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TBarCode/Direct: Barcodes in SAP® without Middleware

TBarCode/Direct is a platform independent software solution for printing bar-codes in SAP® ERP, SAP® R/3® and mySAP® ERP. This bar code solution works completely without middleware! Please send us an inquiry if you need more information or you have specific questions.

New in TBarCode/Direct V2.3 (Data Matrix Service Pack): Added GS1 encoding mode (FNC1), 05/06 Macro mode, Escape sequences, Improved ASCII mode.


Barcodes for SAP

No Middleware

Printer Independent

No Hardware Extensions

Why Bar Codes with TBarCode/Direct?

SAP Barcode Printing without Middleware
  • TBarCode/Direct is installed within your SAP system only. No additional software, no system level installation and no additional hardware is required.
  • Works with SAPscript, SmartForms and ABAP reports.
  • Prints bar-codes on all PostScript® enabled printers (Postscript® Level 2 and newer).
  • Works even if the printers are switched off between jobs.
  • TBarCode/Direct is integrated seamlessly into the printing process. It works perfectly with output management systems.

Smart Bar-Coding

All Barcode Symbologies

Easiest Use

Perfect Output Quality

Hardware Independent

Intelligent Barcode Solution for SAP

Barcodes in SAP without Middleware

TBarCode/Direct is a bar code extension for SAP with seamless integration into the SAP printing system (no middleware is required). TBarCode/Direct can be used with all printers, which are Postscript® enabled (e.g. Laser Printers or MFPs).

You will get full bar code functionality without requirement for special printers or special hardware (DIMMs or SIMMs). The bar codes are generated completely by our software in an extraordinary resolution and output quality.

The main advantages are....

  • Support for all common linear bar code symbologies.
  • Support for Data Matrix, QR-Code and MaxiCode™ (available in V2.2), other 2D codes on request.
  • Integrated check-digit computation.
  • Extremely easy to use and install.
  • Unified barcode interface – no printer specific adjustments are required.
  • Completely transparent to your SAP applications and release independent (starting with R/3 4.5+).
  • All parameters can be set by standard print controls in the device type and through font management.
  • Outstanding barcode quality (vector based - no bitmaps!).
  • Absolute printer independent.

No Additional Hardware, No Per Printer Costs

TBarCode/Direct enables you to print bar codes without the need for bar code enabled printers or hardware upgrades (Barcode DIMMs, Barcode SIMMs) and without the need for downloading bar code fonts. You can upgrade or change your printers without considering the bar code functionality and you have no per-printer costs!

Free Eval

Evaluation Request

With a few installation steps you can test TBarCode/Direct directly on your SAP system. Please contact us for the necessary documents. After signing the Non-Disclosure-Agreement you will receive the installation files with detailed instructions (support included!).



We found TBarCode/Direct to be very easy to install. It has saved us a lot of time and money and made SAP printing easy. We have used it for two years without a single problem. TEC-IT has created a great software solution.

Reg Barco (Senior Systems Analyst) - SIEMENS Energy & Automation, Inc.

We successfully tested TBarCode/Direct you sent me. We appreciated the installation documentation and the clearness of the solution: it was easy to implement, with very low impact for pre-existent developed software, flexible and easy to handle. So we intend to promote it to our customer…

Paolo Facheris (SAP consultant) - Capgemini

All PostScript Printers

PostScript® Device Type

No CPU Resources!

Works with OMS


PostScript Barcode Printing for SAP

TBarCode/Direct is based on the standard Postscript device type POST2 delivered by SAP. You can set up all bar code properties (code type, size, height, check digit, text on/off...) in the print controls of the device type.

Barcodes are added in a very efficient way - during printing our solution does not consume any additional resources on the server (no additional CPU time!).

The bar codes are part of the spooled document = storing the documents will also store the bar codes, reprinting will also print the bar codes, a PDF document created from the printer data will also contain the bar codes.

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