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TConnector: Data Acquisition ActiveX® Control

TConnector is a programmable ActiveX Control for data acquisition through RS232, Bluetooth, USB (Virtual COM) and network (TCP/IP) interfaces.

Important note: The software development for the product TConnector has stopped. Updates, bugfixes and priority support are no longer available. Nevertheless, TConnector licenses can be purchased without the entitlement to support.


DAQ ActiveX Control

Download ActiveX Control for Data Acquisition - TConnector Eval Version

ActiveX Control for DAQ, AIDC and Communication

For all Applications

All Interfaces - one Control

Easiest Use

from €47.00

Programmable Software Component for Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition ActiveX Software
  • Are you searching for a software tool to communicate with a specific device?
  • You want to read data from all common interfaces but without being an interface specialist?
  • Not only serial and parallel ports but also TCP/IP is on your wish list?
  • You need data acquisition capabilities within Microsoft Internet Explorer and/or within Microsoft Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7?
  • Your application doesn't offer a proper API for connecting to interfaces - or the API is unwieldy to handle? And you prefer one unified API for all supported interfaces?
  • Both modes for data transfer, synchronous and asynchronous, should be supported? And key stroke simulation for incoming data (software wedge mode) wouldn't be bad, too?
  • Then you should try TConnector, our Microsoft® ActiveX® compliant software for data acquisition!

Simple Use

Click here to download a free eval version...




Quick and Easy Data Acquisition

  1. Download TConnector (ActiveX® Control for Data Acquisition) from our Download Area and start up the setup routine.
  2. Insert TConnector into your application (e.g. Visual Basic, MS Excel, Access...), in most cases, simply by using the toolbox.
  3. Open the properties dialog (right-click TConnector symbol) and adjust the interface (e.g. COM1)
  4. Read and write data from your application with Read() and Write(). Sample code is included in the setup.



I am pleased to tell you that it worked perfectly in all applications, including your Delphi demo, Microsoft Excel® demo, and my Microsoft Access program. It does exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks for a very useful piece of software. (...) My initial reasons for choosing your software were function and price, but I will now add superb support to that list.

Lee Mager - GLM Consulting & Computing Solutions

The program works to perfection. Your control is really cool.

Hasnain Jaffri - Viscotek Corporation

Let me take this opportunity to tell you that I have had excellent results so far with your TConnector product. It has provided a very flexible solution for various data acquisition applications. I really like the capability to write my own Visual Basic applications using the TConnector.

Dr. Michael Brubake - Fieldmetrics

DAQ ActiveX Control

All common Interfaces

Simple Integration

TCP/IP Support


Main Features of TConnector Data Acquisition ActiveX Control

  • TConnector enables you to access various interfaces through one unified API. Example: if you want to read data from a bar code scanner it doesn't matter whether the scanner is connected to the serial port or data is transferred by TCP/IP - you can use the same API calls.
  • With only 5 methods (incl. OnData event) you implement the whole communication process - independent of the interface type!
  • TConnector was mainly developed for data acquisition but provides also communication functionality for other applications - due to its flexible design. And without the need of special knowledge about interface programming!
  • Data can be read and sent - therefore it's no problem to configure external devices by sending Escape sequences (control characters) from your application.
  • TConnector is an ActiveX® Control. That way it can be used within various standard applications (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word...) and in almost every development environment (Microsoft Visual Basic®, Microsoft Visual C/C++®, Visual Studio .NET, Delphi, Navision® (Microsoft NAV®)...).
  • All supported interfaces are accessible through a slim and unified API.
  • You can select between two operation modes: standard read/write (sync mode) or event driven communication in asynchronous mode (OnData event).
  • TConnector features also software wedge mode: therefore you can simulate key strokes from incoming data to any application.
  • TConnector comes with extensive sample applications - for quick and easy start up.

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