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TFORMer - the professional label and form printing solution

The professional label and form printing solution from TEC-IT.
TFORMer integrates your database information into free designable label- or form-layouts. The software includes all major bar code symbologies including 2D bar codes. With the powerful layout designer you got your solution for compliance labeling, reporting, mailings -  whatever!

 Why TFORMer?
AIAG/VDA Labeling
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Business Benefits

All Bar Codes

State of the Art Label Design

Pre-defined Layouts

Time is money - save both!

  1. Barcodes without the need of special and costly bar code printers
  2. Fast and comfortable label design
  3. Predefined labels and templates - start instantly!
  4. Extensive feature list - read more below

Label and Form Printing with full Barcode Support

Flexible Layout Design

Industry Standard Labels

Full bar code support

Easy Database Publishing

Compliance Labeling

Printer independent

No Hardware Extensions

Why is TFORMer the professional solution for label and form printing?

TFORMer comes with an integrated label designer and a bar code enabled print engine. All label and form layouts can be managed by centrally organized repositories.

Its extensive bar code support makes TFORMer the perfect tool for every label, especially for industry compliant formats.

Because of its flexible design elements and its "intelligent" forms TFORMer can be used for almost every application: reports, labels, serial letters, database publishing, business forms and many more.

TFORMer's open architecture makes it easy to integrate it into existing workflows - data import can be done by text files or an open XML  format.

Data is merged into the layout during runtime of the print out. Instant preview displays actual data!

What about integrating TFORMer into your application? No problem - with our TFormer DLL or TFORMer ActiveX Control you can start printing jobs directly from within your program.

Save hardware costs - all Windows printers are supported! TFORMer generates the bar codes by software so there's no need for special bar code printers or expensive upgrades.

Quick start with pre-defined layouts

Download and Setup

Modify Templates

Print Labels

Get ready for professional labels with bar codes...

  1. Download TFORMer from our Download Area and run the setup.
  2. Included in the setup is a repository with pre-defined label layouts that are compliant to industry and office formats. You can modify the existing labels and forms - or create new ones based upon the templates.
  3. Print professional labels or forms with bar codes.

Professional Labels with TFORMer

All Bar Code Symbologies

Easiest Use

Intelligent Forms

DLL and ActiveX Control

Compliance Labeling

GM1724, VDA4902, AIAG B3 B5...

High lights of our advanced label printing solution

  • Start immediately with predefined label templates for industrial and office applications
  • Instant printing – automatic data entry of variable data
  • Free integrated designer software
  • State of the Art User Interface – e.g. WYSIWYG and unlimited Redo/Undo
  • Intelligent Forms: computed fields, serial numbers, conditional printing…
  • ALL Windows printers – no special (costly) hardware or extensions needed
  • Built-in bar code support at no additional cost. TFORMer includes all major bar code symbologies and 2D formats (e. g. Code 39, 128, UCC/EAN, 2/5 IL, PDF417, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, QR-Code - more than 50 bar code types available)!
  • Unlimited use of variable images, photographs and signatures
  • Repository-based structure providing a clear and compact overview of all designed forms
  • DLL and ActiveX Control for integrating TFORMer into your applications (e.g. configuring data and starting print jobs) - code samples provided.
  • Compliance labeling: TFORMer is the labelling solution for AIAG, B3, B5, VDA4902, GM-1724, INTERMEC, UPS, VDA 4902 and all other compliance labels you need.

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