TBarCode/SAPwin Version History

Version history for TBarCode/SAPwin and TBarCode for SAPlpd (Barcode DLL for SAP® ERP systems).



  • New Setup
    The new setup contains the x32 and x64 version and installs them into the SAPSprint or SAP GUI directory automatically. For WWI installations, the target directory can be specified. This feature is also available in the silent setup, whereas the target directory can be overwritten on demand. MSI setups are available on request. Note that SAPlpd is no longer supported in V11.
    The new setup downloads and installs the required 'Visual C++ Redistributable Runtimes' automatically if not present on the target system.
  • New Barcode Engine
    The new bar code engine creates QR Code according to ISO/IEC 18004:2015, PDF417 with Latin-1 support, Data Matrix according to ISO/IEC 21471 (DMRE), GS1 symbologies with the latest application identifiers, Code-128 with ISO 8859-1 support and much more.
    The barcode core is prepared for Swiss QR Code, DotCode Revision 4.0, Han Xin Code, GS1 Data Matrix, GS1 QR Code, PPN Code, NTIN Code, USPS Intelligent Mail Package and other new codes that will be made accessible in upcoming versions (new print control parameters).
  • Default Settings
    In V11, 'DefaultSet=1' is already turned on in the barcode.ini file. This setting initializes common bar code parameters (with, height, module width, font size) to industry compliant standard values. This makes bar code configuration a lot easier.
    In addition, a new autocorrect function for Code 39 takes place: Lower-case letters in the input data are converted to upper-case letters so that they can be coded without switching to Code 39 ASCII version.
  • TBarCode Library
    The bar code generator is based upon TBarCode Library V11.16.0.



  • Aztec Code
    - Fixed problems with code switching that might lead to an unoptimized symbol or to error message "input string too long".
    - Fixed an encoding problem with specific data.
    - Fixed a problem concerning the format specifier in Industry Format.
  • TBarCode Library
    The bar code generator is based upon TBarCode Library V10.2.12.



  • Optimize Quality for 8 Dots/mm Thermal Printers
    Improved handling of thermal transfer printers with 8 Dots/mm printing resolution. To enable the new optimization you can use the barcode.ini Parameter "OptimizeFor8DotsPerMM" or the new print control O=2. The difference to the previous optimization (O=1) is the enhanced accuracy for 8 Dots/mm (=203.2 dpi). If you need the new method depends on the Windows printer driver.
  • 32 Bit Setup
    Removed warning dialog if SAPlpd is not present on the target system. Instead the Barcode DLL for SAPlpd will not be installed.



  • Check Digits
    New Print control parameter CD for selection of a specific check digit (out of 29 variants).



  • FNC1 in GS1 DataMatrix
    Print control %=<char> (replacement character for FNC1) does not work with GS1 DataMatrix.



  • QR-Code 2005
    Printcontrol C=QR2 ignores all other QR relevant settings (e.g. QRV=15).
  • Logging (BCText)
    Logging the value of BCText (barcode.ini) corrupts memory if it exceeds 71 characters.


Enhancements & Fixes

  • Quiet Zone
    New print control parameter for adjusting the quiet zone (left, right, top, bottom, unit = Modules).
  • Error Message
    Fixed wrong error message (no bar code data) in case of invalid print control (e.g. syntax error).
  • License Terms
    Updated license terms (2014-05-21).

Known Bug

  • QR-Code 2005 Ignores QR-Settings
    You cannot adjust further QR Code relevant settings in the Print control if you have set C=QR2. Workaround: Use C=QRC,CP=4 instead of C=QR2 (this generates also a QR-Code 2005).


New Features

  • Unicode Support
    Support for encoding Unicode characters into 2D bar codes (needs SAPSprint 730 Patch 16; SAPGUI 730 Patch 10 or higher). The SAPWIN data stream must be in Unicode format (SWINCF, SWINCFC device type).


New Features

  • 64 Bit Setup
    The 64 bit version is available as 'TBarCode/SAPwin x64' MSI setup. The setup supports also silent mode.
  • TBarCode Library
    The bar code generator is based upon TBarCode Library V10.2.9 (for details about enhancements/fixes see history of TBarCode SDK).



  • Rotation
    Wrong bar code size if orientation was set (Print control R=90 or R=270).


