TBarCode Version History V5-V9

This is the version history for the TBarCode barcode components (Barcode ActiveX, Barcode OCX, Barcode DLL, Barcode .NET). Please verify if you benefit from updating.

Note for existing customers: An update within the same major product version (e.g. from version 9.0 to version 9.1) is free, the license keys are still valid and the API (programming interface) is compatible!



  • Microsoft Security Update: Barcode objects in Word and Excel lose settings
    Problems concerning loading TBarCode OCX in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel were fixed. The problems occurred after following security updates:
    • Security Update for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB982134) + Word 2007 (KB982135)
      Security Update for Microsoft Office Word 2003 (KB2251399) + Word 2007 (KB2251419)
      FIXED: TBarCode OCX loses barcode settings when opening or saving documents in Word 97-2003 format. Note: The problem does not appear with Word 2007 format (*.DOCX).
    • Security Update for Microsoft Office Excel 2003 (KB982133) + Excel 2007 (KB982308)
      FIXED: After opening or saving Excel files in Excel 97-2003 format, TBarCode OCX can no longer be edited or programmed. Note: The problem does not appear with Excel 2007 format (*.XLSX).


  • Fixed a bug concerning the check digit calculation in Telepen / Telepen Alpha.


  • Fixed an endless loop that could occur when encoding FNC1 in Code128/EAN128/GS1-128.


  • EAN13: Depending on input data the EAN13 symbol was generated incompletely.


  • EAN/UPC Codes: Improved the printing quality of the digits 1, 2, 7, and 8 (enlarge or reduce bar width about 1/13 of module width).
  • Code 128: Improved mode switching in context with the FNC1 character.
  • Missing error message: Error text for error code Wrong Check Digit was added.
  • Office Add-In: Fixed a crash in Replace Pattern feature.


  • Fixed a multi threading problem in conjunction with PostScript (EPS) generation.
  • TBarCode .NET: The minimum size for the ASP.NET Web Control was reduced.
  • Distribution: The redistribution information in the developer documentations was updated.


  • Improved error message for incorrect user provided check digits.
  • Improved description of the Data Matrix enumeration values (TBarCode Library Reference).
  • GS1 DataMatrix: Fixed FNC1 encoding bug (see V9.2.2).
  • BCGetBarcodeHeight(...) returned incorrect value with rotation of 270°.
  • TBarCode .NET: ByteData property (encoding of binary data) produced an error.
  • TBarCode .NET: Licensing problems caused by incorrect product enumeration IDs (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Runtime Libraries


  • Library: Memory leak in BCDeInitLibrary().
  • Library: Improve Iconv code page aliases for AIX 5.x.
  • Data Matrix encoding: Wrong latches in conjunction with FNC1.


  • Iconv Problem fixed: Unwanted characters with Unicode to MultiByte (UTF-8) Conversion.
  • BCSet_Maxi_SCM() crashed if used with alphanumeric values.
  • More information regarding changes of the TBarCode library can be found in the TBarCode DLL History (V9.2).


  • File Names: Images can now be exported to paths or file names that contain special characters (characters that are not part of the ANSI code page). Added UTF-8/UTF-16 support to path strings.
  • Quiet Zones: The left quiet zone of several 2D bar codes is now drawn correctly when the unit Modules is selected.
  • Data Matrix: Internal code optimization (pairs of digits in ASCII mode) was improved.


  • Default Bar Code Type: The default bar code type can be set via INI-file.
  • TBarCode OCX: Size in GetOptimalBitmapSize is now calculated based on the most current settings.
  • TBarCode OCX: Bar codes are drawn correctly in applications with HIMETRIC resolution (origin problem).
  • TBarCode .NET: The font setting is now applied correctly to images that are exported by the Draw method.
  • Escape Sequences in Format String: Escape Sequences are now also handled in the Format property.
  • TBarCode OCX: Continuous redrawing of the error message (draw event loop) is fixed.


  • Check Digit Validation: Wrong check digits in the (user provided) bar code data will result in an error.
  • BCSaveImage/Ex: UNICODE characters in the file name/path are now supported.
  • BCSaveImage/Ex: Images are now generated with the correct resolution.
  • TBarCode OCX: Internal overflow when generating images with a width/height of more than 9000 pixels.
  • TBarCode .NET (Windows 32-Bit): Problems loading dependencies (TBarCode9.DLL) on Windows x64. Fix: Assembly file now marked x86 + 32-Bit.


