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TBarCode SDK: Barcode Generator Software

TBarCode SDK offers barcode printing for Microsoft® Office users and software developers. With this barcode generator software you create and print all barcode symbologies used in industry and commerce in excellent quality.

New in TBarCode 11: Han Xin Code, Dotcode, USPS Intelligent Mail Package Code, Swedish Postal Shipment Code, Improved PDF output.



Download Barcode Software Component - TBarCode SDK

Barcode ActiveX Control

.NET Barcode Assembly

Barcode DLL

from €84.00
for linear (1D) Codes

from €168.00
for 1D & 2D Barcodes

Best-In-Class Barcode Generator Software

Barcode Generator Software ComponentTBarCode SDK represents a well-known set of barcode creation components. Outstanding quality and unmatched versatility have been convincing users and developers for more than 10 years.

Application Areas

With TBarCode SDK you are using barcode generator software, which has been successfully proven in countless stand-alone applications, server-based systems and reporting applications. The extensive support of linear, postal and 2D barcode symbologies (more than 100 barcode symbologies in total) makes TBarCode SDK the perfect choice for each type of application.

One Solution - For All Barcode Creation Requirements

TEC-IT's passion to provide a feature-complete product enables our customers to use TBarCode SDK in virtually all environments:

  • Microsoft® Office, Custom Client Applications
    The barcode SDK is easy to integrate into Microsoft Office and it can be used by software developers as part of custom software applications.
  • Server Systems, Web Applications
    This barcode generator SDK is also in use in high-volume server-based Citrix® or web-based systems. A perfect example for using TBarCode SDK in a web application is TEC-IT's online barcode generator.
  • ERP Systems, Reporting Services
    You may also use TBarCode SDK as barcode generator for ERP systems like Microsoft® Dynamics® Nav (Navision) or in various reporting systems.

One Download - Three Barcode Software Components

TBarCode SDK offers three barcode creation modules in a single download. You are free to choose the optimal method for embedding bar-codes into your project:

  • Barcode ActiveX® Control (OCX)

    Recommended for easy integration of barcodes into Microsoft Office and development environments.

  • .NET Barcode Assembly

    Advanced Barcode SDK for .NET programmers: Choose from a barcode class, a WinForms barcode control and a Barcode ASP.NET 2.0 WebForms control.

  • Barcode DLL (Barcode Library)

    A barcode DLL for software developers who want to create or print bar codes within their own applications (C/C++, Delphi...).

Source Code Licensing

To cover special requirements or for embedded systems, TBarCode SDK is also available for source code licensing. The source code of TBarCode SDK is in use in mission critical environments on various big- and little-endian architectures. Just contact us for details.


All barcodes

Excellent quality

Full 2D support

2D Barcode DataMatrix Code

GS1 DataBar


Features of TBarCode SDK Barcode Software

Over 100 Barcode FormatsTBarCode SDK supports all major linear, 2D and GS1 barcode variants. For example QR-Code, DataMatrix (ECC200), PDF417, MaxiCode, GS1-Composite, GS1 DataBar, Aztec Code, EAN, UPC and many more.
For all PrintersPrint barcodes with all printers! No special printers or hardware extensions (like barcode DIMMs or SIMMs) are required.
Thermotransfer PrintersSupport for label printers with low output resolution (e.g. 203 dpi printers).
All Programming LanguagesThe barcode software components (ActiveX, COM, .NET, DLL) can be used in all development environments: Visual Basic, VB, VBA, VC, C++, C#, J#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Delphi, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript and HTML.
Barcode QualityDraw directly to graphics objects or printer devices in the highest possible resolution.
Image or Vector GraphicsSave bar codes to disk as bitmap (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG) or vector graphics (EPS, PCL, EMF, WMF, PDF). Or generate barcodes directly in web applications.
Additional CaptionsCaptions or comments can be added to the barcode programmatically. These text elements can be positioned, aligned, rotated etc.
Check Digit CalculationTBarCode SDK computes check digits automatically (in contrast to barcode fonts).
Standard BarcodesAll barcode parameters are adjustable: module width, bar/space ratio, rotation, colors, fonts, alignment etc.
Pixel ShavingA barcode quality enhancement technique to optimize printing tolerance or bitmap output.
Custom Drawing RoutinesCallback Interface for custom drawing routines (e.g. for laser graving systems or DPM).
Cross Platform API The barcode DLL is also available for Linux®, UNIX® and OS X® (see TBarCode/X) as well as for Windows CE.

