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Merry Christmas!

2021/12/17 | Best Wishes from TEC-IT
Merry Christmas

Our team wishes you all the best for the upcoming holidays and the New Year!

2021 is drawing to a close, but we're not taking an extended break. During the holiday time (except for Dec. 24, Dec. 31, and Jan. 6), we can be reached from Monday to Friday:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards, TEC-IT

Log4j Vulnerability: TEC-IT Products are Safe

2021/12/14 | Log4j/Log4Shell
Log4j Vulnerability

We are glad to inform our users that none of our software products or online services are affected by the recently disclosed Log4j vulnerability.

You are safe to install and use all of our offerings, no limitations apply. Software updates or patches whatsoever are not required.

We hope this information is helpful and are at your disposal for any questions via mail to office@tec-it.com.

Best Regards, TEC-IT

TFORMer 8.2 With New ZPL Control and Multi-User Editing

2021/11/19 | TFORMer V8.2
TFORMer Minor Update 8.2

TFORMer, TEC-IT's professional barcode label and reporting solution, offers a scope of features to make label designing and printing most flexible and best meet user requirements. With this new update 8.2, we're introducing refined usability and extended output possibilities.

What's New?

  • ZPL® Control
    The new ZPL control allows embedding of Zebra® Printer commands (ZPL II®) directly into the layout.
  • Multi-User Editing
    Parallel access to the repository is now possible for label designers via repository and form locking (get lock/release lock/open read-only).
  • Barcode SDK
    The latest bar code kernel supports now GS1 DataMatrix and GS1 QR Code as separate bar code types.
  • New Data Formatting Functions
    New formatting functions for RFID programming: PadLeft(), PadRight(), BinToHex(), DecToBin(), HexToBin() and TextToBin().
  • Rotated Elements
    The input and display of position and size properties for rotated elements in the design view has been improved.
  • Fixes in the new Print Kernel
    Several fixes like endless page count with text printers or wrong font size for Unicode fallback (text elements with auto size) have been added.
  • For further improvements and fixes, please see TFORMer Version History

The update can be tested as free demo version: Download TFORMer V8.2. Please contact us in case of questions.

Note for existing customers: An update within the same major product version (e.g. from version 8.0 to version 8.2) is free, the license keys are still valid and the API (programming interface) is compatible!

Warning About Fraudulent Emails (“Totals/New IBAN”)

2021/10/27 | Fraudulent Email


We would like to inform you that fraudulent emails (see below for a sample) with a subject like “Totals/New IBAN” and the alleged sender “TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH“ are currently in circulation.

These emails are not sent by our company, the sender's email address “sales-manager@libero.it“ is not under TEC-IT's control.

Therefore, do not follow the instructions in these emails, do not reply to these emails, open any attachments or click any links in these emails.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the sending of such emails. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact office@tec-it.com.

Many thanks!

Sample of Fraudulent Email:

De: TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH <sales-manager@libero.it>
Enviado: martes, 26 de octubre de 2021 18:47
Asunto: Totals/New IBAN

Dear Sir/Ma,

Our records show that we haven’t received payment which is overdue. We would appreciate it if you could check this out on your end and get back to us with the total amount outstanding and due dates. Please send in a copy of your due invoice. Again, please reach out if you have any questions on this payment. Kindly HOLD OFF payment until we send you a payment instruction, We will be providing you our new subsidiary account for payment to avoid any issues(New IBAN).

Kind regards,

Smart Database Connector 1.4 with Enhanced Stability

2021/03/01 | Scan-IT to Office + Smart Database Connector 1.4
Data Collection into Databases

We're glad to announce an update release for Scan-IT to Office Smart Database Connector. This tool enables users to store remotely collected data in real time in databases. The new version contains some bug fixes and performance improvements and can support you providing even smoother data acquisition workflow.

What's New?

  • Fixed Service Restart Problem
    Implemented a fix for an intermittent service execution problem caused by a corrupted .NET Core temporary folder
  • Timestamps Conversion
    Date and Time stamps received from the App are now converted to the target system's time zone.
  • Password Protection of the Configuration Page
    Fixed password protection of the configuration page being lost on service restart
  • Decimal Symbol
    Fixed a potential problem when the decimal symbol might be skipped

Give It a Try!
The Scan-it IT to Office App is available as a fully functional Demo version and can be tested for free. The target tools and Add-Ins are free.

Scan-IT to Office App
Download the Scan-IT to Office App for Android and iOS in the official stores. For volume license requirements, the App is also available as a special bulk version.

Scan-IT to Office Smart Database Connector
Download the Smart Database Connector tool.

Scan-IT to Office Add-Ins
Additional add-ins for Microsoft Office (Word/Excel), Google Sheets and Google Chrome ensure seamless operation with documents, spreadsheets and browser-based apps.

For further information, visit our product web page: https://tec-it.com/sto. In case of questions, please contact us.

Barcode Studio 16.1 With Auto-Sized Fonts and SEPA Barcode Format

2021/02/03 | Barcode Studio V16.1

With the newly released Version 16.1 of TEC-IT’s Barcode Maker Software Barcode Studio it is now possible to add auto-scaled fonts (HRT) and encode SEPA bank transfers. Besides these new features, the release also includes some minor bug fixes. Here is a list of the main improvements:

  • Automatic Font Size
    The font size of the readable text can now automatically adapt to the barcode size. If Auto Size is enabled, the font size (including character spacing and text spacing) automatically increases and decreases with the module width.
  • Spot Color Support for PDF files
    Via command line, it is now possible to overwrite the barcode colors with spot colors. Currently only PDF files are supported.
  • Bar Width Reduction
    The new unit "micrometer" has been added to the bar width reduction. For 2- and 4-state barcodes, the bar width reduction has been corrected.
  • SEPA Barcode Format
    The Data Assistant now also supports the SEPA format (version 2), which is in use for QR codes for bank transfers.

More details can be found in the version history of Barcode Studio.

This download enables you to test Barcode Studio V16 for 10 days without any limitations: Download Barcode Studio - Free Demo Version!

Users with a license for V16 and owners of V15 with an active maintenance contract can upgrade to V16.1 for free. Customers with a license for V15 can upgrade with a special discount (just click Buy License in the Help menu). Please contact us in case of questions.