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 Reporting Tool- TFORMer

Looking for a flexible reporting tool with a user-friendly interface and simple form design? Then our report generator TFORMer is for you.



TFORMer is the answer 

The Ultimate Reporting Tool-TFORMer


TFORMer is a universal reporting tool that can revolutionize your document presentation and distribution strategies. It is not only used for designing and processing flexible professional forms like VDA, AIAG, GM, GTL, ODETTE… but also used to generate bar codes based on user input such as UPC-A, 2 of 5, 3 of 9, Code 128, EAN 8 and 13, DataMatrix…

TFORMer Reporting Tool has a modern, intuitive, fully windows compliant user interface and offers form design including:

  • Toolbox - including lines, boxes, circles, text and text formatting, pictures and bar codes
  • Toolbars with tooltips, single fadeable, dockable & floating
  • Support for the most popular graphic formats, including PCX, TIFF, PNG, JPG,  BMP.
  • Property window for more overview and fast entry
  • Intelligent context menu
  • Preview window with integrated zoom function
  • PDF and HTML output formats
  • free-form rotating tool and on-line rulers which makes the placement of any object on your label as precise as possible.
  • Full selection for the background and text colors.
  • Full font support.
  • Conditional logic with functions and operators for calculations, conditions and filter.
  • Character, numeric, date, time and combination fields
  • Advanced math, string, and logical functions
  • Complete font selection for the human readable text above or below a bar code symbol.
  • Imports CSV and XML data formats


TFORMer Reporting Tool  is easy to use with no programming skills needed. TFORMer is simple yet powerful. Any type of label template layout can be designed simply, in just a few clicks, by combining text, bar codes, graphic fields with fixed or variable values.


TFORMer is made up of a print engine and a report generator. Here are some more features TFORMer Report Generator:
  • Possibility to insert: images, barcodes, logos.. in your reports.
  • Precise control over all bar code dimensions.
  • Seamless management of data extraction and form design
  • Ability to work with predefined templates reducing capital expenditure on pre-printed forms, checks and label inventory
  • Plenty of Templates and Wizards are available to make label design easy, fast and accurate
  • Ability to export data to your program like Microsoft Excel.
  • Support for SQL and ODBC
  • Databank independent
  • Multitude of business forms produced from a single data stream. (invoices, bar codes, purchase orders, checks, statements, past due notices, final notices for a customer, estimates, mailing labels, packing lists, bills of lading, credit memos, management reports, product lists customized for customers, and many more…)
  • Allows changes responding to business dynamics.
  • On the fly data updating and processing
  • Print server to manage large amount of reports.

TFORMer Report Generator supports bar code specifications, for use in; business, industry and commerce worldwide.


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