New Features & Enhancements

  • New Barcode Types
    Code 32 (Italian Pharmacode), Brazilian CEPNet, ISBN 13, ISBN 13 with 5 digit supplement, ISMN, ISSN, ISSN with 2 digit supplement, Italian Postal 3 of 9, Pharmazentralnummer (PZN7), Pharmazentralnummer (PZN8), QR-Code 2005 (Latin-1 character set), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN, FIN), DP Postmatrix (added DM format 'Deutsche Post Postmatrix').
  • Global Offset
    Added new parameters in barcode.ini: XOffset= x offset in mm; YOffset= y offset in mm.
  • Barcode Quality
    Added new print control O=1 for aligning the module width to the pixel raster of the actual output device. The print control overrides the default setting DefOptResolution in barcode.ini.
  • TBarCode Library
    Updated bar code generator to TBarCode Library V10.2.8 (for details about enhancements/fixes see history of TBarCode SDK).
  • Logging
    Improved granularity of logging (new log levels errors, info, debug). New settings for file and console logging in barcode.ini.
  • Binary Data
    Added support for bar code data in hexadecimal format (e.g. for Deutsche Post Premiumadress). Use print control 'DH=<hex codes>' or 'EM=4,D=<hex codes>'.
  • Width/Height Fine Tuning
    Added support for decimal values in B and H print controls. Example: H=3.6 sets bar code height to 3.6 mm (relevant for Postal codes).
  • Setup
    The setup contains now the Barcode DLL for SAPSprint/SAPGUI and the Barcode DLL for SAPlpd as separate features. This allows installing them in parallel (each one into different folder!). Note: The version for SAPlpd is part of the 32 bit setup and can be installed into the folder of SAPlpd only.
  • 64 Bit Version
    The Barcode DLL is now available as 64-bit version (TBarCode/SAPwin x64).


  • Barcode Origin
    The bar code origin was changed to bottom left (Direction=1 in barcode.ini). In previous versions the bar code origin was top left by default (Direction=-1 in barcode.ini). This had to be changed due to SAP interface specification where the xpos/ypos parameter define the bottom left corner of the bar code if print control H > 0. The behavior of the previous versions can be easily restored by setting Direction=-1 in barcode.ini.
  • Code Page
    A custom code page set by print control parameter CPC was ignored. Now a custom code page is always used if CPC has been specified (CP=0 is not required).


New Features & Enhancements

  • New Barcode Types
    Added USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode (alias 4-State Customer Barcode), Korean Postal Authority, Japanese Postal, USPS Planet Code®, NVE-18 (Nummer der Versandeinheit), PZN (Pharmazentralnummer), Plessey, Plessey Bidirectional
  • Documentation
    Extended the manual (bar codes in SAPscript, Styles, FAQs), split up print control table into sub groups, minor fixes.
  • Default Parameters
    Added optimal default settings for Royal Mail 4 State Customer Code to DefaultSet 1.
  • Console Logging
    Added possibilities for logging to stdout/stderr.
  • TBarCode Library
    Changed internal bar code generator to TBarCode Library V9.3.7 (for details about enhancements/fixes see history of TBarCode SDK).


  • Crash if Barcode.ini not present
    Fixed an access violation if the barcode.ini file is not present or not found on the system.
  • Access Violation with Empty Variable
    Fixed a crash that occurred with an empty VA print control (no data) in combination with N=R (normalize right).



  • Application Data/ProgramData directory can now be opened from the start menu (e.g. to edit barcode.ini file).
  • Undocumented Print Controls V (variables) and N (white space stripping) were added to the documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Module width (M parameter) could not be set if width (B parameter) was missing.
  • Use now different installation directories for TBarCode SAPwin V6 and V9 (allow parallel installation).
  • Barcode.ini Parameter Debug text was truncated.



  • Support of Unicode SAP Systems
    Unicode® print controls (e.g. generated in SAP ECC 6.0 spool files) are supported now.
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7
    Windows Vista/Windows 7 support has been improved (INI file and log file are located in the ProgramData directory by default).
  • New Bar Code Types
    • HIBC codes
    • 2D Codes: Aztec Code, Micro QR Code
    • Postal Codes: DPD, KIX Code, Italian Postal 2 of 5, DAFT Code
    • 1D Codes: Telepen, Telepen Alpha, ITF-14
  • Character Encoding
    Users can now choose with which character set the barcode data is encoded. Per barcode type there are predefined character sets. Moreover, there are options for customized code pages (or no conversion at all).
  • Enforce Binary Encoding Mode
    Now Data Matrix, PDF417 and Micro PDF can encode data exclusively in Binary Mode.
  • QR-Code
    Print control parameter for multi byte mode compression (Kanji/Chinese) has been added.
  • Composite Separator
    It is now possible to specify a custom composite separator character.
  • Check Digits
    Check digit validation: Wrong check digits in the bar code data result in an error.


