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TBarCode/SAPwin V10.1


2D Codes Now with Unicode Support in SAP!

TEC-IT released Version 10.1 of the Barcode DLL for SAP® ERP!

The update of TBarCode/SAPwin contains the following new features:

  • Support for Unicode and Multibyte-characters in 2D Codes - e.g. for encoding Japanese or Chinese characters in QR Codes. Precondition are SAPSprint 730 Patch 16 and/or SAPGUI 730 Patch 10 or newer. The SAPWIN data stream must be in Unicode format (device type SWINCF, SWINCFC).

More enhancements can be found in the Barcode DLL version history.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin 10.1

TWedge V3


Like it Turbocharged? Data Collection with TWedge V3!

TEC-IT proudly announces the release of TWedge version 3. The data collection soft­ware was redesigned from scratch and offers unmatched capabilities and advantages.

The new TWedge is able to device-specifically intercept and process USB HID data. This absolutely unique feature allows you to simultaneously use multiple low-cost USB barcode scanners connected to a single PC.

But this is not the only enhancement:

  • Manages Multiple Devices in Parallel
  • Supports New Interfaces (USB HID, Serial Ports, Clients and Servers for TCP, UDP, Bluetooth)
  • Works as Desktop App and Windows System Service
  • Offers Integrated Microsoft Excel Support
  • Easy to Use, Blazingly Fast - V8 JavaScript Engine
  • and Much More...

Find out more details about the data collection tool TWedge V3! Your personal test drive is ready - just download the free demo!

TFORMer V7.5 SP9


TFORMer is Cutting Better - Now with Cutter-Support!

TFORMer - Etiketten- und Reporting Software

The new service pack for the TFORMer V7.5 label printing and reporting software offers you the following new options for Zebra Printers:

    Support of Cutting Mode
    Adjustable Header and Footer (ZPL II)

The service pack also contains several minor bugfixes and improvements. You can find a detailed listing thereof in the version history of TFORMer.

This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 7.x customers: Download TFORMer 7.5.9 now!

2D Codes - Handbuch


First Book Written with the Help of TEC-IT Software

2D Codes - Handbuch der Automatischen Identifikation

TEC-IT is proud to announce the first book written with the help of Barcode Studio!

Check out the newly released book 2D CODES - HANDBUCH DER AUTOMATISCHEN IDENTIFIKATION. It provides a comprehensive overview of 2D codes.

Author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernhard Lenk / ISBN 978-3-935551-01-4 / Monika Lenk Fachbuchverlag

We are happy to have helped out with our software!

TFORMer V7.5 SP8


New Service Pack for TFORMer Label Printing Software

The new service pack for the TFORMer V7.5 label printing and reporting software contains the following improvements and fixes:

  • New Barcode-Kernel TBarCode V11.1.3
  • Improvement of the positioning element properties
  • Fixing of access violation in image and zebra printers
  • Fixing a problem with incorrectly stored license data in specific languages
  • Improvement of preview speed
  • Avoidance of multiple TFORMer windows when opening layout files (*.TFF)

Find more details in the version history of TFORMer.

This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 7.x customers: Download TFORMer 7.5.8 now!

Red Noses' Running Event


Charity: Barcode Studio for Sports Event in Austria

Scanning a barcode at a sports event in Brixlegg (AUT)

TEC-IT is proud to support social and charitable projects. We are especially glad to provide the local school and sports club of Brixlegg with a free Barcode Maker Software license. They are organizing an anual sporting event for the Austrian Red Noses' benefit.

With Barcode Studio the Brixlegger organizers create barcode graphics for the Red Noses running event. The runners are registered by scanning the barcodes (see picture). That's a lot of fun for the participants and they learn how bar codes work. Good luck to all runners!

We are always interested in supporting charitable projects and organizations. Please contact us and provide us with more information!

TBarCode SDK V11.1.2


TBarCode SDK Update: 2D Code Enhancements

A new service release (11.1.2) for the TBarCodeSDK barcode generator software is now available for download.

The update enhances the generation of PDF417, Aztec Code and DotCode barcode symbologies. Additionally the bitmap optimization function has been improved. All details of the current version can be found in the version history.

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement: Download TBarCode SDK V11.1.2

TFORMer Designer V7.5.6


Label Software TFORMer with Updated Caterpillar Labels

TEC-IT launches version 7.5.6 of the Label Printing Software TFORMer Designer.

What's new? All Caterpillar Shipping and Parts Identification Label templates were updated according to latest specification. Additionally, the new version enhances the process of label printing and label design. Please find all details in the version history.

All licensed users of TFORMer V7 and all owners of an active maintenance agreement are eligible for a free update: Download TFORMer Designer 7.5.6

TBarCode/SAPwin V10.0.2


Barcode DLL for SAP® is Now Available as 64-Bit Version

TEC-IT launches the 64 Bit version of the Barcode DLL for SAP® - TBarCode/SAPwin.

The powerful Barcode Generator Software is a flexible barcode printing solution for SAP systems. Please be aware that the 64 Bit version requires SAPSprint release 7300.2.6.31 (64Bit!) or newer. All enhancements are listed in the version history.

A free eval is available under the following link: Download TBarCode/SAPwin V10

TConnector V2.4.4


Final Update: Data Acquisition ActiveX® Software

The service update V2.4.4 of our TConnector Data Acquisition ActiveX® Control is now available for download.

Version 2.4.4 provides an adjustable keep-alive time to any TCP connection. For detailed update information please check out the version history.

This is the last updated software version on TConnector. Unfortunately the product development was discontinued. From now on further changes and updates are available on request only.

Click here for the update: Download TConnector 2.4.4

Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk


Social: Civil Emergency Management Uses TFORMer

Special drier of construction industry with a TFORMer label

TEC-IT supports social, cultural and charitable organizations. We are especially glad to provide the barcode label printing software TFORMer Designer to ZKHW (Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk) located in Germany.

TEC-IT's software TFORMer is used create item labels. This simplyifies inventory management and ensures efficiency.

Please find more information about ZKHW on their website (German):
Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk (THW Förderverein Dresden e.V. / Federal Agency for Technical Relief)

ZKHW - Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk Logo

TBarCode SDK V11.1.0


TBarCode Update With Swedish Postal Code

TEC-IT announces a service release (11.1.0) for the popular barcode generator software TBarCode SDK.

The new service pack contains the Swedish Postal Code (Swedish Postal Shipment Item ID) and a new check digit method called Modulo-11. All update details are listed in the version history.

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement: Download TBarCode SDK V11.1.0!

TFORMer Designer V7.5


Improved - Label Software TFORMer Designer V7.5

TEC-IT is proud to present version 7.5 of the Label Printing Software TFORMer Designer.

This update provides enhanced usability by introducing a ribbon-style menu and offers the following new features:

  • Better Label Design Flexibility
    Any barcode, graphic or text-element can be freely rotated and positioned using the convenient snapping mode.
  • New Barcodes, More Label Templates
    The following new bar-code symbologies were implemented: USPS Intelligent Mail package barcode used by the US Postal Service, Han Xin code for applications in China, DotCode for Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.
    Design efforts are reduced with the new transport label templates for Bring parcels, Coliposte and Parcelforce. The Caterpillar Shipping Labels have been updated to comply with the current standards.
  • Simple Printing Tool
    The integrated tool QuickPrint has been completely redesigned. Even untrained users are able to print labels in no time: select a label template and enter the data. That's all!

Please find more details in the version history of TFORMer Designer.

Download and test TFORMer Designer V7.5 unrestricted for 10 days. All licensed users of TFORMer V7 and all owners of an active maintenance agreement are eligible for a free update: Download TFORMer Designer 7.5!

Barcode Studio V15.1


Barcode Studio 15.1: Global Coupon Numbers, CSV Export

The latest update of Barcode Studio introduces some interesting new features. Among them are GCN support (global coupon numbers), new CSV export capabilities, improved GS1 DataBar and DotCode creation.

Features and Bug-Fixes:

  • GCN - Global Coupon Number
    Support for the new GS1 GCN Format (AI 255) for the global unique identification of coupons.
  • Data List CSV Export
    Along with the other barcode values the file names of the generated barcodes are exported. This facilitates further processing of the barcode images in programs like Adobe® InDesign®.
  • QR-Code for Money Transfers and Payments
    The BCD format encodes SEPA data for money transfers (IBAN, BIC and customer reference).
  • GS1 DataBar Limited
    The quiet zone now complies with the GS1 DataBar standard.
  • DotCode
    Improved rendering of the dots at low resolution.
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded
    An error when encoding the AI combinations AI 01 + AI 310x and AI 01 + AI 320x was fixed.

The complete list of improvements can be found in the Barcode Studio Version History.

Click here for the update: Download Barcode Studio 15.1

TBarCode SDK V11.0.3


TBarCode SDK 11.0.3 Service Pack

TEC-IT announces the availability of an important service release (11.0.3) for the barcode generator component TBarCode SDK 11. This service release includes the following enhancements:

  • Added a quiet zone (5X) to GS1 DataBar Limited according to latest specification.
  • Support of the new GS1 Application Identifier 255 Global Coupon Number.
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded: Fixed the encoding of AI combinations AI 01 + AI 310x and AI 01 + AI 320x.
  • Corrected the calculation of the optimal bitmap size for resolutions other than 96 dpi.
  • For more details see TBarCode SDK Version History

Download the TBarCode SDK 11.0.3 update today!

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement.

Barcode Studio V15.0


Barcode Studio Update - the More, the Better

TEC-IT releases version 15 of Barcode Maker Software Barcode Studio. Benefit from our advanced support for international requirements. The new version provides some useful features:

  • All Applications, All Countries
    The new USPS Intelligent Mail package bar code enables the US Postal Service to enhance its package tracking. Han Xin code is intended for applications in China. DotCode provides state-of-the-art direct product marking capabilities.
  • Go International
    Now Russian and Polish language support is available in addition to English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.
  • Perfect for Pre-Press
    Overprinting support enables you to create the best possible bar code quality.

Please find the details in the version history of Barcode Studio.

This download enables you to test Barcode Studio V15 for 10 days - unrestricted: Download Barcode Studio - Free Demo Version!

TBarCode SDK V11


New TBarCode SDK Version! With Han Xin and DotCode

TEC-IT is proud to announce the new TBarCode SDK Version 11.

In addition to general enhancements the barcode generator toolkit version 11 provides support for new 2-D symbologies and another USPS postal code:

  • Han Xin Code
    This 2D symbology is optimized for Chinese character encoding and is intended for wide-spread use in China.
  • DotCode
    A very unique 2D symbology which is represented by an array of dots and perfectly suited for high-speed direct part marking or inkjet applications.
  • USPS Intelligent Mail Package
    This is a GS1-128-based, linear bar-code, which is used by the United States Postal Service for delivering packages.
  • Custom drawing for creating eye-catching and appealing barcode logos can now be selected.
  • Various other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Check out this well-known and mature barcode generator SDK by yourself! The demo version of TBarCode SDK V11 can be downloaded for free. More details are available in the version history.

New 2D Codes


Even More 2D Codes! Han Xin Code and DotCode

TEC-IT extended the barcode support in its products with two new 2D symbologies. Both symbologies were officially released by the AIM, the association for automatic identification and mobility.

Han Xin Code

Han Xin Code

The first two-dimensional symbology is named Han Xin Code. The Han Xin symbology was developed by AIM China and is optimized to encode Chinese characters. This 2-D symbology is intended as the main 2D code for applications and paper based communication in China.

A single Han Xin Code symbol offers a huge maximum data capacity of up to 7827 numeric, 4350 ASCII or 2174 common Chinese region 1 or region 2 characters. Han Xin technology is in the public domain and can be used for free. This matrix symbology benefits from Reed-Solomon error correction (adjustable in 4 levels), offers advanced features like ECI and can be printed in 84 different sizes (square symbols which feature 23x23 up to 189x189 modules).

DotCode with 10 lines of dots


The second 2D symbology is named DotCode. It was designed for high-speed, on-demand label printing or direct part marking with ink-jet and laser marking systems. The symbology was invented by Dr. Andrew Longacre, Jr. and is in the public domain.

DotCode with 15 lines of dots

A DotCode symbol appears as an array of dots with selectable aspect ratio; the user can adjust the overall shape of a DotCode array between rectangular ribbons and nearly square symbols. DotCode symbols grow in proportion to the amount of encoded data. While the size of a single DotCode symbol is theoretically not restricted, it’s limited to 124 lines/columns. The symbology uses error correction features, it was designed to tolerate missing, extra or poorly-placed dots without sacrificing reading integrity. Advanced features like ECI (Extended Channel Interpretation) and structured append are available.

DotCode with 26 lines of dots

Han Xin and DotCode SDK

The barcode generator SDK TBarCode V11 is the first TEC-IT product supporting these two new 2D symbologies.

Download and check out the brand-new TBarCode SDK V11. The demo is free!

TBarCode SDK


Smart Application: QR Code Captures Running Events

Barcode Generator TBarCode SDK in action!

Sports keep us fit!

In order to the slogan our customer focuses on running. Recently RunningGuru.com has extended its membership area with QR codes linking to running events. Event managers are now able to advertise by using the created bar codes. The runners can connect within seconds to any event, just by scanning the QR code.

