TBarCode/Direct: Scheda dati

Requisiti di sistema, tipi di codici a barre supportati e parametri di configurazione disponibili per TBarCode/Direct.

SAP Releases

  • R/3 4.6 B or higher
  • mySAP ERP
  • SAP S4/HANA On premise edition

Output Devices / OMS

  • PostScript compatible (Level 2 or higher)

Spool Administration

  • Host Spool Access Method U and L
  • For POST2 and other PostScript® based device types
  • No SAPSprint/SAPlpd required (but can be used)

Supported Operating Systems

  • All Platforms (Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux)

Supported Character Sets

  • All character sets available through device types based upon POST2 (I5SPOST, CNSPOST, THSPOST, JPPOST2, etc).
  • ASCII and Latin-1 for bar code data (others on request).
  • The use of UPE (see SAP Note 1812076) seems possible, but has not yet been sufficiently verified.
  • For full UNICODE support, also in bar codes (e.g. UTF-8 in QR-Code) we refer to TBarCode/SAPwin.

Supported Barcode Symbologies

Linear Bar Codes (1D)
Code 2of5 Interleaved Code 2 of 5 Interleaved (numeric)
Code 39 Code 3of9
Code 39 Extended Code 3of9 ASCII (available on request)
Code 93 Code 93
Code 128A Code 128 Subset A (alphanumeric incl. non-printable characters)
Code 128B Code 128 Subset B (alphanumeric incl. lowercase letters)
Code 128C Code 128 Subset C (numeric)
Code 128 Auto Compress Code 128 with automatic subset switching (subset B and C)
GS1-128 Code 128 with FNC1 on first position, subset automatic (B and C), FNC1 support
EAN-128, UCC-128 corresponds to GS1-128
EAN-13 EAN-13
USPS Postnet 9 USPS Postnet 9 (ZIP + 4 incl. automatic check digit)
2D Bar Codes
Data MatrixData Matrix (ECC200), ASCII/Byte mode, available in TBarCode/Direct V2.0+
GS1 DataMatrix (with FNC1) available in V2.3+
QR-CodeQuick Response Code (all versions, Byte mode), available in TBarCode/Direct V2.1+
MaxiCode™UPS® MaxiCode™ (mode 2,3,4,5,6), available in TBarCode/Direct V2.2
OthersOther 2D bar code types on request.

Please contact us if you need a bar code format not listed here!

Parametri codici a barre

Dimensione codice a barreRegolabile tramite fattore di scala
Larghezza modulo(X)Regolabile tramite fattore di scala; i valori di default conformi con l´ industria sono preconfigurati
Altezza codice a barreliberamente regolabile
Testo leggibileHRT Off/On/Embedded: disponibile con Code 39, Code 93 Standard, Code 128A, 128B, Code 2of5 Interleaved
HRT Off/On: disponibile con EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-E, UPC-A
Rotazione90° rotazione disponibile con Code 2of5 IL, Code-128A, Code-128B (altri tipi su richiesta)
270° rotazione disponibile con Code 2of5 IL
Carattere di controlloModulo 10, Modulo 43
I seguenti check digits sono calcolati automaticamente: EAN-8/13, UPC-E/A, Mod-103 (Code-128, GS1-128), Postnet 9, Mod-47 (Code 93)