How Can I Order?

You can order software via the following methods:

  • Online Order Form (for B2B customers)
  • Phone: [+43] (0)7252 / 72 720
  • Fax: [+43] (0)7252 / 72 720 77
  • Written order via postal or e-mail (PDF)
  • Or via our resellers

How Can I Pay?

Payments can be done by:

  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Amex)
    preferred payment method for easy and fast processing
  • Money transfer (bankwire)
    we deliver promptly, we reserve the right on pre-payment via pro-forma invoice
  • PayPal to
    available on request only
  • Cheque
    for US customers
You will receive an invoice (PDF document) via e-mail. Printed invoices re available on request.

Information Required for a Complete Order

Your order should contain the following information:

  • Accurate company name including legal form (= billing address), address, phone, email, contact person, payment method, signature (fax)
  • Name of the licensee (in most cases your company)
  • VAT-ID: For orders from within the European Union (EU) the value added tax identification number of the enterprise (when there are holdings with subsidiaries or branched enterprises please take care to indicate the correct VAT-ID). Without this ID a tax-free delivery is not possible (this is only relevant within the EU).
  • Desired product and license type

We respect your privacy and treat your data strictly confidential (see Data Privacy).

How Delivery Takes Place?

The license key is delivered via email. This license key is used to unlock the software, any demo limitations are removed. There is no need to download the software again. Standard orders (via online order form) are processed within a few minutes after ordering. All other orders are usually processed within four hours (on Austrian working days) after receipt of order.

The license key is based on the following key values and defines the scope and use of the ordered software:

  • The licensed product or app (e. g. TBarCode 1D)
  • The main version of the product (e.g. V11)
  • System-ID or device ID (only necessary for single or bulk licenses)
  • Name of the licensee
  • License type (e. g. Single, Site, Developer, Web/Server License...)
  • Number of licenses

If you prefer a paid delivery on data medium (USB stick or CD-ROM), then please indicate this when ordering.

Where Can I Find the System-ID?

In TBarCode (and TConnector)

TBarCode SDK License Dialog

  • Right-click on the inserted TBarCode Object and select License... from the appearing context menu.
    Note: To see the context menu in Microsoft® Excel® please activate the layout mode (design mode) first.
  • A window opens that shows the System-ID with the appropriated license infos.

In TBarCode Office

  • Start Word or Excel.
  • Open the TBarCode Panel in the Add-Ins ribbon and click on the License Link in the panel.
  • A window opens that shows the System-ID with the appropriated license infos.

In Barcode Studio, TFORMer and TWedge

  • Start the program.
  • Select Help or Options from the menu and click on the Licensing menu item.
  • A window opens that shows the System-ID with the appropriated license infos.
  • Another method for Barcode Studio on macOS®: On the command line enter system_profiler | grep 'Serial Number (system)'.

In TBarCode/X and TFORMer SDK

On UNIX and Linux systems, provide the host name of the target system for the System-ID. On Mac OS provide the serial number of the target system.

Cancellation / Withdrawal

We grant you the right to withdraw from online orders within 30 days after submission (limited to TEC-IT library/standard programs). Cancellation is free of charge and possible without giving reasons. For details see our general terms.

Please note: If you have already received the product license key, we need a signed cancellation agreement from you (including a confirmation that the product will not be used). This agreement is available from our support via email. In each case our license terms are maintained.

You can find the withdrawal form for online orders here.