Barcode Printing for SAP® ERP, HANA, R/3® & mySAP®

Enterprise-wide, printer-independent barcode and 2D code printing for SAP systems.

We offer various software solutions for barcode and 2D code printing in SAP - choose between the Barcode DLL for SAPSprint, our barcode software TBarCode/Direct (no middleware!) or the spool filter barcode generator TBarCode/X for Linux® and UNIX®.

Barcode DLL for SAP


Barcode DLL for SAPSprint and SAPGUI

TBarCode/SAPwin is the flexible barcode and 2D code generator for SAP ERP, HANA, R/3 and mySAP ERP in Windows environments – both for local and for network printers.

The Barcode DLL TBarCode/SAPwin extends the SAPSprint and SAPlpd spool transfer programs and the Windows based SAPGUI with barcode printing capabilities.

By using TBarCode/SAPwin you print all common barcodes and 2D codes (including Data Matrix and QR Code®) on all Windows printers. You save on special equipment like bar code cartridges, barcode fonts and barcode printers.

TBarCode/SAPwin can be used with SAPscript, ABAP and SmartForms. All predefined forms in SAP are supported.

TBarCode/SAPwin is one of the best-equipped barcode tools available: Standard linear symbologies, 2D codes like Data Matrix, QR-Code, PDF417 or MaxiCode, GS1 DataBar, EAN.UCC Composite and more code variants are generated with this product.

This software was tested by SAP - check out the OSS or SAP-Net (SAP Note #14561 and #25344).

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SAP Barcode Printing without Middleware


Barcode Printing for SAP without Middleware

TBarCode/Direct is a smart, platform independent barcode software for SAP ERP, R/3 and mySAP ERP for printing barcodes and 2D codes (Data Matrix, QR Code...) without any middleware.

Barcodes can be embedded into documents (ABAP, SAPscript and SmartForms) as system barcode or by using print controls. There is no need to adapt existing forms.

TBarCode/Direct works with all PostScript® compatible output devices and does not require additional middleware or printer extensions. For generating the barcodes and 2D codes no ABAP program is required - thus SAP server resources are saved, making it the perfect tool for mass printing or mission critical applications.

This solution mainly emphasizes SAP® ERP and barcode know how. TEC-IT supports you with documentation and suitable change-requests (device types). You can install the solution by yourself, or if you prefer, we implement the application on-site.

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Barcode Software for SAP Print Servers


Barcode Spool Filter for SAP Print Servers (UNIX®/Linux®)

TBarCode/X is an all round barcode generator software for UNIX® and Linux® environments.

TBarCode/X can be installed into the spool system of a print server or on the SAP server itself. On the basis of specific control sequences barcodes and 2D codes are created and inserted into the actual document.

There is no need to change existing SAPscript or SmartForm® forms. Integration into SAP is done by modifying print controls in the printer device type.

TBarCode/X generates barcodes automatically in PostScript® or PCL® (HPGL) format. The codes can be printed on any PostScript® and/or PCL® compatible printer.

TBarCode/X supports all common barcodes and 2D codes like Data Matrix, QR-Code, PDF417, MaxiCode and Aztec Code. Additionally GS1 DataBar and the EAN.UCC Composite Symbology are supported.

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Barcode Print Server Software

TBarCode/ Embedded

Print Server offers Centralized Barcode Printing

This product reached its end-of-life since the required hardware is no longer available. The replacement for this solution would be to install an arbitrary Linux box with CUPS as print server and use the PCL spool filter from our TBarCode/X bar code generator.

The combination of an SEH Print Spool Appliance and TBarCode/Embedded turns all PostScript® or PCL® compatible printers into bar-code enabled devices. Unified bar-coding features are available within the network instantly.

The solution installs within minutes - even for large scale networks. It can be used with all types of applications (e.g. SAP® R/3® or ORACLE®) and all operating systems.

TBarCode/Embedded is available for the SEH Print Appliances ISD300 (small to medium networks) and ISD410 (large networks). All of these out-of-the box spooling devices are available through SEH, Samsung Europe and other international channels.

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