  • HIBC Barcodes: Fix in data validation routine for HIBC LIC format.
  • ITF-14 plain text formatting (unwanted brackets were inserted).
  • License data is trimmed from white spaces.


  • TBarCode .NET: Licensing Bug in Windows x64 version.
  • TBarCode .NET: Wrong Font Size in .NET Windows Forms.
  • TBarCode Library (Core): Rotated barcodes (180°) fixed.
  • Name of Data Matrix Code Format "EAN/UCC" was renamed "GS1".


  • TBarCode OCX: Spanish Version
New Barcode Types
  • Micro QR Code
    2D symbology with binary encoding support.
  • HIBC Bar Codes (Health Industry Bar Codes)
    These barcodes are provided for encoding Label Identification Codes (LIC) and Provider Applications Standards (PAS) as used in the health industry:
    • HIBC LIC/PAS 128
    • HIBC LIC/PAS 39
    • HIBC LIC/PAS DataMatrix
    • HIBC LIC/PAS QR Code
    • HIBC LIC/PAS MicroPDF417
    • HIBC LIC/PAS Codablock-F
  • Full implementation of Aztec Code
    All encoding types are supported now.
  • Improved Quiet Zone Adjustment
    The quiet zone works for all barcodes now. It can be specified in modules, mm, mils and pixels. All four sides may be adjusted separately.
  • Improved "Bar Width Reduction" Adjustment
    The bar width reduction uses decimals and lets the user choose between several units (percent, mm, mils and pixel).
  • Bitmap Size for Image Export
    New function for calculating the optimal bitmap sizes for image export.
  • Compressed Data Size
    New function for retrieving the length of compressed barcode data.
  • PDF Output
    Barcodes can be saved in PDF format now (no human readable text).
  • Data Matrix
    Added the possibility to enforce 8 bit (byte) encoding mode. Additional mode Reader Programming implemented.
  • RSS and GS1 DataBar
    Changed the naming of 'RSS' barcodes to 'GS1 DataBar'.
  • OCX Property Dialog
    The property 'Notch Height' was replaced in this dialog with the property 'Bar Width Reduction'.
Bug Fixes
  • Bitmap Export
    The resolution information (for barcodes with more than 300 dpi) is stored correctly in barcode images (e.g. JPEG, PNG) now.
  • Bitmap Export in Compatible Draw Mode
    Fixed a problem with the bar width when creating EMF images in 'Compatible' draw mode.
  • Pharmacode
    Fixed a problem related to the encoding of color sequences.
  • KIX Barcode
    Right aligned text is now properly aligned.
  • Composite Component
    Fixed an issue with the adjustment of composite components in the standard property list (Microsoft® Word, Excel®, …).


  • Delphi-Include File: Added/corrected definitions for some ANSI/UNICODE functions
  • Word Add-In: Eliminated redraw-problem on all Word versions
  • Word Add-In: Fixed a possible crash with Word 2003 or older Word versions
  • Setup: Opens Microsoft Office bar code examples automatically


  • Crash when using function BCSaveImageToBuffer with multiple barcodes
  • BarWidthReduction affects 2D codes also vertically
  • Calculation of license key in Windows x64 version
  • Show full version info in setup dialogs


  • Korean Postal Code produced a wrong bar for character "8"


  • GDI World Transform in combination with NormalizeDC aberrated the drawing coordinates (aberration = offset in Pixels * 0.01 mm)
  • TBarCode.NET returned "not implemented" in dependence of the barcode size (occurred mainly with the Web Forms Control).


New Features
  • Windows x64 version released (in addition to 32-Bit Windows)
  • Office Add-In: Crash, when adding "*" to serial letter search criteria
  • DLL Developer Reference: Improved Error Code Description
  • DLL and OCX Developer Manual: fixed Download Link to VS2005 SP1 Redistributable


New Features
  • New Barcode Types: Aztec Code, DPD Code, Italian Postal Code 2of5, DAFT Code
  • Callback Drawing Functions for MaxiCode
  • Possibility to force Binary Encoding Mode with PDF417
  • Character Set/ Code Pages: The default encoding scheme or code page now depends on the barcode type. Data provided as Unicode is converted to the appropriate Multi-Byte Character set. The user has the possibility to specify custom encoding schemes.
TBarCode OCX Improvements
  • Property Drawing Mode with option Compatible (for printer driver and graphics card driver problems)
  • MS-IE Security Improvement: Site Locking possibility through registry keys, ActiveX is now Safe for Scripting.
  • Microsoft Word Add-In: Bar code insertion and serial letter support was improved.
Bug Fixes
  • PDF417: Corrected an encoding error when a space follows a punctuation character at the end of the data stream.
  • Data Matrix : Bug in EDIFACT mode corrected (Umlauts in specific character sequences generated an error code)
  • TBarCode .NET: accessing string properties had a risk for an access violation (crash in marshaling code). Not happened so far but this problem was solved.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime Libraries


