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TBarCode Office - Word/Excel Add-In Update

2015/10/28 | TBarCode Office V10.7.0

TBarCode Office was revised for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. For the new version the following functions have been focused:

  • Microsoft Office 2016
    The add-in is compatible with Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • GUI Facelift
    The TBarCode Office Add-In was modernized.
  • Escape Sequences
    Microsoft Word Add-In: Escape sequences for special characters (like FNC1) can be added through the Insert Field wizard.
  • Encoding Data from Bookmarks
    Bookmarks can be referenced with the place holder format: [@!Bookmark]. The content of the bookmark will be encoded in the bar code while printing.
  • System Resources
    Added monitoring of system resources (free GDI objects) during bar code generation. A warning is displayed if the available GDI objects are running low. On demand the user can disable warnings in the Add-In options.

All enhancements and bug fixes are listed in the version history of TBarCode Office.

The download of TBarCode Office is for free. Owners of an active maintenance agreement or a V10 license are eligible to update without additional costs.

TBarCode SDK - Barcode Generator Update

2015/08/13 | TBarCode SDK V11.2.3

TEC-IT announces the availability of version 11.2.3 for TBarCode SDK. The following problems were corrected:

  • Codabar 2
    The check digit calculation with start and stop characters was corrected.
  • Application Identifiers
    The list of supported application identifiers (AIs) has been updated.

A complete list of enhancements is available in the version history of the product.

Download TBarCode SDK for free and install the software today! Owners of an active maintenance agreement or a V11 license are eligible to update without additional costs.

Barcode Maker Update: Barcode Studio 15.3!

2015/08/11 | Barcode Studio V15.3.0
Barcode Options

We are pleased to release a maintenance release for the barcode maker software Barcode Studio. These are the enhancements of version 15.3.0 :

  • Barcode Export - File Name
    When exporting bar-codes, the user can choose between using the last used file name or a file name auto-generated from the barcode data.
  • Barcode Options
    It is now possible to change barcode options (as known from TBarCode SDK) directly via the GUI.
  • Codabar Checkdigit Calculation
    The Codabar check digit now considers the start/stop characters of the barcode by default. The user may change this behavior via the barcode options.
  • Application Identifier Update
    Updated the list of supported application identifiers (AIs).
  • TBarCode Library 11.2.3
    Using TBarCode Library 11.2.3.

Give it a try! Download Barcode Studio.

New Barcodescanner Keyboard 2.0 App for Android

2015/07/27 | Barcodescanner Keyboard V2.0
New Design for Android App Barcodescanner Keyboard

Great news: Barcode Keyboard V2.0 was redesigned from scratch and represents the ultimate timesaver - read on to learn more!

TEC-IT's new Barcode Keyboard V2 app for Android is based on the current Google Keyboard as available in Android 4.0 or higher. In addition to the well-known basic keyboard functionality it offers integrated barcode scanner support. Using this keyboard you are able to key in information manually or - as a convenient alternative - to scan barcodes directly into any app. Application switching or error-prone copy/paste is no longer required.

The barcode-scanning functionality is available for most target apps without additional modifications.

Some exciting features of this innovative keyboard app:

  • State-of-the-art keyboard layout
  • Voice recognition, suggestions, dictionaries, fast keyboard switching
  • Guided installation
  • Multi-language support
  • Configurable scanner keys
  • Quicktext (custom text macros) support
  • Integrated camera scanner (portrait, landscape, automatic)
  • Versatile licensing capabilities (Google Play licensing, online activation without a Google account, bulk licensing with license files based on device serial number)
  • Simple bulk configuration by files
  • Rule-based scanner behavior, adjustable initial keyboard layout
  • Automated, field-triggered scanning of barcodes (autoscan) without user interaction
  • External barcode scanner support

Download Barcode Keyboard from Google Play: Barcode Keyboard

You need more licenses? Please contact our sales team, we will gladly support you.