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Barcode Maker Improved in Performance and Efficiency

2011/12/01 | Barcode Studio V12.1

The barcode maker software Barcode Studio V12.1 is now available for download!

The new release contains some changes to the data list to improve efficiency and performance. Further enhancements concerning Aztec code, CSV Import, saving of license data and image export (GS1 DataBar) are included. Please find more details about enhancements and bug-fixes in the version history.

Try it yourself and download Barcode Studio 12.1. Enjoy a free 10-day unrestricted evaluation license!

Barcode Add-In for Word/Excel Get your Free 10 Day Eval!

2011/10/31 | TBarCode Office V10.3.3
Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In

The brand-new update V10.3.3 of TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 - enables you to test the product for 10 days without functional restrictions. Request your free trial license online for free.

Additionally, service pack 3 offers some new barcode types like PZN8 (Pharmazentralnummer with 8 digits) or Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode) as well as vCard templates in various sizes. Find more details about enhancements in the version history.

The update of the barcode add-in is free of charge and recommended to all users: Download Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office.

Membership with AIM, the authority on bar code and RFID

2011/10/18 | AIM Membership

TEC-IT keeps in touch with the latest trends in the identification industry! We are proud to announce our membership with the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility - in short AIM.

AIM Logo

About AIM

AIM is the international trade association representing automatic identification and mobility technology solution providers. Through the years, industry leaders continue to work within AIM to promote the adoption of emerging technologies.

AIM has actively led the way in industry standards, education and outreach. They support the development of standards through their own committees and expert groups, as well as through participation at the industry, national (ANSI) and international (ISO) levels.

More Infos

AIM Website

HOT: 2D Barcode Maker with URL shortening (Google/Bitly)

2011/10/03 | Barcode Studio V12.0
Create the barcodes yourself

TEC-IT is proud to announce version 12 of Barcode Studio!

This brand-new release offers a real time-saver: Barcode Studio V12 shortens URLs (web-addresses) used in vCard, MeCard or other mobile tagging 2D codes automatically. Thousands of URLS can be shortened with a single click, the resulting bar-codes are smaller, easier to scan and easier to share.

The complete list of Barcode Studio 12 improvements:

  • Automated URL Shortening
    URL shortening means squeezing a long URL into a shorter one. Just choose the preferred URL shortener service: Google and bitly are supported right now. Using shortened URLs you get QR-Code tracking for free. This nice side-effect is provided by Google and Bitly. Both services offer tracking and usage analytics on shortened URLs.
  • Faster Barcode Selection
    Just enter your data and Barcode Studio recommends suitable bar-code types.
  • SPARQCode Support
    The SPARQCode format improves the compatibility of 2D codes for mobile tagging with reader apps on different smart phone models.
  • New 2D Barcode Formats for Sending Emails
    The formats MATMSG and MAILTO are now implemented.
  • Improved CSV Data Import
    The proposed file encoding (ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16) can be specified. Text qualifiers can be imported as plain text and CSV files with empty lines are imported correctly.
  • New Templates for vCard and EAN-13 price tags
  • Bug fixes (barcode height for image export, data entry improvements, etc.)

Sounds interesting? Try it yourself and download Barcode Studio V12. Enjoy a free 10-day unlimited evaluation license.

More details are available in the version history.

Better vCard/MeCard Support in Barcode Studio V11.6

2011/07/25 | Barcode Studio V11.6
Barcode Maker Software

Check out the new version of the bar-code maker software Barcode Studio!

Barcode Studio 11.6 is free of charge for existing customers of Barcode Studio version 11. As usual this barcode maker software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Download it today!

These are the main improvements:

  • Smart Data Import for vCard and MeCard Barcode Formats
    Now it is possible to import predefined data formats like vCard, vCalendar, WiFi barcodes, etc. in a structured way. Batch creation of mobile tagging and business card codes is a matter of seconds.
  • ISBN / ISSN / ISMN Barcodes
    The data assistant now makes it easier to enter codes in ISBN, ISSN and ISMN format.
  • Better Usability
    The user interfaced was revised. Moreover Barcode Studio saves the last selected options (e.g. export paths) automatically.
  • Smaller 2D Codes for Mobile Tagging
    By default Barcode Studio generates 2D codes for mobile tagging with the lowest error correction level. Smaller and thus usually better readable bar-codes are the result.
  • Label Printing
    The user is now able to specify the number of label copies to be printed.
  • New: Barcode Code-32
    The barcode type Code 32 alias Italian Pharmacode is now supported by Barcode Studio.
  • Pixel Shaving
    For 2D codes like QR-Code, the pixel shaving algorithm was improved.

More details about the new features and bug-fixes are listed in the version history.

NEW! Bluetooth Keyboard Wedge for Android

2011/07/25 | BluePiano
Android Bluetooth Keyboard Wedge

This new Android app makes it easy to collect data from external Bluetooth devices with Android smart phones or tablets. Error prone manual typing is eliminated completely.

BluePiano works as keyboard wedge: A keyboard wedge transforms incoming device data into virtual keystrokes. The captured data appears to target apps as typed by the user, thus BluePiano can be used with all existing apps.

Learn more about BluePiano or download the demo for free. You are welcome to contact us in case of questions or suggestions!

Barcode Add-In for Office 2007/2010 - Update available!

2011/06/22 | TBarCode Office V10.3.2

The service update V10.3.2 for TBarCode Office, Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 is now available for download!

Service pack 2 offers general enhancements and improved system stability. The setup procedures were reworked, silent setups as well as trouble-free terminal server usage are supported now. More details about new features and bug-fixes are listed in the version history.

The update of the barcode add-in is free of charge and recommended to all users: Download Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office.

Enjoy Fresh Video Tutorial of Barcode Studio

2011/03/14 |

The new video tutorial of our barcode maker software explains how to create a single barcode with caption. The video also shows how to import data from an external CSV file in order to create multiple barcode image files at once. The created barcodes can be exported as bitmap or vector format like BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, EPS (Encapsulated Postscript), PDF or WMF/EMF. Finally you learn how to print simple barcode labels with Barcode Studio.

Watch the NEW video tutorial right here:

Easy Barcode Label Printing with Barcode Studio 11

2011/02/09 | Barcode Studio V11

TEC-IT releases a fresh version of Barcode Studio. The popular barcode maker software is now featuring barcode label printing functionality for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

The new version provides very efficient barcode label printing capabilities. The user may choose from predefined label templates or define custom labels as required. Batch printing of a large number of barcode labels - also with external data - is done in no time at all.

On demand Barcode Studio V11 is also able to create barcodes with additional captions positioned above or below a barcode symbol.

Just download Barcode Studio V11! Test it for free and without limits for 10 days! Also check out our product videos on YouTube.com to learn more about Barcode Studio.