New Barcodes and Check-Digits
  • Telepen
  • KIX (Dutch Postal Barcode)
  • Add new GS1 code names (e.g. GS1-128 was formerly named EAN-128)
  • Codabar Mod-16 Check Digit
Improvements for Windows Vista
  • License data is now written to HKEY_CURRENT_USER by default. But license data is read from INI-file, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, and HKEY_CURRENT_USER (in this order). If you need a license which is valid for a complete system (regardless of the user), then use INI-file licensing or move the license key from HKCU to HKLM.
Security Enhancements
  • A fix was implemented in response to a reported security leak (a malicious web-site in conjunction with Internet Explorer and an installed TBarCode ActiveX Control). Up to now no real threat is known, but it is recommended to update all TBarCode installations as soon as possible. As a part of the fix the ActiveX methods SaveImage() and SaveImageEx() now append the filename extension to the filename in each case.
Bug Fixes
  • TBarCode OCX: Help File Button in ActiveX Property Pages
  • TBarCode OCX: “Suppress Error Messages” property is now saved correctly
  • TBarCode .NET: a memory leak was fixed
  • Documentation error for Licensing (wrong Product codes)
  • PDF417: TBarCode hangs when using a wrong character in the File-ID (happened only when using structured append)
  • PDF417: binary sequences are encoded in a wrong way (If the input data was encoded in Punctuation mode and TBarCode have had to shift to Byte mode, it incorrectly returned to Punctuation instead of Alpha mode).
  • PDF417/MicroPDF: Compaction now always uses binary mode for barcode creation. This avoids error messages “Barcode does not fit….”
  • Data Matrix: catastrophic failure with \F (FNC1)
  • Code128: FNC1 was not encoded in the actual sub set (only happened with user specified subsets)
  • Escape sequences are handled now before a possible data compression and before a check-digit is computed (previous versions incorrectly computed check-digits in this situation)
  • SaveImage()/SaveImageEx() now returns correct error codes
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtime Libraries


  • Setup: changed license terms, created additional setup which doesn't require .NET
  • TBarCode .NET Samples: added printing and CalculateBarcodeWidth example
  • Added custom drawing examples
  • TBarCode Word Add-In: template is now stored in user-application-data folder.
Bug Fixes
  • TBarCode .NET with Callback Functions: Crash because garbage collector removed delegates; P/Invoke tried to free MetaData string.


  • TBarCode .NET: Samples for Callback-functionality
  • Function BCGetLibraryVersion()
  • PDF output now supports gray scale and CMYK color spaces.
Bug Fixes
  • TBarCode .NET: Custom Drawing Event during Redraw of visible Control.
  • Can't close About Dialog with Esc
  • TBarCode Office Add-In crashes when run with restricted user-account.
  • Error 1706 during setup on some machines.
  • Missing validation of input parameters in some TBarCode functions (e.g. null pointer = access violation).
  • BCGetBarcodeSize returns wrong size when sizemode=minimal


  • Dot NET bar code library and controls: Win Forms Control, Web ASP 2.0 Control
  • Multiple bar codes with Auto-Structured-Append
  • Quiet zone can now be set in ActiveX property pages
  • Data compression (ZLIB)
  • Different size modes
  • Windows CE version of TBarCode DLL available
  • New bar code: USPS-4CB (OneCode)
  • New bar code: Plessey Code Bi-directional version
  • Chinese compaction added for QR Code
  • Bearer bars for ITF-14 / 2of5 Interleaved
  • Term 'guard bar' replaced by 'bearer bar'
  • Precision of drawing routines improved
  • New Check Digit Modulo-36 (for DPD)
  • Callback functions redesigned
  • Precision of PCL (HP-GL/2) output is now 1/1000 mm
  • New setup (MSI) and improved product manuals
  • All distributed files are signed
Bug Fixes
  • Do not draw beyond 16-bit limit in metafiles
  • Module width was doubled in Microsoft Access
  • Wrong barcode in Vision 2003 (design mode)
  • Relative size of text changes with different zoom factors in Microsoft Word
  • Codablock-F crashes with too much data
  • Text in About-box is clipped
  • Access Violation in BCCopyToClipboard()
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Libraries


