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Report Design Tool TFORMer

TFORMer is a universal report design tool which enables you to create, design and modify reports with bar codes.



Ease of Use

Create complex reports without programming

Pre-defined reports and templates for a quick start

Design Reports easily with TFORMer

Reports ranging from a simple list to a complex management reports can be easily done using TFORMer. This flexible report design tool can be used for many different types of reports depending to your needs. The Report Designer features report wizards to help you get started and to guide you through the process of choosing your data source. In addition to that, you can also choose from a number pre-defined reports and templates to ease your work and do some advanced calculations with the provided math functions and other operations.

User-friendly interface

TFORMer is a WYSIWYG report design tool with a user-friendly interface. It supports docking and floating toolbars too.

All components in TFORMer have properties associated with them. In modifying the design of a report, you can use these properties to change or enter settings that affect how the report will look. Design reports by selecting the font type, size and color of your text. Enhance your layout by applying lines, squares, circles and borders. Enrich your reports by embedding pictures and bar codes.

The design of a report is also organized by bands and layers. This allows you to determine how often the data or text will be printed. For example, information in the Report Header will print at the beginning of the report. Information in the Page Footer will print at the bottom of every page.

Other Features

Bar code support

Over 70 bar code symbologies are supported and can be printed in any kind of printer. No need to install bar code fonts.

Data Source and Connectivity

TFORMer allows you to import data from various data sources namely Database (ODBC), Text Files (*.txt, *.csv, *tab, *.asc) or XML File (*.xml).

PDF Export

This feature suits perfectly your needs for high-quality printing, electronic archiving (absolutely no loss of quality) and electronic distribution.