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TFORMer SDK: Report Generator Licensing

TFORMer SDK and TFORMer Designer are licensed separately. In order to get an unrestricted and licensed version of the product, you need a license key. The license key unlocks the downloaded demo version - no additional download is needed.

Report Generator

Free Download - Reporting SDK TFORMer SDKGenerate Reports, Forms and Labels online

Reporting component

Sever-side report generator

Client-side report generator

Browser report component

License Scope

TFORMer SDK prints or exports document layouts that are designed prior with TFORMer Designer. Unlike TFORMer Designer, TFORMer SDK does not provide a graphical user interface for creating reports and form layouts. It is exclusively a report generator and software component.

TFORMer SDK licenses are only available to TFORMer Designer users.

License Scope

Each TFORMer SDK license includes all supported APIs (JAVA, .NET 2.0, COM, DLL, EXE).

When do you need a TFORMer SDK license?

You need one or more TFORMer SDK licenses under the following conditions:

  • When you want to embed TFORMer SDK as a report generator or reporting component into your own application for distribution to third parties.
  • When you want to use the report generator on your servers (e. g. web or Citrix server).
  • When you want to use the report generator on workstations without installing TFORMer Designer at the same time.

Pricing and Ordering

Find out more about available licenses and prices of TFORMer SDK at our price list. If you wish to order TFORMer SDK now, please use TEC-IT's online order form.

For further details, please use the inquiry form to contact us!

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