The picture shows TEC-IT’s TBarCode SDK in action. This bar code software supports the generation of the QR Codes.

Find out more about RunningGuru and check out the website RunningGuru.com.



New Barcode Labeling and Reporting SDK for Mac OS

TEC-IT is proud to announce that the TFORMer Labeling and Reporting SDK is now available for Mac OS X®.

Embed any printing task into your system! TFORMer SDK automates printing and exporting of industry compliant forms and labels. Integrate the labeling and reporting SDK into your application easily by using one of the various programming interfaces. More details on the TFORMer SDK product page

Just download and try it for free - TFORMer SDK V7.0.4

TBarCode/SAPwin V10.0.0


New Barcode DLL for SAP - TBarCode/SAPwin Version 10

TEC-IT releases version 10 of the Barcode DLL for SAP ERP!

TBarCode/SAPwin is a powerful bar code generator software for SAP ERP, mySAP ERP and SAP R/3. The new version of this Barcode DLL for SAP includes the following features you should take advantage of:

  • Customers of version 10 are prepared for the upcoming 64-Bit versions of SAPSprint and SAPgui.
  • New bar code types: QR-Code 2005, Pharmazentralnummer (PZN7), Pharmazentralnummer (PZN8), DP Postmatrix ISBN 13, ISMN, ISSN, Italian Postal 3 of 9, Italian Pharmacode, Brazilian CEPNet
  • New hexadecimal mode for binary data (e.g. for Deutsche Post Premiumadress)
  • Flexible bar code positioning with global offset and adjustable printing direction (default behavior changed due to SAP specification).
  • Advanced logging, fine-tuning of bar code size and module width optimization (output quality).
  • Enhanced setup for easier deployment of the Barcode DLL (both for SAPSprint/SAPGUI and SAPlpd).
  • and much more...

More information can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin 10

TBarCode Office V10.5.0


Update: Convenient Barcode Add-In for Word and Excel

TBarCode Office V10.5.0 - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 - is now available for download.

The new version is based on VSTO 4.0 from Microsoft. For the user this means an improvement of user experience as well as a reduction of problems with inactive add-ins. Please find more details about enhancements in the version history.

We recommend to all users of V10.X to download the free barcode add-in update: Download TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In.

Barcode Studio V14.0


NEW: Create Eye-Catching Barcodes with Barcode Studio

TEC-IT releases version 14 of Barcode Maker Software Barcode Studio. Benefit from our new design highlight - the barcode with embedded logo. The new version provides some useful features:

  • Barcodes with logos - Embed your own logos into the bar codes with just a few clicks.
  • Special effects - Use special drawing modes like rounded rectangles or circles to create eye-catching barcodes.
  • More details - Zoom into the bar code details as required.

All further details are listed in the version history of Barcode Studio.

This download will enable you to test Barcode Studio V14 for 10 days - unrestricted:
Download Barcode Studio - Free Demo Version!

Verband Druck+Medien NRW


Advanced Training Focuses on QR Codes

Recent edition of zukunft medien concentrating on advertising with QR codes

TEC-IT and the Verband Druck+Medien NRW link (establish) a strong partnership for the future. We are proud to support advanced training by providing special educational licenses for Barcode Studio.

Due to growing demand, advanced training for printing technicians and graphic designers should be increasingly focused on QR codes as a professional printing solution. Our Barcode Maker Software - Barcode Studio - is the perfect learning companion.

About Verband Druck+Medien NRW

Verband Druck+Medien NRW is Germany’s largest industrial association in the printing and media industry - partner as well as stakeholder in politics, labor unions and society. They provide services for all printing and media corporations in North Rhine-Westphalia..

More Information

Magazine zukunft medien (Focusing on QR Codes in Advertising)
Website Verband Druck+Medien NRW

TBarCode Office V10.4.0


Update: Barcode Add-In for Word and Excel

Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In

TBarCode Office V10.4.0 - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 - is now available for download.

During the setup process you will already notice the first changes. This version setup has an option to deploy the add-in to all users of a machine. Additionally, you are able to encode Word document properties like the author in the bar codes. Please find more details in the version history.

We recommend to all users of V10.X to download the free barcode add-in update: Download Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office.

TFORMer Designer V7.0


Update: TFORMer Designer V7 - Label Printing Software

We are proud to present the new version of the label printing and reporting software TFORMer. Here is a short abstract of the most important improvements:

  • EASE OF USE - new Page Setup Wizard
  • INTERNATIONAL - Spanish user interface language
  • VERSATILE - richt text with soft-hyphenation and super/sub-scripting
  • UP TO DATE - pre-defined Avery® label templates
  • PERFORMANCE - streaming support when generating output with TFORMer SDK

Please check the version history of TFORMer Designer for more detailed information.

Give it a try and download TFORMer Designer V7, a free 10-day test-drive is included!

Barcode Studio V12.3


Barcode Maker Software Update with Rotated Barcodes

Version 12.3 of Barcode Studio is now available for download.

This new version includes enhancements like barcode rotation or column/row selection when printing labels. In addition, the custom drawing mode settings are now stored in the bc file. Barcode Studio V12.3 also contains fixes for the creation of Aztec codes, barcode resizing algorithm and the file naming for exports. Please find more details about enhancements and bug fixes in the version history.

Download Barcode Studio Update for Microsoft® Windows and Mac OS® X! This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 12.x customers.

TBarCode SDK V10.2.5


Update: TBarCode SDK Barcode Generator Software

Version 10.2.5 of the barcode generator software TBarCode SDK is now available for download. The new service pack provides a bug fix concerning the encoding of Aztec Codes. Please find more details in the version history.

Download TBarCode SDK update!

Barcode Studio V12.2


NEW! Eye-Catching 2D Codes - Barcode Studio V12.2

We are proud to announce the new release of the barcode maker software Barcode Studio!

Version 12.2 provides a brand-new and unique feature: The user can select the drawing method for the bars (or squares) of a barcode. Instead of the typical squares used in 2D codes, Barcode Studio now supports the use of circles, rounded rectangles and even custom bitmaps. The creation of eye-catching 2D codes was never easier - check out the image to the right!

More details about enhancements and bug-fixes can be found in the version history.

Give it a try and download Barcode Studio today!

Barcode Studio V12.1


Barcode Maker Improved in Performance and Efficiency

The barcode maker software Barcode Studio V12.1 is now available for download!

The new release contains some changes to the data list to improve efficiency and performance. Further enhancements concerning Aztec code, CSV Import, saving of license data and image export (GS1 DataBar) are included. Please find more details about enhancements and bug-fixes in the version history.

Try it yourself and download Barcode Studio 12.1. Enjoy a free 10-day unrestricted evaluation license!

TBarCode Office V10.3.3


Barcode Add-In for Word/Excel Get your Free 10 Day Eval!

Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In

The brandnew update V10.3.3 of TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 - enables you to test the product for 10 days without functional restrictions. Request your free trial license online for free.

Additionally, service pack 3 offers some new barcode types like PZN8 (Pharmazentralnummer with 8 digits) or Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode) as well as vCard templates in various sizes. Find more details about enhancements in the version history.

The update of the barcode add-in is free of charge and recommended to all users: Download Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office.

AIM Membership


Membership with AIM, the authority on bar code and RFID

AIM Global - Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility

TEC-IT keeps in touch with the latest trends in the identification industry! We are proud to announce our membership with the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility - in short AIM.

About AIM

AIM is the international trade association representing automatic identification and mobility technology solution providers. Through the years, industry leaders continue to work within AIM to promote the adoption of emerging technologies.

AIM has actively led the way in industry standards, education and outreach. They support the development of standards through their own committees and expert groups, as well as through participation at the industry, national (ANSI) and international (ISO) levels.

More Infos

AIM Website
TEC-IT's Profile on AIM

Barcode Studio V12.0


HOT: 2D Barcode Maker with URL shortening (Google/Bitly)

Create the barcodes yourself

TEC-IT is proud to announce version 12 of Barcode Studio!

This brand-new release offers a real time-saver: Barcode Studio V12 shortens URLs (web-addresses) used in vCard, meCard or other mobile tagging 2D codes automatically. Thousands of URLS can be shortened with a single click, the resulting bar-codes are smaller, easier to scan and easier to share.

The complete list of Barcode Studio 12 improvements:

  • Automated URL Shortening
    URL shortening means squeezing a long URL into a shorter one. Just choose the preferred URL shortener service: Google and bitly are supported right now. Using shortened URLs you get QR-Code tracking for free. This nice side-effect is provided by Google and Bitly. Both services offer tracking and usage analytics on shortened URLs.
  • Faster Barcode Selection
    Just enter your data and Barcode Studio recommends suitable bar-code types.
  • SPARQCode Support
    The SPARQCode format improves the compatibility of 2D codes for mobile tagging with reader apps on different smart phone models.
  • New 2D Barcode Formats for Sending Emails
    The formats MATMSG and MAILTO are now implemented.
  • Improved CSV Data Import
    The proposed file encoding (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16) can be specified. Text qualifiers can be imported as plain text and CSV files with empty lines are imported correctly.
  • New Templates for vCard and EAN-13 price tags
  • Bug fixes (barcode height for image export, data entry improvements, etc.)

Sounds interesting? Try it yourself and download Barcode Studio V12. Enjoy a free 10-day unlimited evaluation license.

More details are available in the version history.

Software TWedge V2.4.2


Update: Software Wedge for Serial, TCP/IP, USB, Bluetooth!

The service release V2.4.2 of TWedge (software wedge, keyboard wedge) is now available for download.

In version 2.4.2 the method for sending binary data was enhanced. A new parameter in the function WriteToDevice specifies the encoding mode. For details check out the version history.

Download TWedge 2.4.2

TBarCode SDK V10.2


Update: TBarCode SDK Barcode Generator Software

Version 10.2 of the barcode generator software TBarCode SDK is now available for download.

Service pack V10.2.0 and V10.2.1 provide two new barcode types - PZN8 (Pharmazentralnummer with 8 digits) and Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode). Additionally the check digit calculation methods were improved. More details are listed in the version history.

Download TBarCode SDK update!

Barcode Studio V11.6.1


Barcode Software Update - Barcode Studio V11.6.1

Barcode Studio V11.6 SP1 is now available.

The service update offers improved encoding efficiency for Aztec Code and Modulo 23 (PPSN) check digit generation for Code 128. For more details see the version history.

Download Barcode Studio Update for Microsoft® Windows and Mac OS® X!

Barcode Studio V11.6


Better vCard/meCard Support in Barcode Studio V11.6

Barcode Maker Software

Check out the new version of the bar-code maker software Barcode Studio!

Barcode Studio 11.6 is free of charge for existing customers of Barcode Studio version 11. As usual this barcode maker software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Download it today!

These are the main improvements:

  • Smart Data Import for vCard and meCard Barcode Formats
    Now it is possible to import predefined data formats like vCard, vCalendar, WiFi barcodes, etc. in a structured way. Batch creation of mobile tagging and business card codes is a matter of seconds.
  • ISBN / ISSN / ISMN Barcodes
    The data assistant now makes it easier to enter codes in ISBN, ISSN and ISMN format.
  • Better Usability
    The user interfaced was revised. Moreover Barcode Studio saves the last selected options (e.g. export paths) automatically.
  • Smaller 2D Codes for Mobile Tagging
    By default Barcode Studio generates 2D codes for mobile tagging with the lowest error correction level. Smaller and thus usually better readable bar-codes are the result.
  • Label Printing
    The user is now able to specify the number of label copies to be printed.
  • New: Barcode Code-32
    The barcode type Code 32 alias Italian Pharmacode is now supported by Barcode Studio.
  • Pixel Shaving
    For 2D codes like QR-Code, the pixel shaving algorithm was improved.

More details about the new features and bug-fixes are listed in the version history.



NEW! Bluetooth Keyboard Wedge for Android

Android Bluetooth Keyboard Wedge

This new Android app makes it easy to collect data from external Bluetooth devices with Android smart phones or tablets. Error prone manual typing is eliminated completely.

BluePiano works as keyboard wedge: A keyboard wedge transforms incoming device data into virtual keystrokes. The captured data appears to target apps as typed by the user, thus BluePiano can be used with all existing apps.

Learn more about BluePiano or download the demo for free. You are welcome to contact us in case of questions or suggestions!

TBarCode Office V10.3.2


Barcode Add-In for Office 2007/2010 - Update available!

The service update V10.3.2 for TBarCode Office, Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 is now available for download!

Service pack 2 offers general enhancements and improved system stability. The setup procedures were reworked, silent setups as well as trouble-free terminal server usage are supported now. More details about new features and bug-fixes are listed in the version history.

The update of the barcode add-in is free of charge and recommended to all users: Download Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office.

TBarCode SDK V10.1.0


Update of TBarCode SDK Barcode Generator Software

Version 10.1.0 of the barcode generator software TBarCode SDK is now available for download. It contains the two new barcode types Brazilian CEPNet and VIN /FIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Details are listed in the version history.

Download TBarCode SDK update!