New Feature:
  • Microsoft Word Add-In for Barcode Generation is installed with the setup
New Samples:
  • PowerBuilder 10
  • ASP/Word Barcode Generator
  • Visual Basic Barcode Printing
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Word
  • ActiveReports 2.0
  • Microsoft FoxPro
  • Borland Delphi 2005
  • PHP 4
  • Borland CPP Builder 6
  • Mail merge macro for Microsoft Word
  • Visual Basic Script.
Bug Fixes for Data Matrix:
  • '{' was inserted before the last character.
  • Error E_UNEXPECTED in ComputeEdifact.
  • When automatically selecting the Data Matrix version, the biggest Data Matrix version was ignored.


  • Enhanced sample applications (Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Visual Basic® 6, Microsoft® VB .NET®).
  • New Tutorial for First Steps with TBarCode OCX.
  • New Product Manual with a complete property and ActiveX method reference (included in the Setup).
Bug Fix:
  • Thread-safe license-handling was implemented (multi-threading applications had sometimes "demo" text in the bar code).


  • Demo Text instead of crossbar in unlicensed Mode
  • New types of bar code: MicroPDF417, EAN UCC Composite Symbology (all kinds!), Telepen Alpha
  • New Functions: BCGet_InvalidDataPos in combination with BCCheck specifies which character in Inputstring can't be coded BCGet2D_XRows/ BCGet2D_XCols delivers back the size of bar code in the unit module width X (very helpful in generating bitmaps to prevent raster errors!); BCGetTextAreaHeight provide the size of text area (DC dependent), calculation also in pixel (very helpful for generating bitmap); BCGetBarcodeSize provide the size of the bar code with only one function call (better performance)
  • New function for EAN/UCC Composite Symbology: BCGet_CompSym_IsCCPresent informs if a CC exist; BCGet_CompSym_ErrorInCC informs if an error code in the linear symbol or in CC exist; BCSet_2DCompositeComponent determines the type of CC (CC-A, B, C or Autoselect).
Bug Fixes:
  • PDF417: The calculation of height is wrong - no possibility to deactivate the MacroPDF Mode after it has been activated once (Terminate now with BCSet_PDF417_FileID(pBC, NULL)
  • BCCheck() - The number of digits in NVE-18 / SSCC-18 was wrong, changed to 18.
  • Renaming "Postnet8"-->"PostNet9"
  • Bug Fix for Maxicode SCM-3 (Format S): The program crashes if there was a small letter in the ZIP Code.
New Properties:
  • "TrimSpaces", "BarSimDefaults" + Enumeration for Error-Codes


  • Barcode Symbology MicroPDF
  • Additional code pages in the InterpretInputAs property (ASCII Extended / 437, ANSI Cyrillic, Russian KOI8-R)
Bug Fix:
  • List box problem with property pages in Microsoft® InfoPath®


New bar codes added:
  • RSS Family: RSS Limited, RSS Expanded, RSS14 Truncated, RSS14 Stacked, RSS14 Stacked Omni, RSS Expanded Stacked
  • Japanese Postal, Korean Postal Authority, Planet 12, Planet 14


  • Licensing was changed.


  • TBarCode OCX supports the coding of Asian character sets, especially of interest with 2D symbologies like QR-Code.
    This is now possible through integrated conversion functions from Unicode to MultiByte character sets. The Property InterpretInputAs controls the conversion, it supports different code-pages (Korean, Shift JIS Japanese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified).


  • Vector EPS Output is using optionally Microsoft Windows fonts or Postscript® standard fonts (substitute with device font).
Bug Fixes Codablock-F:
  • If you set CBF_RowHeight, BCGetHeight supplied a wrong value
  • BCCountModules returned a wrong number (per line 1 module was ignored)
  • BCGetWidth returned to small width (1 module was missing); Improvement: Separator line will be centered vertically.


  • Setup will be delivered with a new Postscript® DLL (TBarCodePS.dll), which is used to generate vector based graphics output in EPS format.
Bug Fixed:
  • OptResolution did not work with Microsoft Visual Basic Printform.


  • New symbologies Codablock F, RSS14, Flattermarken
  • New properties DisplayText, BarWidthReduction (adaptation to printing processes), TextAlignment, Quality
  • Enhanced Microsoft .NET compatibility
  • SaveImage supports now high resolution, vector based EPS format by a new PostScript® library (optional).