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News on barcode software (barcode generators and barcode SDK for Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, SAP, Navision), 2D barcodes, label printing software, report generators, compliance labeling solutions and data acquisition tools.

New Solution for Label and Form Printing

2002/10/22 | TFORMer Release

TEC-IT releases its new Label and Form printing software TFORMer. TFORMer comes with an integrated label/form designer and a bar code enabled print engine. All label and form layouts can be managed by centrally organized repositories. Its extensive bar code support makes TFORMer the perfect tool for every label, especially for industry compliant formats. Because of its flexible design elements and its "intelligent" forms TFORMer can be used for almost every application: reports, labels, serial letters, business forms and many more.
You can use (but you don't need) your existing data from your database. Data import can be done by the common used CSV/TXT format or by XML. TFORMer's open architecture makes it easy to integrate it into existing workflows. Data is merged into the layout during runtime of the print out (preview can be done with actual data). With TFORMer you can save hardware costs, because you can print bar codes to any printer without special printer hardware or cartridges.

New version 1.1-2 supports PCL format

2002/06/16 | Update TBarCode for Linux

Our software for bar code generation on Linux platforms - TBarCode for Linux - now supports PCL5 printer language (HP printer) in addition to EPS/Postscript. Therefore printing bar codes (all common types and 2D symbologies) on Linux becomes no problem anymore. Also a filter for the printer queue is available to insert bar codes into documents during print out.

New Release with QR-Code

2002/04/23 | SAP R/3 Bar-coding

The brand new version 4.0 of TBarCode for SAPLPD now supports 2D symbology QR-Code for large amounts of data. In addition PDF417 can now be coded with up to 1500 characters by using extended Printcontrols.

New Version 4.0

2002/02/11 | TEC-IT Barcode ActiveX

TEC-IT introduces the new version 4 of TBarCode OCX and DLL. In addition to the previous version it offers QR-Code support, enhancements for dealing with resolution issues ("OptResolution" property) and better Unicode support.

Update TConnector 2.1

2002/01/22 | MS IE Scripting

New version with changed and enhanced COM interface. Now better support for scripting languages like Vbscript and Javascript. Therefore perfectly suited for client-side data acquisition within Microsoft Internet Explorer. Often requested - now easily implemented: reading from the serial port and server-side data archiving, or writing in Javascript directly to the printer (PCL, Postscript, what you want).

Best vendor...

2002/01/11 | Support...

... Your company is one of the best web vendors that we have dealt with and your support via email to our contractor was provided on a very timely basis. You should be very proud -- it is rare these days to get good service from folks who should be giving service in "internet time".

Gary L. Secor, VP Information Technologies, IST Management Services