Barcode Studio V11.0.1


Barcode Software Update: Barcode Studio V11.0.1

Service release 1 of the Barcode Studio V11 barcode maker software is now available for download.

The new version offers some minor bug-fixes, extensions for customized label printing and two new barcode types Brazilian CEPNet and VIN / FIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
Details are listed in the version history.

Download Barcode Studio Update for Microsoft® Windows and Mac OS® X!

Barcode Studio Tutorial


Enjoy Fresh Video Tutorial of Barcode Studio

The new video tutorial of our barcode maker software explains how to create a single barcode with caption. The video also shows how to import data from an external CSV file in order to create multiple barcode image files at once. The created barcodes can be exported as bitmap or vector format like BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS (Encapsulated Postscript), PDF or WMF/EMF. Finally you learn how to print simple barcode labels with Barcode Studio.

Watch the NEW video tutorial right here!

Barcode Studio V11


Easy Barcode Label Printing with Barcode Studio 11

TEC-IT releases a fresh version of Barcode Studio. The popular barcode maker software is now featuring barcode label printing functionality for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The new version provides very efficient barcode label printing capabilities. The user may choose from predefined label templates or define custom labels as required. Batch printing of a large number of barcode labels - also with external data - is done in no time at all.

On demand Barcode Studio V11 is also able to create barcodes with additional captions positioned above or below a barcode symbol.

Just download Barcode Studio V11! Test it for free and without limits for 10 days! Also check out our product videos on YouTube.com to learn more about Barcode Studio.

TFORMer SDK V6.0.4


Label and Reporting SDK for AIX and Solaris Service Pack 4

TFORMer SDK V6.0.4 for AIX 5.3 (P5+) and Solaris 10 (Sparc) is now available for download.

The service pack 4 of the label and reporting software contains fixes for serial data field initialization, Base64 encoded TFF files and repository access in JAVA. Details about enhancements and bug fixes are listed in the version history.

Download TFORMer SDK SP4 for AIX and Solaris

TBarCode/X V10


Barcode Software for AIX, Solaris and Linux - Update!

Barcode generator software update including new binaries for AIX, Solaris, SUSE and Ubuntu available!

TEC-IT unveils version 10 of TBarCode/X, our proven barcode software for UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X.

The new version provides support for QR-Code 2005, DP Postmatrix, ISBN 13, ISMN, ISSN and USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode. In addition the list of application identifiers (GS1 128) was updated and a new check digit method (Modulo 10 Luhn Algorithm) has been introduced. This method is primarily used for credit cards, IMEI and national insurance numbers. You will find further details in the TBarCode/X version history.

Here is the list of available binaries: Download TBarCode/X Barcode Software (additional binaries on request).

Print Forms and Labels Online


NEW Online Service: Web Barcode Label Printing

New Web-based Label Printing System!

TEC-IT introduces a new 100% browser-based printing system for industry forms and barcode labels. Users of TFORMer Online now create and print arbitrary labels and forms completely independent from label printing software or operating systems. Variable label data is entered manually directly in the browser or imported from an online database (Google Docs™ spreadsheets). Output is created as PDF and can be printed on any printer.

Print Labels Anywhere and Anytime

With TFORMer Online you establish a distributed label printing system easily. Share label printing functionality with partners, suppliers and customers. The system works with all browsers on all operating systems, local software installation is not required and label design efforts are eliminated completely. Ready-to-use label templates for VDA-4902, Odette, Galia ETI-9, AIAG B-10, GS1 GTL, Caterpillar shipping parts identification and others are available for immediate use.

Supports Google Docs™ Online Spreadsheets

It's your choice! Create the labels with manually entered data or import variable label data stored in Google Docs™ spreadsheets. Google Docs™ is a free online service provided by Google. It enables you to maintain spreadsheets completely in your browser and provides convenient table-based data entry. Entered data is stored automatically online, there is no need to re-enter values for future printing sessions. In order to use Google Docs™ as database for TFORMer Online you need a Google account.

Evaluate TFORMer Online Now

Try this new web printing service for free or watch this video for an overview:

TFORMer Online is the perfect online printing solution:

  • for distributed label printing requirements,
  • if standardized label quality must be provided for partners, suppliers and customers,
  • if your printing volume does not justify special purpose software,
  • for eliminating time consuming label design efforts,
  • for automated label and PDF creation as part of your online system (e.g. via web services),
  • and for label printing on all operating systems.

Interested? Please contact TEC-IT for pricing, integration possibilities and guidelines.

TBarCode V10.0.3


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode V10.0.3

The service release of the TBarCode SDK V10.0.3 barcode generator software is now available for download. Details about enhancements and bug fixes are listed in the version history.

Download TBarCode Update here!

Barcode Studio V10.0.3


Update: Barcode Studio V10.0.3 Barcode Creator

The service update V10.0.3 of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio for Windows and Mac OS X is now available for download!

Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history.
This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 10.x customers.

Download Barcode Studio Update

TFORMer V6.0 SP3


Update: Label Printing / Reporting Software TFORMer SP3

TEC-IT has released Service Pack 3 for the TFORMer label printing and reporting software and is available from now on. This update provides substantial improvements in PDF document creation. In addition some bugs have been fixed.

  • Generated PDF files are now significantly smaller.
  • Improved support for TrueType collection (*.TTC font file) handling.
  • Text rendering was improved (ZPL and image output).
  • and much more...

This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 6.x customers.

Download TFORMer Service Pack 3

Reporting SDK for Solaris 10


Solaris: Reporting SDK and PDF Creation Library

You are looking for a lean but powerful reporting SDK? You are interested in a library for PDF creation on Linux, UNIX - and of course - Microsoft Windows? Then read on!

The TFORMer reporting SDK creates high-quality output based on visually designed document layouts. Variable data is supplied by databases, import files or via API from your applications. In short, TFORMer SDK is a cross-platform report generator which

  • supports label- and report-style output,
  • creates output with complete barcode support as Postscript, PDF, ZPL-II, HTML or image files,
  • is available as software component (shared library on Linux or UNIX, DLL/COM/.NET/JAVA reporting component on Windows),
  • may also be used as stand-alone executable (tfprint),
  • and supports all operating systems.

Based on customer request we provide a current build for Sun Solaris 10 (Sparc). You may also check out the available builds for Microsoft Windows and other Linux or UNIX platforms.

For label and report design you will need TFORMer Designer on Microsoft Windows (download).

TBarCode V10


New Version: Barcode Generator SDK TBarCode V10

QR-Code with Captions

The barcode generator SDK TBarCode is the solution for all of your bar-coding needs!

The new version of the barcode software (SDK) TBarCode V10 is already available for download. TBarCode V10 incorporates a number of enhancements. The most notable highlights are:

  • Additional caption fields. Such text-fields (e.g. article numbers, caption below, caption above) can now be added to barcodes programmatically. Position, align and rotate these texts as required.
  • Enhanced barcode support (QR-Code 2005, ISBN 13, ISMN, ISSN, USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode,...)
  • New check digit method: Modulo 10 (Luhn Algorithm)
  • and much more ...

Download TBarCode V10 Update

TBarCode Office V10.3.1


Update: Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel

The service update V10.3.1 for TBarCode Office, Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel is now available for download!

The update to 10.3.1 is free of charge. Details about enhancements and bug-fixes can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In Update

TBarCode/Embedded V9.1.1


Barcode Filter Update for SEH ISD400/ISD410 Appliances

Centralized, zero-maintenance bar code printing solution for your network!

From today a new version of the barcode print server solution TBarCode/Embedded for SEH ISD400 / ISD410 Print Spool Appliances is available for download.

The bar code generator software extends the ISD Print Spool Appliances from SEH with complete barcode printing functionality for PostScript®- and PCL® compatible printers.

Key advantages:

  • Centralized bar-code printing solution
  • Extensive bar code support (linear, 2D, Postal and GS1 DataBar Composite Barcodes) - based on TBarCode/X V9
  • Easy installation
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Seamless ISD integration
  • Complete printer independence
  • No Linux know-how required
  • Operates as spool filter
  • Works completely transparent to applications
  • Works with arbitrary ERP and legacy systems

Download TBarCode/Embedded for ISD400 / ISD410

TFORMer V6.0 SP2


Update: Label Printing and Reporting Software TFORMer SP2

Label and Reporting Software TFORMer

TEC-IT unveils Service Pack 2 for the TFORMer label printing and reporting software. The update can be downloaded right now.

The brand new version of TFORMer comes with a lot of new features:

  • Serial Numbers
    Serial numbers are now supported. If required the current values of serial numbers are stored automatically and may be continued in the next TFORMer session.
  • Computed Fields
    Computed datafields were introduced. The value of such a datafield is based on a user-defined expression.
  • New Label Wizard
    Creation of new label layouts and selection of label-templates was reworked.
  • Improved Layout Editor
    The layout designer now provides better visual feedback for various design tasks.
  • Data Sources
    Creating data sources was improved. The data source wizard now supports field assignments (source-fields to data-fields) in a better way.
  • Date Functions
    New date functions like CDateEX(), IsDate(), AddYears() ,.. were added.
  • Online Activation
    TFORMer Designer can now be activated online.
  • and many more...

TFORMer SP2 provides additional label templates e.g. Caterpillar® Shipping/Parts Identification Labels, MAT Labels, 2D-Code Business Cards.

More information about all new features can be found in the TFORMer version history.

Download TFORMer SP 2 Update

Barcode Studio V10.0


Update: How to create EAN and UPC Compliant Barcodes

Barcode Studio offers ready-to-use templates for compliance bar-coding

The new version of Barcode Studio - the popular barcode maker software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux or UNIX - now provides pre-defined templates for compliance bar-coding!

If the user selects one of the available barcode templates, Barcode Studio loads all bar code settings and presents a bar code image which meets all requirements of the respective standard. After entering the bar code data the barcode can be saved immediately as bitmap or vector image file. No bar code parameters need to be adjusted, no bar code know how is required.

Currently more than 40 bar code templates are part of Barcode Studio:

  • Deutsche Post Premiumadress
  • Deutsche Post Pressepost Etikett
  • Deutsche Post Pressepost Randbeschriftung
  • EAN 13 (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • EAN 8 (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • UPC A (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)
  • UPC E (SC0, SC1, SC2, ..., SC8, SC9)

SC denotes the sizing mode of the bar code, EAN 13 SC0 stands for 82% of the default symbol size, the resulting symbol dimension is 30.51 x 21.25 mm

Check out this convenient and time-saving feature: Download Barcode Studio

Refer to the version history for a complete list of new features and bug-fixes. The set of available bar code templates will be extended over time. If you have suggestions for specific templates just let us know!

TBarCode Office V10.3


TBarCode Office with GS1 and DP Premiumadress Templates

Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In Templates

The new 10.3 release of TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In contains preconfigured barcode settings for GS1 bar codes (EAN, UPC) and Deutsche Post Premiumadress® (Data Matrix). In these templates the bar codes are predefined according to their specification and ready to use with one single click.

The user can immediately create the bar codes corresponding to GS1 and Deutsche Post Premiumadress standards without special knowledge: Select the predefined template, insert the bar code into the document, provide the bar code data and print.

The bar code templates are applicable within the TBarCode Office Word barcode add-in as within the Excel bar code add-in. Custom template files can be generated through the convenient user interface of Barcode Studio. For this task no extra license is required.

The update to 10.3 is free of charge. Details about further improvements can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In Update

TBarCode Office V10.2


TBarCode Office with Barcode Label Printing Support in Word

Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In

The new version 10.2 of the TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In adds bar code label printing support to Microsoft Word.

While the initial release of this barcode add-in supported simple documents and mailings with barcodes, the 10.2 update adds full barcode label printing support. Mail merge documents using the «Next Record» rule can now be printed without problems.

For TBarCode Office users the update to 10.2 is free of charge. Details about further changes can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode Office Barcode Add-In Update

TBarCode Office V10.1


Extended: Barcode Add-In for Word and Excel

Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In

TEC-IT provides extended bar-coding support for Microsoft Office! In addition to Microsoft Word the Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office now offers seamless Excel integration!

With the straightforward user-interface of TBarCode Office even untrained or occasional users are able to create barcode mailings or barcode spreadsheets.

Evaluate this Microsoft Office barcode add-in for free! Download TBarCode Office

This barcode add-in is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and Office 2010 (for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems). More information regarding enhancements and bug-fixes is available in the version history.

TBarCode OCX


TBarCode in Word and Excel (Microsoft Security Update)

Important note for Microsoft Office users: After performing the Microsoft security update from June 9, 2010 barcode objects embedded in Word and Excel documents (TBarCode OCX) may lose their settings:

Security Update for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB982134) + Word 2007 (KB982135)
Security Update for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB2251399) + Word 2007 (KB2251419)

TBarCode OCX loses barcode settings when opening or saving documents in Word 97-2003 format. Note: The problem does not appear with Word 2007 format (*.docx).

Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (KB982133) + Excel 2007 (KB982308)

After opening or saving Excel files in Excel 97-2003 format, TBarCode OCX can no longer be edited or programmed. Note: The problem does not appear with Excel 2007 format (*.xlsx).

Microsoft Access is not affected by this problem, further Office 2003 or 2007 programs can be impaired (details see MS 10-036).


