Download TFORMer (Microsoft® Windows)

TFORMer is a flexible label printing and reporting solution. It features graphical form and report design, scripting, rich text formatting, reporting, label and list output, a built-in bar code generator and PDF/PostScript/HTML export. TFORMer AutoDoc generates and distributes documents automatically.

TFORMer SDK is also available for Linux/UNIX platforms.

The demo version can be downloaded free of charge, no registration required.

Download Software

TFORMer Designer  Windows (29 MB)
TFORMer SDK  Windows (20 MB)
Note: TFORMer AutoDoc requires TFORMer Designer or TFORMer SDK.
TFORMer AutoDoc V6.0.3  Windows 32 Bit (1.4 MB)on request

Download Documentation