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Barcode software for printing bar code labels.

TEC-IT's Barcode Software (ActiveX, DLL, SAP R/3 Extension, Linux Print Engine) enables barcoding of ean, ean 13, ean 128, code 39, code 128 (...) without a bar code font. Therefore printing of bar codes without bar code printers or barcode fonts becomes available. All common linear and two-dimensional bar codes symbologies are supported. Download free barcode software (unrestricted demo) and click below!

Barcode software for bar code labels, upc bar codes, ean label systems, Code39, 128...

With TEC-IT's Barcode ActiveX Software you can print bar codes within standard applications like MS Access, VB, Excel, Word, Delphi, Foxpro, C/C++... and from report generators like Access, Quickreports, ActiveReports,...

Its main advantage: now you can print bar code labels on any windows printer in the highest possibly printing quality!

TEC-IT's barcode software supports barcoding of ean, ean 13, ean 128, code 39, code 128, 2of5, 2/5 IL, PostNET (...) using the ActiveX technology instead of a bar code font or a barcode printer.

Therefore printing of bar codes without expensive bar code printers and without unwieldy barcode fonts becomes available.

TEC-IT has specialized in bar coding software. Additional to all common bar code symbologies the more powerful variants like Data Matrix, PDF417 and MaxiCode are also supported.

Download free barcode software (unrestricted demo) and click to the link above!

Barcode activeX printing barcodes and barcode labels without any barcode font or barcode printer...

TEC-IT Barcode ActiveX software enables end-users and/or developers to print bar codes from within standard applications like Excel, Access, WinWord, VB, C/C++, Delphi (...) and from within their own applications.

bar code software activeX, bar codes without bar code printers or free barcode fonts

Getting started how to print bar codes with TEC-IT Barcode ActiveX software we provide you with various bar coding sample applications.

The samples are free to download and demonstrate bar coding for VB, MS Access, Word, Excel, Delphi, VC/C++, Quick Reports, IIS, Internet Explorer, ASP, PHP, ActiveReports, Javascript, VB-Script and more...

If there are any questions, our support team will provide you with additional sample code and assist you until you have finished your bar code application.

Barcoding of ean, ean 13, ean 128, code 39, code 128 without a bar code font

To get the bar code printed as you want you can change all bar code parameters. Simply enter the property dialog of TEC-IT barcode activeX and choose the barcode symbology (e.g . Code 39, EAN, UPC, Code 128, EAN 128,...), the orientation, the check digit, how to print text and more. So you are more flexible than using a bar code font.

TEC-IT's Barcode OCX and Bar code DLL

TEC-IT's barcode software is available as Barcode DLL, too - especially for the developer who is searching for a tightly integrated bar code solution. The number of supported bar codes and other features are identical to the ActiveX version (1D and 2D). With this tool we deliver also sample source code, e. g. " Barcode View", a preview editor that shows how to use the Bar code DLL.

TEC-IT's bar code DLL enables printing barcodes and barcode labels without any barcode font or barcode printer...

Compliance labeling with database driven label and form printing

TFORMer – the printing solution - can be used for almost every application: reports, labels, serial letters, business forms, compliance labeling and many more. TFORMer covers your instant labeling applications, your bar-coding needs and all other areas of your report and form printing requirements.

With the integrated design elements you can create all types of documents - from industrial labels up to business reports. Also included: extensive built-in bar code support at no additional costs!

TFORMer separates data from design – design your forms and reuse them as often as you want. TFORMer doesn’t bind forms to particular printers and offers database independence.

Bar codes for Linux and Unix / AIX / HP-UX and more

TEC-IT's powerful bar code engine is also available for Linux or Unix platforms. It is very easy to build up a print server with TBarCode for Linux managing all print-outs and documents where you need bar codes - without special hardware or bar code printers - for all Postscript and PCL printers. Suitable for SAP R/3, Oracle, Unix...

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