As intermediate workaround (to gain time in production critical applications) you can uninstall the above listed security updates (see KB numbers) at your own risk.


  • TBarCode V9 users should update to TBarCode SDK V9.3.7 immediately: Update free of charge - download here. After updating please verify your barcodes and save the document!
  • Users of Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel) may want to update to TBarCode Office V10.1 (download here).
  • Users of previous versions of TBarCode should update to TBarCode SDK V9.3.7 or alternatively to the upcoming version TBarCode SDK V10 (release in short, pre-release on request).

In case of update questions or for technical information please contact us.

TBarCode/X for Sun Solaris


Save Costs: Barcode Printing Software for SUN Solaris

Save costs with TEC-IT´s barcode software solution!

BLG LOGISTICS uses our barcode generator software TBarCode/X on SUN Solaris for electronic invoice delivery. The postal service is replaced through a digital solution. The barcodes guarantee that all documents are assigned to the correct invoice. Numerous automotive manufacturers benefit from this economical and automated solution.

BLG LOGISTICS stands for international networks in the area of automobile, contract and container logistics. The company provides more than 15.000 jobs worldwide.

TBarCode Office V10.0.1


Update: Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word 2007/2010

Microsoft Word Barcode Add-In - TBarCode Office

A new update for TBarCode Office, the new Barcode Add-In for Microsoft® Word 2007/2010, is available!

Besides the correction of some issues (compatibility with 32- and 64 bit Windows, option dialog improvement, ...) TBarCode Office was localized for the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Chinese

TBarCode Office makes barcode printing with Microsoft Word documents and mailings easy. Try it for yourself or learn more in the Barcode Add-In Video!

Download TBarCode Office - Microsoft Word Barcode Add-In

GetBlue V0.6


Android: Scan and Store Barcodes into Google Docs

Android Bluetooth / TCP - Data Acquisition with Google Docs

This new version of GetBlue is some kind of a geeky technical demo: This Android App for Bluetooth/TCP-IP Data Acquisition now stores Bluetooth data directly into Google Docs!

GetBlue connects your handset with arbitrary Bluetooth devices supporting the serial port profile (Bluetooth SPP / RFCOMM). The App captures Bluetooth data and automatically uploads it to a Google spreadsheet. TCP devices are supported as well.

We invite you to play around a little bit - all you need is:

  • an Android handset (1.6 or newer),
  • the free App GetBlue Demo (use your handset to install it via the Android Market),
  • and an empty spreadsheet in Google Docs.

Everything is free, Feedback is welcome!

For more information check out the GetBlue - Android App for Bluetooth and TCP-IP data acquisition.

TWedgeCE V2.1.0


Update: Mobile Data Acquisition Software Wedge

The service update of our Mobile Data Acquisition Software (Mobile Software Wedge) TWedge V2.1.0 is ready for download!

Version 2.1 may be used in portrait and in landscape screen mode (Windows Pocket PC, Windows Mobile). Additionally it provides hot key support.

For more information check out the version history.

Download TWedgeCE 2.1.0

TConnector V2.4.3


Update: Data Acquisition ActiveX Software for Bluetooth, USB, TCP

The service update V2.4.3 of our Data Acquisition ActiveX Control TConnector is now available for download!

In Version 2.4.3 an interface for Bluetooth connections was added. For details check out the version history.

Download TConnector 2.4.3

Software Wedge V2.4.1


Update: Software Wedge for Serial, TCP/IP, USB, Bluetooth!

The service release V2.4.1 of TWedge (software wedge, keyboard wedge) is now available for download.

In version 2.4.1 a new JavaScript variable was added. This function allows full access to the received binary data. For details check out the version history.

Download TWedge 2.4.1

TBarCode Office V10


New Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word 2007/2010

Bar Code Add-In for Microsoft Word - TBarCode Office

TEC-IT is proud to announce TBarCode Office - the powerful bar code add-in for Microsoft® Word.

Using bar-codes in Word documents and serial letters was never easier!

TBarCode Office is very simple to use and provides all bar-code tuning options for advanced applications. This combination makes TBarCode Office the most advanced barcode add-in for Word available on the market!

The main features of TBarCode Office are:

  • Intuitive user interface - very easy to use!
  • Bar codes are created in the highest possible quality
  • Advanced options for adjusting the bar code
  • Serial letter/mail merge support
  • No programming skills required

Check out our Barcode Add-In for Word Tutorial Video in order to learn more about TBarCode Office.

Download TBarCode Office - Bar Code Add-In for Microsoft Word

GetBlue V0.5


TCP/Bluetooth Data Collection for Android

As of today a new version of GetBlue with bi-directional device communication is available in the Android Market.

GetBlue captures Bluetooth as well as TCP data and displays or forwards it to any server immediately. User data or server responses are sent to the device.

Data acquisition scenarios like the following are covered easily:

  • The Android device captures barcodes with a Bluetooth barcode scanner
  • GetBlue forwards the scanned barcodes to your server application
  • The server responds - for example - with a status code (like data accepted or data not accepted)
  • GetBlue sends the server-response back to the barcode scanner

Download GetBlue Bluetooth Reader Update

Barcode Software Harvard, NOvA


Bar-Coded Neutrino Detector Components: Harvard, NOvA

We are proud to welcome the Harvard University as a new customer! Harvard is using barcode software from TEC-IT in the NOvA experiment (searching for electron neutrino appearance).

In this project, our software is used for bar-coding components of the enormous particle detector (see http://www-nova.fnal.gov/).

Check out additional references and success stories!

TBarCode/Direct V2.2


Direct 2D barcode printing for SAP® ERP

2D Bar Codes

The new version of TBarCode/Direct V2.2 supports now UPS® MaxiCode (in addition to QR-Code and DataMatrix).

TBarCode/Direct is a smart, platform independent barcode printing solution for SAP® ERP, SAP® R/3® and mySAP® ERP. This bar code software works completely without any middleware and can be used with all PostScript® enabled printers!

Advantages: No additional software, no system level installation and no additional hardware required.

Request TBarCode/Direct evaluation version.

GetBlue V0.1


New Software! Bluetooth/TCP Reader for Android

TEC-IT joins the Android Community!

We are proud to announce GetBlue - a completely new product for Android handsets. GetBlue is a smart application which communicates with Bluetooth and TCP/IP devices. The user is able to

  • connect to arbitrary Bluetooth devices supporting the Serial Port Profile (SPP),
  • receive and display device data immediately
  • and finally to send manually entered data or control commands to the device.
In addition to Bluetooth SPP, GetBlue supports connectivity via TCP sockets.

GetBlue is completely free and is intended as debugging/testing tool for Android users. We encourage you to give it a try, please install it using the Android Market directly on your handset (just search for the term GetBlue)! Users of an installer application (like Apps Installer) can use this download too.

The screenshot shows barcode data scanned with a Bluetooth barcode scanner paired with a Google G1. GetBlue is available for Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 or higher. It was tested with Google G1 and Motorola Milestone/Motorola Droid. Please contact us for more information!

Barcode Studio V9.4.6


Update: Barcode Studio V9.4.6 Barcode Creator

The service update V9.4.6 of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio for Windows is now available for download!

Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history
This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.x customers.

Download Barcode Studio Update

TBarCode for Office 2010


Barcode Software TBarCode: Barcodes for Office 2010

TEC-IT unveils the compatibility of the barcode generator TBarCode with Microsoft® Office 2010. The compatibility tests were performed with the current beta version of Microsoft Office 2010.

Download TBarCode V9.3.4

Online Label Generator


Label Generator: Caterpillar Shipping Labels, MAT Labels

MAT Label

TEC-IT's free barcode label generator service was recently extended with new industry labels!

Among other compliance labels and industry forms (like VDA 4902 or AIAG labels) this online service now supports creation and printing of

Free Online Barcode Label Generator

We hope this service is useful for you! Please keep in mind that this service is free for non-commercial use only, please contact us if interested. Customer references for this online label solution are available here.

TBarCode V9.3.4


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode V9.3.4

The service release of the barcode software (SDK) TBarCode V9.3.4 is now available for download. Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode V9.3.4

TWedge Videos


New: Data Acquisition Software - Video Tutorials!

From now on product videos for the data acquisition software TWedge are available at YouTube.

This software wedge is used as middle-ware for automated data collection and AIDC with any Windows application or database. It captures data from devices via serial interface (RS232 / COM port), TCP/IP and via native Bluetooth®. Choose between direct ODBC database access, file access or keystroke simulation (keyboard wedge).

Part 1 of the TWedge product videos shows a short introduction to the data collection software TWedge.

Watch the YouTube channel TECITSoftware and learn more about TWedge.

Software Wedge V2.4


Update: Software Wedge for Serial, TCP/IP, USB, Bluetooth!

The service release V2.4.0 of TWedge (software wedge, keyboard wedge) is now available for download.

In version 2.4 an issue with failed TCP/IP and Bluetooth® connections was fixed. For details check out the version history.

Download TWedge 2.4

TBarCode V9.3.2


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode V9.3.2

From today the update of the barcode software (SDK) TBarCode 9.3.2 is available. Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode V9.3.2

Barcode Studio V9.4.2


Update: Barcode Studio V9.4.2 Barcode Creator

The service update of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio for Windows and Mac OS X is ready for download!

Barcode Studio V9.4.2 offers improved mode switching for Code 128 in context with the FNC1 character. Furthermore a problem with missing zeros in the human readable text was fixed. This bug affected HIBC Codes with EPS export. See version history.

This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.x customers.

Download Barcode Studio Update

Barcode Business Cards


Create QR-Code Business Cards Online (Free!)

TEC-IT introduces a new free service to the public. With the online-generator for bar code business cards everyone is able to create QR-Code cards.

Barcode business cards are readable with most camera-equipped smartphones like the iPhone® or Android based smartphones. The complete contact details (your name, your phone number, your email address, an URL, etc.) are encoded in the 2D barcode. This 2D barcode can then be scanned with software like Barcode Scanner (Android) or the i-nigma reader (multiple smartphones). Both tools are free. After scanning, the barcode reader software offers you the possibility to save the contact data in your address book, to call the phone number, to visit the web-page or to send an SMS! And yes - no manual typing is required.

Try it out - share your contact data with QR-Codes! Just choose a predefined template and generate your "electronic" business card!

Barcode Studio Videos


New: Barcode Maker Software - Video Tutorials!

From today training videos for the barcode maker software Barcode Studio are available at YouTube.

Barcode Studio is the ideal barcode software for graphical design and generation of arbitrary bar codes in perfect quality. The barcodes are created visually and can then exported as image or vector graphics file.

Part 1 of the Barcode Studio training videos shows a short introduction to the barcode maker user interface.

Learn more about Barcode Studio and check out the other videos at YouTube:

Visit the YouTube channel of TEC-IT Software!

TWedgeCE 2.0


New Version: Mobile Data Acquisition Software Wedge

TEC-IT released the new version of the keyboard wedge TWedgeCE2.0 - software for mobile data acquisition!

This data acquisition tool for mobile devices can be used on all Windows CE® based systems like MDEs, PDAs, handhelds or terminals.

TWedgeCE 2.0 collects data from arbitrary devices and converts the received data into virtual keystrokes for the target application(s). The following device interfaces are supported:

  • Serial RS232 interface (including virtual COM ports)
  • TCP connections (client and server mode!)
  • UDP connections (client mode)
  • Native Bluetooth® (suitable Bluetooth stack required)

Because of virtual keystroke-simulation TWedgeCE can be used with all mobile applications! For more information check out the version history.

Download TWedgeCE 2.0

TFORMer Designer


Social: Labeling Software for Welfare Institution Lebenshilfe

Whenever possible TEC-IT supports social, cultural or charitable organizations. We are especially glad to provide the barcode label printing software TFORMer Designer to Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim located in Germany.

"Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim" are modern rehabilitation facilities standing up for the rights of disabled persons to take part in the professional as well as in the normal life of the community. As a powerful partner for business and industry, the Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim has developed an excellent reputation.

More information is available here (in German): Lebenshilfe Werkstätten Forchheim

TBarCode Videos


New: Barcode Generator TBarCode - Video Tutorials!

From today training videos for the barcode software component TBarCode are available at YouTube.

In the first video the installation of the barcode software component TBarCode is explained. The video also shows how to embed bar codes into Microsoft® Word documents and you learn how to adjust the bar code settings.

The second video shows you how to create a serial letter with barcodes using the barcode generator ActiveX® control TBarCode in Microsoft® Word 2007. More videos will be added in the near future. Any comments are welcome!

Watch the YouTube channel TECITSoftware and learn more about TBarCode.

Software Wedge V2.3


Update: Software Wedge for Serial, TCP/IP, USB, Bluetooth!

TEC-IT today published the service release V2.3 of the Software Wedge TWedge (data acquisition software, keyboard wedge, serial wedge, Bluetooth wedge, TCP/IP wedge, ...).

TWedge Version 2.3 offers correct handling of binary device data (e.g. NUL - 0x00) and some other minor improvements. For details check out the version history.

Download TWedge 2.3

TBarCode/Direct V2.1


QR-Code and DataMatrix for SAP ERP Without Middleware


The new version of TBarCode/Direct V2.1 comes now with DataMatrix and QR-Code support.

