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News on barcode software (barcode generators and barcode SDK for Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, SAP, Navision), 2D barcodes, label printing software, report generators, compliance labeling solutions and data acquisition tools.

Print Control WYSIWYG Designer

2001/12/04 | SAP R/3 Bar-coding

Version 1.01 of Barcode Studio is now able to compute the Print Controls required by SAP R/3 in the case of bar code printing with SAPlpd. Configuring the print controls is now a matter of seconds.

New Release TConnector V2.0

2001/12/03 | TConnector Update

TEC-IT introduces the improved version 2.0 of TConnector2 ActiveX. The new version offers

  • enhanced stability,
  • state of the interface control lines can be queried and set,
  • it can be used within the browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer) as embedded control and is fully scriptable,
  • and can now be used within server side ASP applications.

Barcode Studio

2001/10/02 | New Release

TEC-IT releases a complete new bar code tool - "Barcode Studio". This powerful WYSIWYG barcode editor enables everyone to generate high reliable and technical perfect bar codes (linear and 2D symbologies). One of the main features is the intuitive user interface and the precalculation of the output quality depending on the output resolution (printer-, screen-, image...). The generated bar code can be exported as image file (JPG, TIF, BMP...) and is available for DTP or other graphic applications - e.g. for label design & layout.

TBarCode distributed with German edition of SYSTEM Journal

2001/09/25 | SYSTEM Journal

We are proud that the editors of the well-known SYSTEM Journal decided to include the demos of TBarCode and TConnector on the CDROM distributed with issue 5/2001.

New Barcode DLL for SAP with Data Matrix

2001/07/02 | TBarCode for SAPlpd

Version 2.02 of TBarCode for SAPLPD now supports the powerful Data Matrix symbology. Now supported: enhanced debugging functions and extended print controls for PDF417 and MaxiCode.

New Documentation

2001/06/10 | SAP R/3 Bar-coding

For TBarCode for SAPLPD a new, revised documentation was released. Questions and problems (appeared so far) were regarded more in detail.

New Data Acquisition Component TConnector ActiveX Control

2001/06/08 | TConnector Release

TEC-IT introduces the new TConnector ActiveX. This powerful communication tool simplifies data transfer from various interfaces like serial port, parallel port, TCP/IP (and many more...) to an application.
TConnector includes all these interfaces in one control and offers access to them through one common API. TConnector is perfect suited for data acquisition - e. g from reading devices like bar code scanners (but is not limited to these applications).

TBarCode Client for Linux - Beta available

2001/02/16 | Barcode Client for Linux

The beta version of TBarCode for Linux (Client) is now available for download (free). For the present the i386-Binaries (RPM-Files) - tested on Suse 7.x - are released (other binaries on request). All bar code parameters can be set by command line arguments (symbology, data content, size, check digit, printing coordinates...). The bar code is saved in EPS format and can be included into documents and printed to any Postscript printer! The new tool supports all bar code types that are already available in TBarCode OCX (incl. 2D symbologies!).
Available on request: filter-add-on (for the printer queue) that makes it possible to insert control characters into a document which are replaced by a bar code on the print out.