth again (Android Settings).
  • Re-pair with the device in question.
  • Configure and use BluePiano as intended.

Please do not hesitate to benefit from our free BluePiano support. Simply contact us!

Please note: Licenses which are distributed by TEC-IT are bound to a specific device/user combination. A new device and/or a new user requires a separate license.

Free Demo App

BluePiano is available in Google Play as free demo or as paid full version (just search for the term BluePiano or scan the barcode on the right with your handset). The free demo version of BluePiano replaces captured device data in irregular intervals with a demo-text.

For users with bulk-license requirements or without access to Google Play, TEC-IT offers a special BluePiano version for download on this web-site. This version can be activated with activation keys provided by TEC-IT (internet access is required once for activation). Just contact us for more information.