TBarCode/Direct is a smart, platform independent barcode software solution for printing linear and 2D bar-codes (DataMatrix, QRCode) in SAP® ERP, SAP® R/3® and mySAP® ERP. This bar code solution works completely without any middleware and can be used with all PostScript® enabled printers (e.g. Laser Printers or MFPs)!

The main advantage - TBarCode/Direct is installed within the SAP system only: No additional software, no system level installation and no additional hardware is required.

TBarCode/Direct evaluation version available on request.

Software Wedge V2.2


Update: Software Wedge now with Native Bluetooth Support!

Version 2.2. of the Software Wedge TWedge (data acquisition software, keyboard wedge) now supports native Bluetooth® connectivity. This feature eliminates the need for virtual COM-port software and thus offers enhanced connection stability. Lost Bluetooth® connections are restored automatically during operation. Details are available in the version history.

Download TWedge 2.2

TFORMer Server V6


Reporting-, Labeling- and Output-Server: TFORMer Server Whitepaper

For TFORMer Server V6.0 a new white paper is available.

TFORMer Server is a scalable, industry-fit output solution for automatic labeling and form printing purposes. Full-featured bar code support is integrated. Graphically designed layouts for forms, reports and labels are printed reliable (24/7 operation).

If you want to know TFORMer Server in detail please use the following link: Download TFORMer Server Whitepaper

Barcode Studio V9.4.1


Update: Barcode Studio V9.4.1 Barcode Creator

The service update of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio for Windows and Mac OS X is ready for download!

Barcode Studio V9.4.1 now supports the Spanish language. Moreover, a multi threading problem in conjunction with PostScript generation was fixed. (see version history).

This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.x customers.

Download Barcode Studio Update

Online Demos/Trainings


Online Product Demos via WebEx are now available

TEC-IT now offers online product demonstrations and online trainings via WebEx!

Live product demos and training sessions made easy! This new TEC-IT service enables you to learn more about the software product of interest within minutes! We share a "virtual desktop" with you, demonstrate the software in action and answer all your questions immediately. You can even try the product yourself (without installing it) while getting support in real-time!

All you need is Firefox (preferred) or Internet Explorer and an internet connection. Online product demonstrations are available for free, product trainings are optimized to match your needs.

In order to arrange an online meeting just send us an email to support@tec-it.com!



New: TFORMer Reporting SDK 6.0 for AIX 6.1

Powerful label printing and reporting for AIX!

The new version of the label printing and reporting software TFORMer SDK is now available for AIX 6.1 on Power 6 platforms. Benefit from thermo transfer printer support (e.g. Zebra ZPL-II), PDF output, server based document generation and much more...

Download TFORMer Reporting SDK 6.0 for AIX 6.1 P6

TBarCode V9.3.0


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode V9.3.0

From today the update of the barcode software (SDK) TBarCode V9.3.0 is available. Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode V9.3.0 Update

TBarCode/SAPwin V9.0.1


SAP Barcode DLL Update - TBarCode/SAPwin V 9.0.1

TEC-IT just released an updated version of TBarCode/SAPwin (Barcode DLL for SAP® ERP). The update fixes a problem with module width adjustment in bar codes (only in V9.0.0). More details can be found in the version history. TBarCode/SAPwin is TEC-ITs advanced bar code printing solution for SAP ERP, mySAP ERP & SAP R/3 in Windows environments.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin Update

TFORMer V6.0 SP1


Update: Label Printing and Reporting Software TFORMer SP1

TEC-IT has released Service Pack 1 for the TFORMer label printing and reporting software. The update can be downloaded right now.

  • TFORMer Runtime was renamed to TFORMer SDK and is now provided as separate MSI setup!
  • This release comes with a modernized user interface, a revised option dialog and with a new function to hide unused data fields.
  • This update is free of charge for existing TFORMer 6.x customers.

More information about all new features can be found in the TFORMer version history.

Download TFORMer Service Pack 1

Barcode Studio V9.4.0


Update: Barcode Studio V9.4 Barcode Creator

The service release V9.4 of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio is now available for download!

This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.x customers.

In this release a bug concerning CSV file import for Mac OS X with MS Excel was fixed. Moreover, the import of single line data files is working now (see version history).

Download Barcode Studio Update

TBarCode/SAPwin V9.0.0


New: SAP Barcode DLL - TBarCode/SAPwin V 9.0

TEC-IT is proud to release version 9.0 of the Barcode DLL for SAP ERP!

TBarCode/SAPwin is an advanced bar code printing solution for SAP ERP, mySAP ERP & SAP R/3 in Windows environments. The brand new version of this barcode dll for SAP offers the following new features:

  • Support of Unicode SAP systems (e.g. ECC 6.0).
  • Improved Windows Vista/Windows 7 support.
  • New bar code types: HIBC codes, Aztec, Micro QR Code, DPD, KIX, ITF-14, ...
  • Supports various encoding methods and code pages.
  • Binary compaction modes for most 2D codes.
  • Custom definition of a separator character for composite data.
  • Check digit validation.
  • and much more...

More information about all new features can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin

Barcode Studio V9.3.1


Barcode Creator Update: Barcode Studio V9.3.1

Service update for Windows and Mac OS X is available!

Bug Fixes V9.3.1:

  • Loading of .bc files from command line fixed.
  • Mac OS X: Workaround for QFontDialog problem.
  • FNC1 encoding bug fixed (Data Matrix/GS1).

Download Barcode Studio Update

Software Wedge V2.1.2


Software Wedge supports Remote Desktop and XenApp

The new version 2.1.2. of the Software Wedge TWedge (data acquisition software, keyboard wedge) offers now improved support of Remote Desktop (RDP) and Citrix® XenApp® clients. Details are available in the version history.

Download TWedge 2.1.2

Barcode Studio V9.3


Barcode Creator Barcode Studio V9.3

The service release V9.3 of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio is available!

This release introduces better CMYK color handling on Mac OS X, EPS files with an embedded TIFF preview and some other bug fixes and improvements (see version history).

Download Barcode Studio V9.3

Windows 7 Compatibility


Info: Windows 7

Good news for our customers! The release candidate of Windows 7 is completely supported by our products.

TEC-IT software was carefully engineered to support all current operating systems. Our products can be used with any client- or server platform from Microsoft (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008 and of course Windows 7). The demo downloads are usually 32 bit versions, native 64 bit versions (x64) are available on request!

TFORMer V6.0


New: Label and Reporting Software TFORMer V6.0

Labeling Software TFORMer

TEC-IT released the TFORMer version 6.0. The label software TFORMer 6 comes with new features and general improvements for users and software developers. Give it a try!

New Functions

  • Improved User Interface
    Layout design and testing was simplified significantly. Switch between layout view, data view and preview with a single mouse-click.
  • User-Friendly Manual Data Input
    Per default TFORMer offers a manual datasource for each layout. This datasource allows the user to manually enter data in a data grid like in Microsoft® Excel.
  • Unified Datasources
    A wizard will help you to create ODBC and file based datasources (XML, CSV, TSV ...) quickly. You can also assign multiple datasources to a single layout and switch between them as required.
  • Field Bindings
    The field names used in external datasources can now be mapped to datafields in the layout easily. No renaming is required!
  • Computed Fields
    Extend your datasource with computed fields. Computed fields allow you to do custom computations like creating serial numbers, etc.
  • Datasource Parameters
    Parametrize ODBC datasources (SQL query and/or authentication) and file datasources (file name) by using so-called source-parameters.
  • Extended Barcode Support
    The 2D barcode Micro QR-Code is now supported.
  • and much more...

General Improvements

  • Filtered Data
    The data provided by a datasource can be filtered with a custom expression.
  • PDF Output
    Various problems with fonts, font-embedding, output size, watermarks (image background of a layout) and with the scaling of images were fixed.
  • HTML Output
    The HTML output now supports circles, ellipses, diagonal lines and human readable text for barcodes.
  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista® and Windows® 7 Compatibility
    TFORMer can be used with the coming Windows® 7 without any restrictions. (Tested with Windows® 7 RC!)
  • and much more...

Improvements for Developers

  • DLL, .NET and COM API
    The API was extended in order to allow the selection of the newly introduced datasources and the setting of source-parameters.
    A JAVA JNI API is now available for TFORMer Runtime. A source-code example showing you the use of this interface is included.
  • Security
    The size and the download time for images can be restricted via HTTP (see TFORMer.XML).
  • and much more...

Download TFORMer V6.0

TBarCode V9.2.0


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode 9.2.0

As of today the service update of our barcode software (SDK) TBarCode V9.2.0 is available. Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history.

Download Service Update TBarCode V9.2.0

TWedge V2.1


Update: Software Wedge TWedge V2.1

Barcode Wedge, Software Wedge TWedge

The smart and flexible Data Acquisition Software TWedge is now available in Version 2.1.

TWedge is the optimal tool to capture data (RS232, Bluetooth, USB and TCP) with arbitrary applications and databases. Version 2.1 is free of charge for existing TWedge 2.0 customers and offers the following enhancements:

  • Manual User Input
    The new function InputBox() can be used to ask the user for data input during runtime (optional input validation is supported).
  • Clipboard Access
    The new clipboard functions CopyToClipboard() and GetFromClipboard() are introduced. These functions are useful for larger amounts of data, where a simulation of keystrokes is not feasible or too slow.
  • Improved Keyboard Wedge
    The function SendKeyStrokes() now accepts combinations of key constants and modifier keys. The keys have to be separated by a + character (e.g.: "{CTRL+f}" or "{CTRL+SHIFT+h}").
  • User Interface
    Toolbar and application icons were redesigned.

Download TWedge V2.1

Barcode Studio V9.2


Update: Barcode Creator Barcode Studio V9.2

Barcode Creator Software: Barcode Studio

The service release V9.2 of our Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio is available!

This barcode creation software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Barcode Studio V9.2 is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.x customers and offers the following enhancements:

  • Improved Image Export
    Exported images now contain the human readable text on all platforms. This feature was not available for prior versions of Barcode Studio on Mac OS X and LINUX.
  • Quiet Zone Bug Fix
    The left quiet zone of several 2D bar codes was drawn incorrectly when the unit "Modules" was selected.
  • DataMatrix/ECC200
    The internal code optimization was improved. In rare cases the created DataMatrix barcode was not encoded as efficient as possible (but still readable).

Download Barcode Studio V9.2

A note for OpenOffice users on Microsoft Windows: The menu command Copy To Clipboard (As Metafile) produces a distorted image when the barcode is inserted into OpenOffice V3.0. Use image export Copy To Clipboard (As Image) instead.

TBarCode V9.1.1


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode 9.1.1

As of today the service update of our barcode software (SDK) TBarCode V9.1.1 is available. Details about enhancements and bug fixes can be found in the version history.

Download Service Update TBarCode V9.1.1

Barcode Studio V9.1


Update: Barcode Creator Barcode Studio V9.1

Barcode Creator Software Barcode Studio

TEC-IT is proud to release version 9.1 of Barcode Studio!

As usual this barcode creation software is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Version 9.1 is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 9.0 customers and offers the following enhancements:

  • Convenient Data Entry
    Data for multiple barcodes can be entered or verified in a convenient list view.
  • Flexible Data Import
    Importing barcode data from text or CSV files was completely re-designed and extended. The user can assign an arbitrary column of the input file for barcode generation or for the output filename. Modifications of the input file are no longer required.
  • Serial Numbers
    Generated serial numbers can now be checked in a preview-window.
  • Barcode Export
    The filenames for exported bar-code images can be specified by the user or are generated automatically.
  • Improved Accuracy
    Values for the so-called pixel-shaving (bar-width reduction especially useful for ink jet printers) can now be specified more accurately.
  • Check-Digit Validation
    On demand Barcode Studio validates check-digits entered by the user. This validation can be disabled if required.
  • Command Line / Batch Operation
    Detailed error-information is available in an optional log-file.
  • Special Characters
    The escape sequences Gs, Rs and Eot can be inserted into a barcode with a simple right-click.
  • Italian
    In addition to German, English and Chinese Barcode Studio also offers an Italian user interface.
  • Templates for EAN and UPC compliant bar code creation
    These templates are available in the Windows Start Menu (Program Files -> Barcode Studio -> Templates).
  • Windows 7
    Barcode Studio works with Windows 7 without problems.
  • HP SmartStream Designer
    Improved integration into HP SmartStream Designer 4.0 (Unicode, Batch-Barcodes, Error-Logging, Mac, Windows).

Download Barcode Studio V9.1

TBarCode V9.1


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode 9.1

The new update of our barcode software TBarCode V9.1 includes the following improvements:

  • Check Digit Validation
    Check digits provided by the user (input data) are now validated.
  • Bitmap Export
    Calculation of barcode width (dependent on DPI value) corrected.
  • Unicode File Names
    Saving of bitmaps with Unicode path names now possible.
  • Bitmap Size
    Problem with output resolution > 9000 Pixels fixed.
  • ITF-14
    Plain text formatting corrected (01 bracketing removed).
    Validation of input data fixed.