2D Bar Codes

All barcodes

Perfect quality

Full 2D support

2D Barcode Aztec

GS1 DataBar

Optimal Software for 2D Barcodes

All Major 2D CodesTBarCode SDK offers full support of QR-Code, Micro QR-Code, Data Matrix (ECC200, GS1 Data Matrix), PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, Aztec Code, Codablock-F.
Efficient CodingThe most efficient coding method (for instance Binary, ASCII, Bytes, Numbers, C40, ...) is selected automatically and is dynamically adapted to the data progress.
Full ImplementationAll symbology-specific barcode modes (for instance ECI, EAN-128 Emulation, Industry Formats, Macro 05/06, Aztec Runes and many more) are supported without deduction.
Multi Language SupportTBarCode SDK encodes also Asian character sets (e.g. Japanese, Chinese) in 2D bar codes like QR code.
Multiple BarcodesThe encoded data is automatically divided in several 2D barcode symbols on demand. The barcodes are linked together with Structured Append.
Data CompressionOptional data compression (zlib) for best efficiency of 2D bar-coding. As a result you achieve a higher data density with less space.



I choose to go with TEC-IT's barcode maker for its easy of use and integrating into my ms access database. Setup was a breeze, and the YouTube video tutorial clearly showed how to use the product in my MS access database. I tried the demo version of this product versus a major competitor, and I have to say setup was easier to use with TBarCode SDK. Changing my barcode with all the choices that TEC-IT provides in the software was very easy to do with the GUI "graphically user interface" compared to the competitors version. The GUI gave me the option of print quality and resizing to fit my report, background color etc. in a nice easy to use manner. Within minutes of installing the software, and following the video tutorial, I was able to create my first QR code.

N. Schneider - Logic Control Ltd.

The active X control is easy to use and integrates very well with MS Access reports. Similar products from other companies have been much more difficult to size and customize!

K. Dubois - Konzelmann Estate Winery

We successfully use TBarCode SDK for nearly seven years to create various barcodes within our products. Now we decided to purchase an update to enable a more flexible and professional work with barcodes. Thanks for your support.

S. Gornyy, CEO- Laser Center Ltd.

It will simplify everyone's job!

D. Tardif - Dufresne Hébert Comeau Inc.

TBarCode SDK is very easy to implement in Microsoft Office Excel and is very easy to program with VB. Customer support is also super excellent.

T. Pustey - Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

... Thank you very much for the great support provided to NAMA.

S. Shoumanov - NATO Airlift Management Agency (NAMA)

… I usually do not bother with Tech support calls since most of the time I do not get any help. Thank you again for your great support and I will for sure recommend your product to other people.

Saeed Pourazari - ATLAST Holdings Inc.

I love this product! It has substantially reduced the time it takes me to print labels and eliminated all the mistakes I was previously getting. Thanks!

Phyllis Flora - pflora beads

TEC-IT products have been far superior to others on the market and we have used the TEC-IT products for the past several years.

Carol Hanley (President) - Hanco Technologies Inc.

I am so glad I found TEC-IT's TBarCode. I find it easy to use (I'm still learning a few more aspects though). The price is what we consider to be perfect for the product, versus other's being too pricey. The support has been great.

Ed Assenheimer (ERP Administrator) - Diamond Packaging

Congratulation to your terrific piece of software. We are using "TBarCode" in various applications like Microsoft Access, Microsoft VB, Microsoft C++. From downloading the demo up to the support - all was perfect. The easy integration was a pleasure - You did a good job...

Thomas Aust - Johns Manville Europe GmbH

Your program is fantastic! It's really easy to install and runs without problems. We are a little toys shop enterprise. All of our informatics system control is through Microsoft Access "self made program". With your TBarCode OCX we have incorporated an upgrade control system. Thank you very much.

Xavier Tapias - Liffraud Prats S.L.

Your company is one of the best web vendors that we have dealt with and your support via email to our contractor was provided on a very timely basis. You should be very proud -- it is rare these days to get good service from folks who should be giving service in "internet time".

Gary L. Secor (VP Information Technologies) - IST Management Services

Hi there! I've bought your product three or two months ago and we are totally satisfied... We are using it in Excel, Word and Powerpoint too!

Bijaczyk Yohann (IT Manager) - Mölnlycke Health Care

Fantastic! That works perfectly! [...] I’m very grateful to you. It’s always a real pleasure to face such an efficient and pleasant product support.

Mickael Riviere - GenApi est une SAS

I appreciate your help and expertise. Your customer support is one of the best that I ever seen.

Henry Tong - FLUOR Project Automation

Hitachi Consulting UK would like to thank you for your great support in our latest project. We are planning to go live tonight with a new internet which will have the new barcode generation facility. Your speed of response and help has been fantastic.

Paul Fanning (Enterprise Content Management) - Hitachi Consulting UK

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