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News on barcode software (barcode generators and barcode SDK for Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, SAP, Navision), 2D barcodes, label printing software, report generators, compliance labeling solutions and data acquisition tools.

TBarCode for Windows x64 Available

2006/12/01 | TBarCode 64-Bit Version

The TBarCode Toolkit is now available as native 64-bit version for the x64 Editions of Microsoft® Windows®.

The use of ActiveX Controls in 64-bit applications is only possible if the ActiveX component is supplied as pure 64-bit application (the 32-bit compatibility mode can't be used with ActiveX technology). Fields of operation for "TBarCode x64" are barcode-enabled internet applications (IIS on x64 systems) or intranet solutions for Microsoft Word (barcode server).

The complete TBarCode Toolkit, that includes TBarCode OCX, TBarCode DLL and TBarCode .NET is available in a separate setup as x64 edition (follow the link above).

TBarCode V7.0.2

2006/11/22 | Service Release

TBarCode V7 comes now with improved samples and several (minor) bug fixes. For users of TBarCode OCX and TBarCode DLL a separate setup avoids the Dot NET requirement.

Use the link above to download the new version or click here to view the product history.

TBarCode/X V7.0.1 Released

2006/11/17 | TBarCode/X V7

The major improvements of the Linux/UNIX product:

  • Identical code base with TBarCode for Windows (unified version numbering).
  • Multiple barcode generation with automatic Structured Append for 2D symbologies
  • Added US Postal Code (USPS OneCode / 4-CB)
  • Simplified Chinese Support for QR-Code
  • Binaries for SCO OpenServer / Unixware
  • PCL output without HP-GL/2 for a wider range of usable printers
  • More samples and enhanced user manual

TBarCode V7 Release with .NET Support

2006/10/13 | Barcode Toolkit

The new version 7 of the well-known barcode toolkit TBarCode was released. The major improvements are

  • .NET support
  • Ready for Microsoft Office2007 and Windows Vista
  • Improved Chinese/Japanese character support
  • Added US Postal Code (OneCode)
  • Automatic multiple barcode generation (structured append for 2D symbologies)

The internal code-base of TBarCode was unified. TBarCode is now available with a completely identical feature-set for virtually all operating systems. Check out the details for more information.

TBarCode InForm - Barcode Solution for Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint

2006/09/22 | InfoPath, SharePoint and Forms Services

Barcode technology is used for connecting paper based documents with electronic information.

The new TEC-IT solution TBarCode InForm offers barcode printing and barcode decoding functionality for Microsoft Office InfoPath and Microsoft SharePoint. TBarCode InForm applies barcodes to SharePoint or InfoPath forms. When printing or faxing such documents TBarCode InForm is able to restore the complete form in its original electronic counterpart (e.g. XML).

TBarCode DLL Reviewed by CodeGuru

2006/09/15 | Codeguru Review

CodeGuru® - one of the best-known developer sites - shortly reviewed TBarCode DLL, our sophisticated bar code library for software developers.

The article was written by Victor Volkman and published under the title "TBarCode DLL -- Board the Barcode Bandwagon". It contains a short product overview about TEC-IT bar code solutions as well as a detailed C/C++ code sample demonstrating how you quickly generate a Code-128 bar code with the DLL and save it in JPG format to your hard drive. The review gives a short and interesting introduction in bar-coding as well.

Please check out the link above to read the full article...

New Version 6.1

2006/08/21 | TBarCode OCX 6.1

This version includes the new Barcode Add-In for Microsoft® Word, which can be installed with the setup. Aside from that, It also features new samples for the following applications:

  • PowerBuilder 10
  • ASP/Word Barcode Generator
  • Visual Basic Barcode Printing
  • Microsoft® Excel®
  • Microsoft® Access
  • Microsoft® Word
  • ActiveReports 2.0
  • Microsoft® FoxPro 6
  • Borland® Delphi® 2005
  • PHP 4
  • Borland® CPP Builder 6
  • Mail merge macro for Microsoft Word
  • Visual Basic® script.