Here is your update of TBarCode 9.1: Download Barcode Software

TBarCode/X V9


New Release: Barcode Software for Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X

The new release of the barcode software TBarCode/X V9 creates more than 100 different barcode types. TBarCode/X is available for Linux®, UNIX® and Mac OS X® platforms.

Support for the following new bar codes was added:

  • Micro QR Code (a smaller version of the 2D barcode QR Code)
  • Aztec Barcode (full implementation!)
  • HIBC (Health Industry Bar Codes, LIC/PAS)

Barcode software for all requirements

TBarCode/X V9 contains a spool filter for bar code generation "on the fly", a command line tool for bar code image creation and a Barcode SDK (shared library / dynamic library package).

Additional features end enhancements:

  • Improved Quiet Zone Adjustment
  • Improved Bar Width Reduction (Pixel Shaving)
  • PDF Output
  • Force binary encoding in Data Matrix (for Deutsche Post, DP Premium Address)

Get the latest release of TBarCode/X: Download Barcode Software

Barcode Studio V9.0.3


Barcode Creator Update: Barcode Studio

Service update for Windows, Mac OS X and Red Hat Enterprise Linux available!

New Features and Bug Fixes V9.0.2/V9.0.3:

  • User Interface: Barcode Studio is - in addition to English and German - now available in Chinese language.
  • Premium Address: New template for Deutsche Post Premium Address Data Matrix Barcodes
  • Platforms: new binaries (V9.0.2) for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and 5 available.
  • HIBC: Corrected check routine for HIBC LIC format.

Download Barcode Studio Update

TFORMer V5.1.0.9082


Label Printing Software Update: TFORMer 5.1

A JAVA Interface is now available for the TFORMer Label Printing and Report Generator Software. This JNI interface encapsulates the report generator SDK and is installed by the setup. Note: The JNI interface is still a pre-release.

In addition in V5.1.0.9082 the following bugs were fixed:

  • Symbol sizes of Data Matrix and QR-Code are not displayed (Designer property dialog).
  • Crash when printing watermarks in PDF documents.
  • Problems with printing to ZEBRA printers in ZPL-II mode.
  • Wrong page layout computation when using printing conditions.
  • Space suppression for text-fields was corrected.
  • Page rotation for PDF and PostScript output works now correctly.
  • Problem with toolbar display on Windows Vista.
  • Barcode printing was fixed when using < or > in the barcode format.
  • API: dependencies (execution order, parameters) for the functions TFormer_SetPrinterName, TFormer_SetOutputName, TFormer_SetPrinterType were minimized.
  • The printing process can now be aborted correctly.
  • A possible crash in the functions Left, Right and Mid when using UTF-8 was fixed.
  • PDF: Output with fonts using more than 65535 glyphs was fixed.
  • PDF: handling of bold, normal and italic fonts was improved.

Download TFORMer Designer & Runtime

TBarCode V9.0.1


Barcode Software Update: TBarCode 9.0.1

The current service update of the Barcode Generator SDK TBarCode is available as of today (version 9.0.1).

The update includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • TBarCode is now available in Spanish language as well (SICAE SLL - Barcode Software).
  • Fix for licensing function (TBarCode .NET, Windows x64 version).
  • Fix for rotated barcodes (180°).
  • Improved developer manual section Deployment and Dependencies.
  • Fix for font-sizes (TBarCode .NET Windows Forms Control).
Barcode Generator SDK TBarCode

TWedge V2.0


Data Acquisition for Applications and Databases in Real-Time

The new version of TEC-IT's professional data acquisition software offers full scripting support (JavaScript) and ODBC database access!

TWedge 2.0 provides powerful functions for data acquisition and bi-directional device communication. In the brand-new version of this software wedge the following improvements are included:

  • Scripting Support - Customization via JavaScript based scripting language. Device data can be arbitrarily modified, transmitted, saved or stored in databases or applications.
  • Bi-directional Device Communication
  • ODBC Database Access
  • File Access (read/write)
  • Keystroke Simulation (Keyboard Wedge functionality)
  • Hot Key Support - A user-defined hot key may be used to initiate device communication or to perform other script-based tasks.
  • Timer Support - A user-defined timer script can be used to perform timer-based communication or data handling activities.
  • Protected Configuration (encrypted and password protected configuration)
  • Hassle-free Deployment (enterprise-wide roll outs made easy)
  • Device Data Simulation (for simple tests)

Interested? Download the free demo version of the Keyboard Wedge Software.

TBarCode V9


The Most Complete Barcode Software (SDK) in the Industry!

The barcode generator SDK TBarCode V9 supports more than 100 linear, 2D, GS1, RSS and HIBC barcodes.

A new version of the advanced barcode generator software TBarCode is now available to the public. In addition to the currently supported linear, 2D and GS1 barcode symbologies TBarCode V9 introduces the following bar codes:

  • Micro QR Code (a smaller version of the 2D barcode QR Code)
  • Aztec Barcode (full implementation!)
  • HIBC Barcodes (Health Industry Bar Codes)
    These barcodes are provided for encoding Label Identification Codes (LIC) and Provider Applications Standards (PAS):
    • HIBC LIC/PAS 128
    • HIBC LIC/PAS 39
    • HIBC LIC/PAS DataMatrix
    • HIBC LIC/PAS QR Code
    • HIBC LIC/PAS MicroPDF417
    • HIBC LIC/PAS Codablock-F

TBarCode V9 is a barcode generator software for all requirements. Microsoft Windows developers benefit from a Barcode DLL, a Barcode ActiveX and a .NET Barcode component (all of these components are included in TBarCode). For Linux®, Mac OS X® and UNIX® TBarCode is available as Barcode Generator SDK (shared library).

Additional features are:

  • Improved Quiet Zone Adjustment
    The quiet zone can be specified separately for all four sides of a barcode.
  • Improved Bar Width Reduction Adjustment (Pixel Shaving)
  • Bitmap Size for Image Export
    New function for calculating the optimal bitmap sizes for barcode image export.
  • PDF Output
    Barcodes may now be exported as PDF file.
  • Data Matrix
    Added the possibility to enforce binary encoding.
  • RSS and GS1 DataBar
    Changed the name of 'RSS' barcodes to 'GS1 DataBar'.

Barcode Studio V9


Barcode Studio V9 with Micro QR Code!

Barcode Studio V9 with Micro QR Code support released!

With the software Barcode Studio you create barcode graphics in best quality with ease. Download the demo version for Windows, Mac OS X® and Linux® for free.

Barcode Studio version 9 supports more than 80 barcodes and now as well:

  • HIBC barcodes
  • The brand-new 2D barcode Micro QR Code (a smaller version of QR Code)
  • A complete implementation of the Aztec barcode

Further updates are:

  • Code page selection (for encoding arbitrary character sets)
  • Freely adjustable resolutions (e.g. for digital printing with the HP Indigo series)
  • Improved command line support (for batch-generation of bar codes)
  • Adjustable quiet zones and output of quiet zone marks for EAN and UPC codes
  • PDF output (export of barcodes as PDF file)
  • Improved pixel shaving (reduces the bar width - e.g. when printing on ink jet printers)

TBarCode, Barcode Studio


New 2D Barcode: Micro QR-Code

TEC-IT adds Micro QR-Code (a 2D barcode symbology) to its barcode software products.

TEC-IT is proud to announce the availability of a new 2D barcode symbology named Micro QR-Code. Micro QR Code is similar to a small QR Code symbol and is ideal for bar-coding applications with very restricted space (e.g. for small parts or printed circuit boards). Micro QR Code is able to encode a maximum of 35 digits or 15 bytes.

The following products will be available with Micro QR Code support very soon:

  • Barcode Image Designer - Barcode Studio (available for Mac OS X and Windows).
  • Barcode Generator SDK - TBarCode.

Labeling, Reporting


Label Printing Software TFORMer: White Paper

A new White Paper focusing on the Labeling and Reporting Software TFORMer is available.

This white paper covers possibilities of the labeling and reporting software suite TFORMer:

  • Labeling and industrial printing directly by the end-user.
  • Client- or server-based output solutions for enterprise-wide applications.
  • Report generator SDK for software developers.
Download White Paper

Labeling and Reporting TFORMer


Label Software TFORMer: Printer Bug-Fix

Hot-Fix for the Labeling Software and Report Generator Software TFORMer

The current version of the label software and report generator software TFORMer fixes the following problems:

  • On Windows Vista and Microsoft® Windows XP SP3 printing on network-printers is now possible. This bug-fix affects both the report designer as well as the reporting SDK.
  • The PDF output generator was improved to generate correct justified text output in all situations (the problem happened on unlicensed TFORMer installations in conjunction with bar-codes).

Barcode Decoder SDK


Barcode Recognition from QualitySoft. The Perfect Combination!

QualitySoft, a TEC-IT partner, offers Barcode Recognition Software

The German company QualitySoft offers powerful software for barcode recognition from digital images or Adobe PDF documents. The combination of TEC-IT's barcode generator software and the barcode decoder SDK from QualitySoft offers seamless integration of bar code technology into electronic work-flows. Contact us for details!

TBarCode/X V8


Barcode Software for SUN Solaris 10 UPDATE!

Barcode software TBarCode/X 8.0 now available for SUN Solaris 10 (SPARC)!

Download the barcode software TBarCode/X version 8.0.4 for Solaris 10 (SPARC platform) using the following links: TBarCode/X 32 bit and TBarCode/X 64 bit.

Barcode Studio V8


Barcode Designer for Mac OS X/Windows NEW!

Barcode Studio 8.0 for Mac OS® and Windows released!

The barcode design software Barcode Studio is now available for all platforms. Users create single bar codes as well as bar-code series on all operating systems easily. The generated bar code images and vector graphics are ideal for pre-press or desktop publishing applications. More than 80 bar code symbologies (linear, 2D, GS1 DataBar, RSS and Composite symbologies) are supported.

The brand new release of Barcode Studio (V8.0.6) can be downloaded for Windows and Mac®. A release supporting Linux® too should be ready within a few weeks. Try it now for free!



NEW! TFORMer V5.1 with International Character Support (UNICODE)

TFORMer speaks your language!

The current release of TFORMer introduces UNICODE support. Use international typesets (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Kanji, Thai, Russian, ...) like any other font and print or export labels, forms and reports using arbitrary character sets on all supported platforms.

On demand TFORMer now generates ZPL-II compliant output for ZEBRA® printers. This feature is available on Microsoft Windows®, Linux® and UNIX®.

The current version of TFORMer Designer as well as TFORMer Runtime are 100% compatible with V5.0. You do not need to re-design your label and form layouts. The license keys for V5.0 are still valid for V5.1.

Barcodes on Mac OS X


NEW: Barcode Generator TBarCode/X for Mac OS X available!

Mac OS X® (Tiger & Leopard) support!

The barcode software TBarCode/X for Mac OS X is now available in the public download section of www.tec-it.com.

Create Barcode Labels Online


FREE! Create Your Barcode Labels Online

A new, free and unique service is available!

Generate arbitrary barcode labels, VDA labels or PDF documents online. Just click http://www.tec-it.com/online-labels.

In addition to a huge number of predefined label and form templates you can upload your own layouts. Use the visual layout editor TFORMer Designer, upload the layout definition file and create PDF barcode labels at your will! All that without any additional software - all you need is a browser and a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader.

This service is free for non-commercial use only, please contact us if interested. Customer references for this online label solution are available here.

New Web-Site


NEW! Web-Site

We have worked hard to provide our customers a web-site with better usability. Since a few days our new web presentation is online. Please let us know if you are missing something - any feedback is welcome!

The CMS in use was developed by TEC-IT in ASP.NET.

Barcode SDK


NEW! TBarCode V8 with Aztec 2D Barcode Support

TEC-IT releases version 8 of the barcode toolkit TBarCode. Major improvements include

  • New bar code types: Aztec Code (2D Symbology), DPD Code, Italian Postal Code 2of5, DAFT Code
  • Enhanced security: TBarCode OCX is now "Site Locked". This increases security in relation with Microsoft Internet Explorer and malicious web sites. TEC-IT recommends the update to version 8.
  • International character sets: International character encoding (like ñ, Ǻ, Ü) in bar code data is simplified by Unicode support. Custom code pages can be adjusted freely.
  • Microsoft® Word add-in: Improved barcode usage with Microsoft Word and serial letter support.
  • PDF417 coding scheme: The user can set Binary Compaction as encoding method.

The new version is available in our download area. Regular customers can order a license update and obtain 40% discount from the normal price.

TBarCode 7 SP1


TBarCode 7.1 Service Release Available!

Security Enhancements in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Explorer

In response to a reported security leak in 7.1 the functions for saving image files were restricted. Up to now no real threat is known but is recommended to install the update. Browsing a malicious web-site with MS-IE and having TBarCode OCX installed could harm the system installation.

As a part of the fix the ActiveX methods SaveImage() and SaveImageEx() now append the filename extension to the filename in each case.

New Barcodes and Check-Digits

  • Telepen Numeric
  • KIX (Dutch Postal Barcode)
  • New GS1 code names (e.g. GS1-128 was formerly named EAN-128)
  • Codabar Mod-16 Check Digit

The complete list of changes and bug fixes can be found in the "TBarCode Overview" document installed with the setup.

