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Create Barcodes With Control Characters Online

2018/02/14 | Free Online Barcode Generator
Online Barcode Generator now supports escape sequences

Barcodes with embedded control characters are useful to automatically confirm input or to tab into next edit field when being scanned with a keyboard wedge barcode scanner.

TEC-IT's Online Barcode Generator, available on barcode.tec-it.com, now offers the possibility to encode placeholders for such control characters utilizing so called "Escape Sequences".

Watch the video to learn more about this topic!

Just try the Online Barcode Generator for free!

We appreciate user feedback and enhancement requests! Just get in touch with us via mail to support@tec-it.com.

Update: Professional Barcode Maker Software

2018/01/24 | Barcode Studio V15.7.0
Barcode Studio V15.7.0

Barcode Studio is the fast and convenient way to generate high-quality barcode images (raster or vector format) for Microsoft Windows and macOS.

The recent update of this barcode maker software provides the following features and enhancements:

  • Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC)
    The HIBC code was implemented to comply with the current standards.
  • Data Matrix Rectangular Extensions (DMRE)
    New Data Matrix rectangular sizes (according to ISO/IEC AWI 21471) are now supported.
  • Royal Mail Mailmark® 2D
    The existing barcode type Royal Mail CMDM Mailmark was renamed to Royal Mail Mailmark 2D.

For more details see Barcode Studio version history.

For existing users of Barcode Studio Version 15 and for customers with a valid maintenance agreement, this update is free of charge: Download Barcode Studio V15.7.

Maintenance Release: Barcode SDK TBarCode V11.6

2018/01/19 | TBarCode SDK V11.6
Royal Mail Mailmark 2D Codes

Glad to announce availability of TBarCode SDK V11.6 with updated support for the current HIBC and Royal Mail Mailmark standards and the recently introduced Data Matrix Rectangular Extensions (DMRE):

HIBC (Health Industry Bar Code)
HIBC stands for a worldwide unique identification standard for medical, dental, pharmaceutical and related products defined by UISO/IEC 15418. A HIBC barcode structure provides healthcare trading partners the required UPN (Universal Product Number) and UDI (Unique Device Identifier), products and shipping units are identified across the complete supply chain (“track and trace”).

Royal Mail Mailmark
Mailmark barcodes as in use by the Royal Mail provide essential information for accurate, reliable and timely mail delivery. For more information on this postal code see https://www.royalmail.com/corporate/mailmark.

DMRE (Data Matrix Rectangular Extensions)
DMRE is a Data Matrix Code with additional rectangular formats like 8x48 or 8x64. The current version of TBarCode SDK supports the new rectangular Data Matrix formats as specified in the ISO/IEC AWI 21471 standard. More information, you will find in our Barcode Symbologies.

In addition to the above mentioned improvements, TBarCode SDK V11.6 provides minor feature updates and fixes various bugs. For more details, see version history. In case of questions contact us.

Improved: Barcode Scanner App for Word and Excel

2018/01/17 | Scan-IT to Office V2.0 (iOS)
Barcode Scanner App for iOS

Scan-IT to Office turns your mobile device (Android and iOS) into a reliable and convenient wireless barcode scanner with a unique feature: Smart cloud services insert the data directly into your Microsoft™ Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Infrastructure and middleware issues are obsolete.

This update for iOS systems includes the following features:

  • Redesigned User Interface
    iOS user interface now convinces with its redesigned optic.
  • Introduced Connection Manager
    Connections with add-ins now can be managed directly within the app.
  • In-App Notifications
    Info messages about important events like updates or upcoming server maintenance are now displayed in the app.

Test this barcode-solution for free! The app is available in the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices). The corresponding Office add-in can be downloaded from the Office Store.

Try Scan-IT to Office today and scan barcodes into Word and Excel, anywhere and anytime!

Watch the video to learn more!

Royal Mail Mailmark Now Available Online!

2018/01/15 | Online Barcode Generator
Online Barcode Generator now supports Royal Mail Mailmark

TEC-IT’s popular Online Barcode Generator, available on barcode.tec-it.com, now supports the current formats for the Royal Mail Mailmark barcodes. Users are able to create linear and 2D Mailmark codes for free using their browser. The generated barcodes can be downloaded as raster or vector graphics.

For more information on this symbology visit https://www.royalmail.com/corporate/mailmark.

We appreciate user feedback and enhancement requests! Just get in touch with us via mail to support@tec-it.com.

Update: Inventory Control and Stocktaking App

2018/01/11 | Rapid Inventory V2.6.1
Inventory Control and Stocktaking App for Android

With Rapid Inventory, TEC-IT’s app for mobile stocktaking and inventory control, you create, manage and control your item stock lists, scroll of articles, part lists, equipment serial numbers and much more.

The latest update of Rapid Inventory includes the following bug fixes:

  • Split-View on Large Displays
    The split-view on large displays is now restored correctly after the orientation was changed.
  • Image Viewer
    Small images now can be opened in the viewer.

Download free demo version of Rapid Inventory from Google Play or directly from our website. Just contact us in case of questions.