New Partnership Between SEH and Samsung

2006/07/18 | Samsung Spooling Solution

The out-of-the-box spooling device ISD300 is from now on “official solution” of Samsung Europe. This gives TEC-IT’s bar code add-on, “TBarCode/Embedded”, an even wider market access. TBarCode/Embedded extends the ISD300 with full bar code capabilities for linear and 2D codes. In the future, selected Samsung branches and partner companies will be specially trained for ISD300 solutions – TBarCode/Embedded will hereby be part of the training too.

Microsoft Word Plug-In for TBarCode OCX

2006/07/13 | Office Word Plug-In

The new Microsoft® Word Plug-In for TBarCode OCX offers convenient generation of bar codes directly from the tool bar. Now all bar code parameters can be reached with only one mouse-click (as well as the built-in help function).

Time consuming navigation in Word sub menus is omitted completely. Hereby working with TBarCode OCX in Microsoft Word will be even easier.

Run the setup of TBarCode OCX, then install the new Plug-In. Next time you start Word you will see the new tool bar for bar code generation activated!

TBarCode/Direct Supports Eastern European Characters

2006/06/27 | Barcode Printing with Latin-2

TBarCode/Direct, the PostScript® based barcode solution for SAP R/3, supports now Eastern European character sets. This will be possible through a SAP provided device type for Latin-2, which can be integrated into TBarCode/Direct very easily.

The big advantage: all fonts available in POST2 can be used without curtailment. These fonts, extended with Latin-2, are supported by most HP printers. Interested? For details, please contact our support!

TFORMer V.4.5.1 - New Release is Available!

2006/06/06 | TFORMer Update

TFORMer – professional design and printing of documents, reports, labels and forms.

TFORMer Designer offers outstanding layout features and output support - combining the advantages of label printing tools and report generators into a unified output solution.

This maintenance release offers additional ready-to-use industry templates, a completely redesigned documentation, improved sample applications and bug-fixes. Check it out!

New Update (V6.0.0.56)

2006/04/13 | TBarCode OCX

A new update for TBarCode OCX is available.
The setup now contains

  • Enhanced sample applications for Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Visual Basic 6, Microsoft® VB .NET 2003.
  • A tutorial which shows how to embed TBarCode OCX into other applications.
  • A revised product manual with a complete property and ActiveX method reference.

Activity Planning and Issue Tracking (BMW Group)

2006/04/04 |

Beside bar code software TEC-IT provides custom solutions as shown by the following example:

Plantivity - a web-solution developed by TEC-IT optimizes team based activity planning and issue tracking. BMW Group improves communication in working groups by providing Plantivity as part of the B2B-Portal to employees and suppliers. Check out the success story!

Siemens E&A Uses TBarCode/Direct

2006/03/28 | Success Story

Siemens Energy and Automation (Georgia, Atlanta) uses TBarCode/Direct for device independent bar code generation in SAP® R/3®. Check out the success story!

New Release of Barcode DLL for SAP R/3

2006/03/01 | TBarCode/SAPwin

The brand new version 6.0 of TEC-IT's Barcode DLL for SAP is now named TBarCode/SAPwin and supports the recently introduced "SAPSprint", the successor of SAPlpd. SAPSprint can be used on Print Servers and processes the SAPWIN data format, which is used by SAP to provide Windows printer driver support.

Printing through SAPlpd will be still possible also with the new version. In addition TBarCode/SAPwin comes with a bunch of new bar code symbologies.

The new features summarized:

  • RSS - Reduced Space Symbology (all sub variants)
  • EAN UCC Composite Symbology (all sub variants)
  • MicroPDF417
  • Enhanced error messages for characters which can't be encoded
  • Demo text instead of horizontal line in unlicensed mode.
  • Shift parameter (barcode.ini) for vertical baseline adjustment
  • Print control parameter M for convenient module width adjustment
  • Tested SAPSprint and SAPWIN.dll support (access method G)
  • Bar code generator is based on new TBarCodeLib V6