TFORMer 5.0


New TFORMer Version 5.0 Release

TEC-IT released the TFORMer version 5.0. This form printing and reporting product suite can be downloaded right away and offers many new features:

New General Features:

  • TFORMer 5 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows® Vista®.
  • Ready-to-use templates: Additional form layout templates for Industry and Logistics.
  • User friendly printing tool: QuickPrint is a new tool for fast manual data entry and instant printing of arbitrary form layouts.
  • Simplified formatting: the text element is now able to mix arbitrary fonts, colors and styles within one element.
  • Simplified dynamic content: Expressions and data-fields are now embedded directly into text elements with placeholders.
  • Reports: Multi-column reporting was simplified.
  • Dynamic element size: The font-size as well as the element size can be automatically adapted to the content.
  • Barcodes: Additional support for the Reduced Space Symbology (RSS Codes) and the EAN.UCC Composite Symbology (also called GS-1 DataBar and GS-1 Composite Symbology).

New Output Features:

  • Output quality: The generated output is identical – even when using different output formats.
  • Performance: PDF and PostScript output performance was improved.
  • Font handling: Better font handling for PDF and PostScript. Adobe® Type 1 fonts are supported under Linux and UNIX.
  • Image support: Transparency in bitmaps is now supported.

New Developer Features:

  • API availability: TFORMer Runtime is now available as .NET 2.0 component (even usable with MONO on Linux), as COM component, as DLL, as shared library (on Linux®/UNIX®) and as command-line application.
  • Cross-Platform: TFORMer Runtime is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and UNIX
  • Database connectivity: TFORMer now supports ODBC connectivity.

TBarCode Setup


New MSI Setup for TBarCode 7.0.2

The new setup is based on MSI and runs on systems without as well as with .NET installation. No separate setup for ".NET less" systems necessary!

The MSI setup can be run in "silent mode" for automatic deployment purposes. In addition a problem (memory leak) with TBarCode .NET was fixed in this version.

TBarCode/X 7 Service Release


TBarCode/X 7.0.4

The new version 7.0.4 of TBarCode/X was released. This version eliminates all ImageMagick® dependencies and is currently available for HP-UX 11i v2 (Itanium-2) and for AIX 5.x (PPC).

TBarCode/SAPwin 6 SP2


TBarCode/SAPwin Update 6.0.2

Service Pack 2 of TBarCode/SAPwin V6 is now available for download. This version gives a better support for parallel processing of print jobs by SAPsprint. We recommend all SAP users that they should update to this service release.

TBarCode 64-Bit Version


TBarCode for Windows x64 Available

The TBarCode Toolkit is now available as native 64-bit version for the x64 Editions of Microsoft® Windows®.

The use of ActiveX Controls in 64-bit applications is only possible if the ActiveX component is supplied as pure 64-bit application (the 32-bit compatibility mode can't be used with ActiveX technology). Fields of operation for "TBarCode x64" are barcode-enabled internet applications (IIS on x64 systems) or intranet solutions for Microsoft Word (barcode server).

The complete TBarCode Toolkit, that includes TBarCode OCX, TBarCode DLL and TBarCode .NET is available in a separate setup as x64 edition (follow the link above).

Service Release


TBarCode V7.0.2

TBarCode V7 comes now with improved samples and several (minor) bug fixes. For users of TBarCode OCX and TBarCode DLL a separate setup avoids the Dot NET requirement.

Use the link above to download the new version or click here to view the product history.

TBarCode/X V7


TBarCode/X V7.0.1 Released

The major improvements of the Linux/UNIX product:

  • Identical code base with TBarCode for Windows (unified version numbering).
  • Multiple barcode generation with automatic Structured Append for 2D symbologies
  • Added US Postal Code (USPS OneCode / 4-CB)
  • Simplified Chinese Support for QR-Code
  • Binaries for SCO OpenServer / Unixware
  • PCL output without HP-GL/2 for a wider range of usable printers
  • More samples and enhanced user manual

Barcode Toolkit


TBarCode V7 Release with .NET Support

The new version 7 of the well-known barcode toolkit TBarCode was released. The major improvements are

  • .NET support
  • Ready for Microsoft Office2007 and Windows Vista
  • Improved Chinese/Japanese character support
  • Added US Postal Code (OneCode)
  • Automatic multiple barcode generation (structured append for 2D symbologies)

The internal code-base of TBarCode was unified. TBarCode is now available with a completely identical feature-set for virtually all operating systems. Check out the details for more information.

InfoPath, SharePoint and Forms Services


TBarCode InForm - Barcode Solution for Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint

Barcode technology is used for connecting paper based documents with electronic information.

The new TEC-IT solution TBarCode InForm offers barcode printing and barcode decoding functionality for Microsoft Office InfoPath and Microsoft SharePoint. TBarCode InForm applies barcodes to SharePoint or InfoPath forms. When printing or faxing such documents TBarCode InForm is able to restore the complete form in its original electronic counterpart (e.g. XML).

Codeguru Review


TBarCode DLL Reviewed by CodeGuru

CodeGuru® - one of the best-known developer sites - shortly reviewed TBarCode DLL, our sophisticated bar code library for software developers.

The article was written by Victor Volkman and published under the title "TBarCode DLL -- Board the Barcode Bandwagon". It contains a short product overview about TEC-IT bar code solutions as well as a detailed C/C++ code sample demonstrating how you quickly generate a Code-128 bar code with the DLL and save it in JPG format to your hard drive. The review gives a short and interesting introduction in bar-coding as well.

Please check out the link above to read the full article...

Secure Child Check In


Check-In Your Kids with TFORMer

Usually TFORMer is used by software developers or companies to print or publish industry-style labels and reports.

Here is another type of application. When parents pick up their kid from the Kindergarten, barcode labels are used to match a kid to their parents.

Enjoy the videos... ChildCheckin.com

 Never lose your child again...

TBarCode OCX 6.1


New Version 6.1

This version includes the new Barcode Add-In for Microsoft® Word, which can be installed with the setup. Aside from that, It also features new samples for the following applications:

  • PowerBuilder 10
  • ASP/Word Barcode Generator
  • Visual Basic Barcode Printing
  • Microsoft® Excel®
  • Microsoft® Access
  • Microsoft® Word
  • ActiveReports 2.0
  • Microsoft® FoxPro 6
  • Borland® Delphi® 2005
  • PHP 4
  • Borland® CPP Builder 6
  • MailMerge Macro for Microsoft Word
  • Visual Basic® Script.

Samsung Spooling Solution


New Partnership Between SEH and Samsung

The out-of-the-box spooling device ISD300 is from now on “official solution” of Samsung Europe. This gives TEC-IT’s bar code add-on, “TBarCode/Embedded”, an even wider market access. TBarCode/Embedded extends the ISD300 with full bar code capabilities for linear and 2D codes. In the future, selected Samsung branches and partner companies will be specially trained for ISD300 solutions – TBarCode/Embedded will hereby be part of the training too.

Office Word Plug-In


Microsoft Word Plug-In for TBarCode OCX

The new Microsoft® Word Plug-In for TBarCode OCX offers convenient generation of bar codes directly from the tool bar. Now all bar code parameters can be reached with only one mouse-click (as well as the built-in help function).

Time consuming navigation in Word sub menus is omitted completely. Hereby working with TBarCode OCX in Microsoft Word will be even easier.

Run the setup of TBarCode OCX, then install the new Plug-In. Next time you start Word you will see the new tool bar for bar code generation activated!

Barcode Printing with Latin-2


TBarCode/Direct Supports Eastern European Characters

TBarCode/Direct, the PostScript® based barcode solution for SAP R/3, supports now Eastern European character sets. This will be possible through a SAP provided device type for Latin-2, which can be integrated into TBarCode/Direct very easily.

The big advantage: all fonts available in POST2 can be used without curtailment. These fonts, extended with Latin-2, are supported by most HP printers. Interested? For details, please contact our support!

TFORMer Update


TFORMer V.4.5.1 - New Release is Available!

TFORMer – professional design and printing of documents, reports, labels and forms.

TFORMer Designer offers outstanding layout features and output support - combining the advantages of label printing tools and report generators into a unified output solution.

This maintenance release offers additional ready-to-use industry templates, a completely redesigned documentation, improved sample applications and bug-fixes. Check it out!

TBarCode OCX


New Update (V6.0.0.56)

A new update for TBarCode OCX is available.
The setup now contains

  • Enhanced sample applications for Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Visual Basic 6, Microsoft® VB .NET 2003.
  • A tutorial which shows how to embed TBarCode OCX into other applications.
  • A revised product manual with a complete property and ActiveX method reference.

BMW Group


Activity Planning and Issue Tracking (BMW Group)

Beside bar code software TEC-IT provides custom solutions as shown by the following example:

Plantivity - a web-solution developed by TEC-IT optimizes team based activity planning and issue tracking. BMW Group improves communication in working groups by providing Plantivity as part of the B2B-Portal to employees and suppliers. Check out the success story!

Success Story


Siemens E&A Uses TBarCode/Direct

Siemens Energy and Automation (Georgia, Atlanta) uses TBarCode/Direct for device independent bar code generation in SAP® R/3®. Check out the success story!



New Release of Barcode DLL for SAP R/3

The brand new version 6.0 of TEC-IT's Barcode DLL for SAP is now named TBarCode/SAPwin and supports the recently introduced "SAPsprint", the successor of SAPlpd. SAPsprint can be used on Print Servers and processes the SAPWIN data format, which is used by SAP to provide Windows printer driver support.

Printing through SAPlpd will be still possible also with the new version. In addition TBarCode/SAPwin comes with a bunch of new bar code symbologies.

The new features summarized:

  • RSS - Reduced Space Symbology (all sub variants)
  • EAN UCC Composite Symbology (all sub variants)
  • MicroPDF417
  • Enhanced error messages for non-codeable characters
  • Demo text instead of horizontal line in unlicensed mode.
  • Shift parameter (barcode.ini) for vertical baseline adjustment
  • Print control parameter M for convenient module width adjustment
  • Tested SAPsprint and SAPWIN.dll support (access method G)
  • Bar code generator is based on new TBarCodeLib V6

New Product-Line


Barcode Appliance. A Cooperation of SEH and TEC-IT

The ISD300 is a highly efficient, out-of-the-box spooling device. In combination with TEC-IT’s bar-code software TBarCode/Embedded users take advantage of completely device independent bar-code printing - yielding the first universal boxed bar-coding solution available on the market.

TBarCode OCX


New Version TBarCode OCX 6.0

The new Version 6 of TBarCode OCX has been released! The well known bar code generator based on Microsoft® ActiveX® Technology is now available for download. It can be used in various Microsoft Office applications and a bunch of development environments. TBarCode now supports more than 70 bar code symbologies (linear, 2D, stacked and composite symbologies).

The new features of V6:

  • EAN.UCC Composite Symbology – all variants (CC-A/B/C) supported
  • Property Pages for RSS/Composite and MicroPDF
  • New properties Quiet Zone, Trim Spaces, QRCode Kanji Compression, X-Rows, X-Cols, Text Area Height, Composite Component, MicroPDF Version, MicroPDF Mode, RSS Segments Per Row.
  • Built in high resolution, vector based EPS output
  • Enhanced usability in Microsoft InfoPath®

Barcode Studio 6


New Barcode Studio with EAN.UCC Composite Symbology

TEC-IT releases the new Barcode Studio Version 6, which is ready for download. The brand new version supports all variations of the EAN UCC Composite Symbology together with MicroPDF and all codes of the Reduced Space Symbology (RSS).

In addition, the user gets a new "intelligent" help text making the user interface more friendly than ever. To facilitate bar code generation all relevant information about the adjusted bar code symbology is displayed on mouse-click.

Vector based EPS (Postscript) Output in highest quality makes Barcode Studio to the best classified tool for pre-press applications, artwork studios and print shops.

TFORMer Update


New TFORMer with Integrated PDF and Postscript Output

TFORMer Release 4.5 is ready for Download - here are the new features:

Major Enhancements

  • Integrated native PDF Output for all kinds of purposes: Now you can use TFORMer within your web application and create PDF documents dynamically for download - with individual data and integrated bar codes! Or email PDF reports (or invoices...) created by TFORMer to your customers - fully automated if you use the programmable Runtime Module.
  • Native Postscript Output: with the built-in Postscript Generator you can create all output - including graphics and bar codes - in the best possible output quality for your Postscript Printer. More efficient and with higher speed than any Printer Driver could do (especially useful for Linux or Unix).
  • Html Generator and ASCII Text Output
  • ODBC Support (Database Connectivity)

More New Features

  • Tabbed Property Window (incl. Description) - simplifies the user-interface
  • RSS Barcodes are supported
  • Watermarking of documents (background pictures)

TBarCode DLL Update


New Barcode DLL with EAN/UCC Composite Symbology Support

TEC-IT releases the new TBarCode DLL Version 6, which can be downloaded from now. The brand new release supports all variations of the EAN UCC Composite Symbology together with MicroPDF and all RSS Codes.

