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New Videos: Explore the GS1 Barcode System

2023/12/18 | Demystifying GS1 Barcodes
GS1 Barcodes Demystified - Part 1

Struggling with GS1 Barcodes? Check out our two new videos breaking down the basics of the GS1 barcode system.


Practical Application

Our videos aim to give you a head start in applying GS1 barcodes in your supply chain or retail product labeling. We hope they prove helpful!

TEC-IT Products: GS1 Compliance Made Easy

All TEC-IT software products support the creation or printing of GS1-compliant codes. Gain initial experience with our free online barcode generator. Questions? Feel free to contact us. We're here to help simplify GS1 barcodes for you!

We are Hiring! Available Positions @TEC-IT

2023/12/01 | Dec 2023: Work @TEC-IT!
Jobs @TEC-IT: Android Development, Digital Marketing, Creator

The headline says it all - TEC-IT is looking forward to your application as

Expect an experienced and motivated team, a working hours model tailored to your needs, challenging development tasks, and exciting responsibilities.

Applications from Ukrainian citizens are warmly welcome.

Proficiency in German is required.

Get in Touch Today!

Please send your application to:

  • Günter Kriegl (office@tec-it.com)
  • The initial interview will be conducted in the form of an online meeting (Google Meet).
  • Directions

Thank you for your interest; we look forward to hearing from you!

Video: How-To Scan into Google Sheets / Real-Time Sync

2023/10/16 | Google Sheets Scanner-App
Multi-Purpose Scannerapp for Google Sheets

In just 90 seconds, you can master the use of our mobile scanner app, mobile scanner app Scan-IT to Office, in conjunction with Google Sheets.

Scan-IT to Office enables you to scan barcodes, QR codes, other 2D codes, NFC tags, and even text within images directly into your worksheets. The scanned data is seamlessly synchronized in real-time, making remotely collected data available for immediate processing. Plus, it offers multi-user support!

Give it a Try!

Our app is readily available for both Android and iOS on their respective official stores, and it doesn't require any additional software. If you have volume license requirements, we also offer a special bulk version of the app.

For more information, please visit our product web page at https://tec-it.com/sto.
In you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Query Databases with Scan-IT to Office

2023/07/03 | Scan-IT to Office V5.0
Mobile Data Collection and Field Data Collection with Scan-IT to Office

Scan-IT to Office - introducing database query support!

TEC-IT's mobile scanner and field data acquisition app now provides the technical foundation for forms with embedded real-time database queries: Use input forms to retrieve data from target applications like Microsoft SQL Server using custom query functions.

A short enhancement overview:

  • Forms with Database-Queries
    Added interactive forms to showcase the new form query feature: Product Lookup, Maintenance, and Table View (select * from table). Until we finish the user interface for form query customization, please contact support@tec-it.com to fulfill your specific requirements.
  • Zoom Support
    Use the slider in the camera scanner views (OCR, barcodes, QR codes) to focus on the information of interest.
  • Scans Inverted Codes
    The scanners now support decoding of inverted (aka negative, inverse or light on dark) codes by default. Adjustable in Setting.
  • Themes Facelift
  • Minor Fixes and Updates
    Enhancing the stability and performance of the Scan-IT to Office app.

Try the App Today
Scan-IT to Office is available on Google Play, App Store or - for bulk applications - directly from TEC-IT. A paid app subscription removes all limitations of the free demo. Accompanying receiving software like the Microsoft Office Add-In (Word/Excel), the Smart Database Connector, the Google Sheets Add-On, ... is free.

Get a First Impression

For further information, visit our product web page: https://tec-it.com/sto. In case of questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Inverted Barcodes? Scanner Keyboard Handles Them!

2023/06/20 | Scanner Keyboard V3.9 for Android
Scanner Keyboard V3.9.0 – Scanner Enhancements

The new release of Scanner Keyboard, TEC-IT's Android keyboard app, now supports the following features to enhance productivity and compatibility:

  • Inverse scanning
    This feature is adjustable in the settings of the keyboard app. By default, regular and negatively printed codes (aka light on black or inverted) are recognized and decoded.
  • Zoom capabilities
    Just use the slider in the scanner views (available when using the selective barcode scanner or the OCR scanner) to focus on the information of interest.
  • Minor improvements
    The language selection key (globe symbol) can be hidden, and the simulation method of the enter key was improved to be compatible with more target apps. Both options are adjustable in Settings.

Free Demo, App Download

The demo version of Scanner Keyboard is free. Install this keyboard app using one of these links:

Further Information

Visit the product web page for further information. In case of questions or feedback, please contact TEC-IT!

TFORMer 8.5 With Improved Zebra Printer Support

2023/04/14 | TFORMer V8.5
TFORMer Minor Update 8.5

TFORMer, TEC-IT's professional barcode label and reporting software, offers a scope of features to make label designing and printing most flexible and best meet user requirements. With this new update 8.5, we're introducing refined usability and improved Zebra® printer support.

What's New?

  • ZPL® Output
    The internal Zebra printer driver now reduces the job size by image cropping. Furthermore, we have added ZIP compression, which is now the default compression of the embedded image. Horizontal and vertical lines are no longer anti-aliased, and we also disabled anti-aliasing for image scaling. This improves quality and provides a more crisp printed image.
  • Default Printer
    Based on customer feedback we have added the possibility to define an individual application default printer. You can choose between the system default printer, the last used printer and a user defined printer. Additionally you can save the last used directories for file outputs, images, form files and ZUGFeRD files.
  • Label Design
    We added the ability to lock layers and components in the layout. Users cannot select or move them unless they are unlocked. Improved fine positioning of elements - the small-move value is now based on the tenth of the grid size (metric system).
  • Data Formatting
    New formatting functions for RFID programming: AnsiToHex(), DecToHex(), TextToHex().
  • Print-To-File
    For quick debugging and testing purposes, the print job can be redirected to a file via an SDK print option. This option is also available in the print dialog.
  • Print Kernel
    Several fixes in the new print kernel like better column break handling in dynamic-width detail bands, corrected handling of soft-line breaks (justified type) and correct positioning of report footers have been added.
  • For further improvements and fixes, please see TFORMer Version History

The update can be tested as free demo version: Download TFORMer 8.5. Please contact us in case of questions.

Note for existing customers: An update within the same major product version (e.g. from version 8.3 to version 8.5) is free, the license keys are still valid and the API (programming interface) is compatible!