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Data Acquisition for Applications and Databases in Real-Time

2008/12/16 | TWedge V2.0

The new version of TEC-IT's professional data acquisition software offers full scripting support (JavaScript) and ODBC database access!

TWedge 2.0 provides powerful functions for data acquisition and b-directional device communication. In the brand-new version of this software wedge the following improvements are included:

  • Scripting Support - Customization via JavaScript based scripting language. Device data can be arbitrarily modified, transmitted, saved or stored in databases or applications.
  • Bidirectional Device Communication
  • ODBC Database Access
  • File Access (read/write)
  • Keystroke Simulation (Keyboard Wedge functionality)
  • Hot Key Support - A user-defined hot key may be used to initiate device communication or to perform other script-based tasks.
  • Timer Support - A user-defined timer script can be used to perform timer-based communication or data handling activities.
  • Protected Configuration (encrypted and password protected configuration)
  • Hassle-free Deployment (enterprise-wide roll outs made easy)
  • Device Data Simulation (for simple tests)

Interested? Download the free demo version of the Keyboard Wedge Software.

The Most Complete Barcode Software (SDK) in the Industry!

2008/11/04 | TBarCode V9

The barcode generator SDK TBarCode V9 supports more than 100 linear, 2D, GS1, RSS and HIBC barcodes.

A new version of the advanced barcode generator software TBarCode is now available to the public. In addition to the currently supported linear, 2D and GS1 barcode symbologies TBarCode V9 introduces the following bar codes:

  • Micro QR Code (a smaller version of the 2D barcode QR Code)
  • Aztec Barcode (full implementation!)
  • HIBC Barcodes (Health Industry Bar Codes)
    These barcodes are provided for encoding Label Identification Codes (LIC) and Provider Applications Standards (PAS):
    • HIBC LIC/PAS 128
    • HIBC LIC/PAS 39
    • HIBC LIC/PAS DataMatrix
    • HIBC LIC/PAS QR Code
    • HIBC LIC/PAS MicroPDF417
    • HIBC LIC/PAS Codablock-F

TBarCode V9 is a barcode generator software for all requirements. Microsoft Windows developers benefit from a Barcode DLL, a Barcode ActiveX and a .NET Barcode component (all of these components are included in TBarCode). For Linux®, Mac OS X® and UNIX® TBarCode is available as Barcode Generator SDK (shared library).

Additional features are:

  • Improved Quiet Zone Adjustment
    The quiet zone can be specified separately for all four sides of a barcode.
  • Improved Bar Width Reduction Adjustment (Pixel Shaving)
  • Bitmap Size for Image Export
    New function for calculating the optimal bitmap sizes for barcode image export.
  • PDF Output
    Barcodes may now be exported as PDF file.
  • Data Matrix
    Added the possibility to enforce binary encoding.
  • RSS and GS1 DataBar
    Changed the name of 'RSS' barcodes to 'GS1 DataBar'.

Barcode Studio V9 with Micro QR Code!

2008/10/09 | Barcode Studio V9

Barcode Studio V9 with Micro QR Code support released!

With the software Barcode Studio you create barcode graphics in best quality with ease. Download the demo version for Windows, Mac OS X® and Linux® for free.

Barcode Studio version 9 supports more than 80 barcodes and now as well:

  • HIBC barcodes
  • The brand-new 2D barcode Micro QR Code (a smaller version of QR Code)
  • A complete implementation of the Aztec barcode

Further updates are:

  • Code page selection (for encoding arbitrary character sets)
  • Freely adjustable resolutions (e.g. for digital printing with the HP Indigo series)
  • Improved command line support (for batch-generation of bar codes)
  • Adjustable quiet zones and output of quiet zone marks for EAN and UPC codes
  • PDF output (export of barcodes as PDF file)
  • Improved pixel shaving (reduces the bar width - e.g. when printing on ink jet printers)

New 2D Barcode: Micro QR-Code

2008/09/12 | TBarCode, Barcode Studio

TEC-IT adds Micro QR-Code (a 2D barcode symbology) to its barcode software products.

TEC-IT is proud to announce the availability of a new 2D barcode symbology named Micro QR-Code. Micro QR Code is similar to a small QR Code symbol and is ideal for bar-coding applications with very restricted space (e.g. for small parts or printed circuit boards). Micro QR Code is able to encode a maximum of 35 digits or 15 bytes.

The following products will be available with Micro QR Code support very soon:

  • Barcode Image Designer - Barcode Studio (available for Mac OS X and Windows).
  • Barcode Generator SDK - TBarCode.

Label Printing Software TFORMer: White Paper

2008/09/11 | Labeling, Reporting

A new White Paper focusing on the Labeling and Reporting Software TFORMer is available.

This white paper covers possibilities of the labeling and reporting software suite TFORMer:

  • Labeling and industrial printing directly by the end-user.
  • Client- or server-based output solutions for enterprise-wide applications.
  • Report generator SDK for software developers.
Download White Paper

Label Software TFORMer: Printer Bug-Fix

2008/07/17 | Labeling and Reporting TFORMer

Hot-Fix for the Labeling Software and Report Generator Software TFORMer

The current version of the label software and report generator software TFORMer fixes the following problems:

  • On Windows Vista and Microsoft® Windows XP SP3 printing on network-printers is now possible. This bug-fix affects both the report designer as well as the reporting SDK.
  • The PDF output generator was improved to generate correct justified text output in all situations (the problem happened on unlicensed TFORMer installations in conjunction with bar-codes).

Barcode Designer for Mac OS X/Windows NEW!

2008/06/11 | Barcode Studio V8

Barcode Studio 8.0 for Mac OS® and Windows released!

The barcode design software Barcode Studio is now available for all platforms. Users create single bar codes as well as bar-code series on all operating systems easily. The generated bar code images and vector graphics are ideal for pre-press or desktop publishing applications. More than 80 bar code symbologies (linear, 2D, GS1 DataBar, RSS and Composite symbologies) are supported.

The brand new release of Barcode Studio (V8.0.6) can be downloaded for Windows and Mac®. A release supporting Linux® too should be ready within a few weeks. Try it now for free!

NEW! TFORMer V5.1 with International Character Support (UNICODE)

2008/03/14 | TFORMer & UNICODE

TFORMer speaks your language!

The current release of TFORMer introduces UNICODE support. Use international typesets (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Kanji, Thai, Russian, ...) like any other font and print or export labels, forms and reports using arbitrary character sets on all supported platforms.

On demand TFORMer now generates ZPL-II compliant output for ZEBRA® printers. This feature is available on Microsoft Windows®, Linux® and UNIX®.

The current version of TFORMer Designer as well as TFORMer Runtime are 100% compatible with V5.0. You do not need to re-design your label and form layouts. The license keys for V5.0 are still valid for V5.1.

FREE! Create Your Barcode Labels Online

2008/02/14 | Create Barcode Labels Online

A new, free and unique service is available!

Generate arbitrary barcode labels, VDA labels or PDF documents online. Just click http://www.tec-it.com/online-labels.

In addition to a huge number of predefined label and form templates you can upload your own layouts. Use the visual layout editor TFORMer Designer, upload the layout definition file and create PDF barcode labels at your will! All that without any additional software - all you need is a browser and a PDF viewer like Acrobat Reader.

This service is free for non-commercial use only, please contact us if interested. Customer references for this online label solution are available here.

NEW! Web-Site

2008/02/10 | New Web-Site

We have worked hard to provide our customers a web-site with better usability. Since a few days our new web presentation is online. Please let us know if you are missing something - any feedback is welcome!

The CMS in use was developed by TEC-IT in ASP.NET.