With "EAN UCC Composite Symbology" a markable higher amount of data can be encoded compared to standard linear bar codes. But the new symbology is upward compatible. The additional data is encoded into a 2D multi-row symbol. This 2 dimensional Composite Component (CC) occurs always in combination with a linear bar code part, which can be a variant of the RSS family or an UPC / EAN symbol or an UCC/EAN-128 bar code.

The new "RSS - Reduced Space Symbology" and "CS - EAN.UCC Composite Symbology" - both supported by TEC-IT's new bar code library - include the proven Application Identifier Standard. In addition they are reliable and insensitive regarding symbol structure, thus existing technical infrastructure can be used as far as possible.

TFORMer for Linux/Unix


New Form Printing and Reporting Solution for the Linux & UNIX World

The comfort of Linux application development will come a basic step forward. TEC-IT is going to release a totally new product, which offers the powerful printing capabilities of TFORMer now for Unix / Linux Platforms. All forms, labels and reports designed with TFORMer Designer can then be used in the Unix / Linux World without restrictions. That means all bar code symbologies (linear and 2D), all graphical design elements and all reporting features known from TFORMer will be available to your application. The target output format is Postscript and PDF offering a wide range of possible applications. High throughput and efficient print job encoding makes it not only a basic tool for developers but also a reliable solution for larger companies to solve their printing requirements.

With TFORMer Designer the creation of complex and good looking print documents is a thing of minutes. External data can be merged into the document during print-out. No programming knowledge is required. A tool for everyone - beginners as well as advanced developers!
The new print-engine under Linux will be fully scriptable - you can create PDF documents even by your web application (PHP, Perl, Java...) and email the output to the customer on demand.
  Reporting Software TFORMer for Linux/Unix...



Barcode Generator with GS1 DataBar (RSS) Support

TEC-IT announces the new version 5.3 of TBarCode OCX and TBarCode DLL. It has support for all sub types in the EAN UCC RSS Family (alias GS1 DataBar):

  • RSS-14 Standard + Truncated + RSS Limited
  • RSS-14 Stacked + Stacked Omnidirectional
  • RSS Expanded + Expanded Stacked



TEC-IT is Partnering with "Etoy"

TEC-IT supports the art group "etoy" with 2D bar code software for their etoy.DAY-CARE education program. This program is part of the Nieuwe Domeinen arts and architecture festival in Amsterdam.

More infos: http://feed.etoy.com   http://www.etoy.com

    TEC-IT supports Etoy...

BEA Select Partner


TEC-IT Designated BEA Select Partner

BEA is one of the leaders in the application infrastructure software market. TEC-IT was accepted now as designated "BEA Select partner". Beside bar code and form printing software TEC-IT provides custom solutions. This includes database driven, dynamic web applications, which are implemented with J2EE (based upon BEA WebLogic Server).



TWedgeCE - Data Acquisition for Pocket PC's

TEC-IT introduces the long-desired version TWedgeCE - Data acquisition for Pocket-PCs and Handhelds. TWedge-CE operates under Windows-CE and supports beside serial devices also the wireless communication standard Bluetooth. Incoming data is passed to the target application via key stroke simulation. The new software offers completely new application fields - now you can use data from external devices (e.g. a bar code reader) directly in Pocket-Word or Excel or any other CE application.

Interested? For more details and a demo version contact us now! Here we have first screen shots: Main Application Window and debug mode with Hex representation.

Linux Library


LibTBarCode for FreeBSD

For C/C++ developers we provide a comprehensive bar code library, which can be included into own projects. LibTBarCode offers full bar code generation support for all common linear and 2D bar codes. Binaries are currently available for FreeBSD, but can be provided for other Linux/Unix derivatives on request. Please contact us!

French Polar Institute (Antarctica)


Warm Greetings to Antarctica!

Alain PIERRE, our customer from the French Polar Institute (Antarctica), sent us some pictures about his “bar code application”. He wanted not only to show us some bar codes, but also the wonderful landscape of the Polar region. Look here what we have got from him. (and take the pictures with a smile ;-)
picture 1picture 2picture 3picture 4picture 5picture 6



New TFORMer Templates for VDA, AIAG and GTL

The new setup includes more templates in the area of automotive industry: the Invoice Form according to VDA 4906, Bill of Lading (VDA 4994), Packing Data Sheet (VDA 4931), AIAG B10 / B15 Shipping Labels and GTL Master / Mixed Load Details Label. With these additional templates you avoid time-consuming design work and minimize costs. All of the templates are part of TFORMer and can be used without additional charge.

BarCode Studio


New Version 5.0

Barcode Studio goes into its next release. The following enhancements were made...

  • New symbologies Codablock F, RSS-14, Flattermarken
  • Vector based EPS format output (resolution independent), no more limitations for graphic studios and pre- or post processing
  • Adjustable text alignment for the human readable text
  • Extended output of SAP Printcontrols



New Version 4.1 released

Several enhancements were made compared with the previous version:

  • The templates now contain various automotive label standards like AIAG, VDA, GM, GTL and many more. Therefore creating VDA or GTL labels was never easier!
  • The repository consists of a new xml based file structure and uses the extension *.tfr – so for deployment of your layout definition you don't need the "LabelDB.mdb" database anymore.
  • On demand the layout definition can be stored in *.tff files, which can be used standalone without a repository.
  • Further enhancements for improving performance and handling within the Designer and Runtime module.



New Version 5.0

TEC-IT releases the new version 5 of TBarCode OCX and DLL. In addition to the previous version it offers:

  • New symbologies Codablock F, RSS14, Flattermarken
  • New properties DisplayText, BarWidthReduction, TextAlignment, Quality
  • Enhanced .NET compatibility
  • SaveImage supports now high resolution, vector based EPS format by a new PostScript library (optional).
  • New in the DLL: Enhanced callback functions for row callback, Drawing in meta file.



Bar coding for SAP R/3 without middleware

TEC-IT introduces a new bar code solution: TBarCode/Direct is a completely platform independent software for printing bar codes on all Postscript printers without SAPscript or ABAP programming. Therefore this solution works with all platforms (e.g. Windows, Unix, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX...) and is perfectly suited for high throughput. TBarCode/Direct even works with third party output management or messaging systems. It integrates itself seamlessly into the printing process. No unwanted side-effects like disturbed duplex printing are to be expected.

QR-Code for Linux


TBarCode for Linux supports QR-Code

The new version of TBarCode for Linux features the powerful 2D symbology "QR-Code" in addition to enhancements for the Data Matrix symbology. The update is now ready for download. TEC-IT is one of the leading bar code software vendors for Linux. Since introduction of the product TBarCode for Linux became more and more important since many customers are using Linux derivatives in their production.

New SAP R/3 Partner


Elmar Schlecker Consulting

TEC-IT announces the new partnership with Elmar Schlecker Consulting for distribution and consulting in bar coding under SAP R/3. Elmar Schlecker specializes in SAP R/3 SAPscript / SmartForms and is familiar with TEC-IT bar code components. Through is know how in SAP the bar code solutions of TEC-IT can be deployed optimally for the customers.

New TWedge Software


Data Acquisition without Programming with TEC-IT TWedge

TEC-IT releases TWedge - a universal software for data acquisition without programming. TWedge can simulate key strokes from incoming data and therefore integrates data acquisition into almost all existing applications - e.g. Into SAP R/3. Data can be read from RS-232 (e.g. from a bar code reader) or through TCP/IP. But it's also a logging tool - because you can create log files from incoming data (time period and destination path is adjustable). For better integration into form input and application workflow, TWedge offers automation features like activating windows, pressing control keys/ function keys before or after data entry (or based on input data).

TFORMer Release


New Solution for Label and Form Printing

TEC-IT releases its new Label and Form printing software TFORMer. TFORMer comes with an integrated label/form designer and a bar code enabled print engine. All label and form layouts can be managed by centrally organized repositories. Its extensive bar code support makes TFORMer the perfect tool for every label, especially for industry compliant formats. Because of its flexible design elements and its "intelligent" forms TFORMer can be used for almost every application: reports, labels, serial letters, business forms and many more.
You can use (but you don't need) your existing data from your database. Data import can be done by the common used csv/txt format or by XML. TFORMer's open architecture makes it easy to integrate it into existing workflows. Data is merged into the layout during runtime of the print out (preview can be done with actual data). With TFORMer you can save hardware costs, because you can print bar codes to any printer without special printer hardware or cartridges.

Update TBarCode for Linux


New version 1.1-2 supports PCL format

Our software for bar code generation on Linux platforms - TBarCode for Linux - now supports PCL5 printer language (HP printer) in addition to EPS/Postscript. Therefore printing bar codes (all common types and 2D symbologies) on Linux becomes no problem anymore. Also a filter for the printer queue is available to insert bar codes into documents during print out.

SAP R/3 Bar-coding


New Release with QR-Code

The brand new version 4.0 of TBarCode for SAPLPD now supports 2D symbology QR-Code for large amounts of data. In addition PDF417 can now be coded with up to 1500 characters by using extended Printcontrols.

TEC-IT Barcode ActiveX


New Version 4.0

TEC-IT introduces the new version 4 of TBarCode OCX and DLL. In addition to the previous version it offers QR-Code support, enhancements for dealing with resolution issues ("OptResolution" property) and better Unicode support.

MS IE Scripting


Update TConnector 2.1

New version with changed and enhanced COM interface. Now better support for scripting languages like Vbscript and Javascript. Therefore perfectly suited for client-side data acquisition within Microsoft Internet Explorer. Often requested - now easily implemented: reading from the serial port and server-side data archiving, or writing in Javascript directly to the printer (PCL, Postscript, what you want).



Best vendor...

... Your company is one of the best web vendors that we have dealt with and your support via email to our contractor was provided on a very timely basis. You should be very proud -- it is rare these days to get good service from folks who should be giving service in "internet time".

Gary L. Secor, VP Information Technologies, IST Management Services

SAP R/3 Bar-coding


Print Control WYSIWYG Designer

Version 1.01 of Barcode Studio is now able to compute the Print Controls required by SAP R/3 in the case of bar code printing with SAPlpd. Configuring the print controls is now a matter of seconds.

TConnector Update


New Release TConnector V2.0

TEC-IT introduces the improved version 2.0 of TConnector2 ActiveX. The new version offers

  • enhanced stability,
  • state of the interface control lines can be queried and set,
  • it can be used within the browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) as embedded control and is fully scriptable,
  • and can now be used within server side ASP applications.

New Release


Barcode Studio

TEC-IT releases a complete new bar code tool - "Barcode Studio". This powerful WYSIWYG barcode editor enables everyone to generate high reliable and technical perfect bar codes (linear and 2D symbologies). One of the main features is the intuitive user interface and the precalculation of the output quality depending on the output resolution (printer-, screen-, image...). The generated bar code can be exported as image file (JPG, TIF, BMP...) and is available for DTP or other graphic applications - e.g. for label design & layout.

SYSTEM Journal


TBarCode distributed with German edition of SYSTEM Journal

We are proud that the editors of the well-known SYSTEM Journal decided to include the demos of TBarCode and TConnector on the CDROM distributed with issue 5/2001.

TBarCode for SAPlpd


New Barcode DLL for SAP with Data Matrix

Version 2.02 of TBarCode for SAPLPD now supports the powerful Data Matrix symbology. Now supported: enhanced debugging functions and extended print controls for PDF417 and MaxiCode.

SAP R/3 Bar-coding


New Documentation

For TBarCode for SAPLPD a new, revised documentation was released. Questions and problems (appeared so far) were regarded more in detail.

TConnector Release


New Data Acquisition Component TConnector ActiveX Control

TEC-IT introduces the new TConnector ActiveX. This powerful communication tool simplifies data transfer from various interfaces like serial port, parallel port, TCP/IP (and many more...) to an application.
TConnector includes all these interfaces in one control and offers access to them through one common API. TConnector is perfect suited for data acquisition - e. g from reading devices like bar code scanners (but is not limited to these applications).

Barcodes for XP


Office XP approved

We have tested our TBarCode OCX with the new Microsoft Office XP - no problems occurred!

Barcode ActiveX/DLL


New Version 3.5 supports Data Matrix

The new version supports beside PDF417 and MaxiCode also a further two-dimensional symbology: Data Matrix! This highly-developed code can represent all ASCII characters, is variable size and includes error correction capabilities. Data Matrix represents up to 2335 alphanumeric characters, 1556 Bytes or 3116 numerical data.
In the new version also the functionality of MaxiCode for UPS-purposes was enhanced.



Best Support!

Each day our support-team is giving the best for the satisfaction of our customers. Feedback like this is the finest reward for our efforts:

"Your company's tech support is the best of our all tech support for other companies (we also bought other software from other companies, and of course from ...)" - Kent Liu, BALENO


TBarCode for SAPLPD


New Barcode DLL for SAP with PDF417 and MaxiCode

Version 2.0 of TBarCode for SAPLPD now supports two-dimensional Bar Code Symbologies like PDF417 and MaxiCode - additional to the numerous linear types of Bar Codes. TBarCode for SAPLPD is an Add-On for SAP R/3 Clients for printing Bar Codes with all (!) printers (supported by Microsoft Windows) without the need of special hardware or cartridges.

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