Barcode SoftwareBarcode software for developers and users. Easy bar code creation and barcode printing.

Barcode Creator Software

With Barcode Studio you quickly create barcode images in best quality. Single and serial barcodes, bitmaps, vector graphics.

Barcode Studio (Windows)
Barcode Studio (Mac OS X)

Office Barcode Add-Ins

Ideal for Microsoft Office users: Create bar codes in any document, serial letter or spreadsheet with ease!

Barcode Add-In for Word (2007 or later)
Barcode Add-In for Excel (2007 or later)
Print Barcodes in Access

Barcode Generator SDK

As developer you create and print linear, 2D and GS1 bar codes with the barcode software component TBarCode.

Barcode SDK for Developers
Barcode ActiveX, OCX, DLL, .NET
Barcode Software Linux/UNIX/MacOS

Barcodes for SAP

Three economic solutions for SAP barcode printing: SAP Barcode DLL, Barcode Server, TBarCode/Direct (without Middleware)!

SAP Barcode DLL
Barcodes without Middleware
Barcode Server - Linux, Unix

Label SoftwareAdvanced software for barcode and label printing. Powerful design and printing features combined with great usability.

VDA & Compliance Labels

TFORMer simplifies form and label printing with ready-to-use labels for AIAG, VDA, Odette, Galia, GS1 ...

VDA 4902 Label Printing
MAT Label Printing, Odette, GTL, GS1
Compliance Labeling Software

Label Printing Software

TFORMer fulfills all label printing requirements with barcodes, graphics, formatted text, data import and more.

Label Printing Software TFORMer
Label Printing Automation SDK

Reporting Software

The reporting software TFORMer generates outstanding output on all platforms. On clients and servers - as PDF, HTML, image or print.

Reporting Software TFORMer
Report Generator SDK

Label and Print Server

Central server solution for label printing and reporting. TFORMer Server generates output around the clock - stable and efficient.

Automate Label Printing
Centralize Label Printing

Flexible software for data acquisition and data collection. Capture device data from scales, gauges and barcode-scanners in real time.

Data Acquisition Software

NEW! Data acquisition for arbitrary applications (e.g. Excel) and databases! Software Wedge for USB, serial ports, Bluetooth, UDP and TCP.

Keyboard Wedge, Software Wedge
TCP Wedge, COM to TCP
Selective USB Data Collection

Android Data Acquisition

Automated data collection and data entry for all apps. Connects to TCP, RFID and Bluetooth SPP barcode scanners!

TCP Data Acquisition
Bluetooth Data Acquisition

Mobile Data Acquisition

TWedgeCE provides mobile data acquisition with RS232, Bluetooth, TCP and UDP. For Pocket PC, Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Keyboard Wedge (Windows Mobile, CE)
Keyboard Wedge (Pocket PC)

DAQ ActiveX Component

The DAQ ActiveX control TConnector offers automated data acquisition within documents, applications and HTML pages.

ActiveX Data Acquisition