  • INI-File Location: If the Barcode.dll is stored in a different location as the executable (e.g. SAPSprint), the Barcode.ini file was not found.
  • Data Matrix Encoding: Wrong latches in conjunction with FNC1.
  • More bar code related fixes - see TBarCode DLL V9.2.2 History.


  • MSI based setup.
  • Setup contains now 2 Barcode DLL versions (one for SAPlpd and one for SAPSprint).
Bug Fixes
  • Some customers (rarely) had problems with the start up of SAPlpd (“Error in MFC application...“). A separate version of the Barcode DLL for SAPlpd (with different call stack format) fixes the problem.
  • When reading the license data, the barcode.ini file was read only in the actual application path but not in the (alternative) Windows directory. This was fixed now.


  • New Barcode Engine (TBarCode Library V7) with higher drawing precision and advanced possibilities to solve printer driver problems.
Bug Fixes
  • A licensing problem (demo-barcode) with parallel processing by SAPSprint was fixed. May occur more often in Windows Terminal Server environments.
  • Depending on the used version, SAPSprint expects different return codes after bar code generation (implementation inconsistency). The actual service release 2 now implemented exactly the return codes expected by the latest revisions of SAPSprint and SAPlpd. Otherwise log error messages would occur with these versions.


Bug Fix
  • Default height was used, if "barcode.ini" parameter "direction=-1" was set.


  • RSS - Reduced Space Symbology (all sub variants)
  • EAN UCC Composite Symbology (all sub variants)
  • MicroPDF417
  • Enhanced error messages with indication of non-codable characters
  • Demo text instead of horizontal line in unlicensed mode
  • Shift parameter (barcode.ini) for vertical baseline adjustment
  • Print control parameter M for convenient module width adjustment
  • Tested SAPSprint and SAPWIN.dll support (access method G)
  • Bar code generator is based on new TBarCodeLib V6


  • The Log File shows the barcode.ini settings now.


Bug Fix:
  • A problem with selection of the default check digit (P="1") was eliminated (showed an affect in "CodaBar 2 Width").


  • Default-Setting "OptResolution" in the barcode.ini file is possible now.


  • Printcontrols FN, FS, FW for individually bar code fonts.
  • Default setting of the font in the barcode.ini is possible.


The following features were added:
  • Symbologies Codablock F, Pharmacode 1+2 Spur, RSS-14, Flattermarken
  • Setup of font characteristics for EAN/UPC bar codes through barcode.ini file parameters.
  • New Print controls: W=Bar Width Reduction; T=Text Alignment
Bug Fixes:
  • 2D Symbologies: the symbol height was influenced by the text flag (Print control A="1")
  • BarSIMM-compatibility for PDF417 Default X/Y Ratio was improved


  • Adjusting of Default Guard Bar Width (barcode.ini), can help with problems with printer drivers (which don't print without horizontal line).


Bug Fixing:
  • If the barcode.ini file is not in the application path (but in Microsoft Win-NT directory), or is not found, the default module width was zero (instead of 0.5mm).


  • Print control A=2 for printing the text above the bar codes.
Bug Fixing:
  • Wrong check digit in Code 39
  • Exception when using FNC1 (print control %=)


Bug Fixing:
  • The print control P for enabling the check digit was ignored (no check digits!).


Bug Fixing:
  • When passing variables (printcontrol parameter V) a comma was not allowed in the data string, so it came to a "Variable Print Control Error". Now you can use "," in the data string.


  • Emulation of BarSIMM default settings (module width, height...). If emulation is turned on, a higher compatibility to DIMM/SIMM printer extensions is reached.
  • New print controls for German + Australian postal codes.
Bug Fixed:
  • License data was written to the registry and sometimes the license data couldn't be read correctly (security-problem).
  • Data Matrix: in codes containing an odd number of digits a fortuitous character was inserted at the end.
  • Float. Point Exception if B= Parameter are not in the print control.


  • Print Control ... E="1" for encoding of escape sequences


  • Special UPS-Mode, used for MaxiCode.


TEC-IT introduces version 4.0 of TBarCode for SAPLPD!

  • Supports 2D symbology QR-Code for large amounts of data.
  • In addition PDF417 can now be coded with up to 1500 characters by using extended Printcontrols.


  • New Setup, based on TBC4 (ProdID="8"+9).
  • QR-Code Print Controls.
  • 2D support for up to 2500 characters (PDF417).


The following features were added:

  • New supported bar code: Data Matrix
  • The module width of bars and spaces is now adjustable in absolute units [mms/1000]. In previous versions the width was only adjustable in [pixels] - therefore the bar code width depended on the printer resolution. Also a default value for the module width can now be set in the barcode.ini file (setting: DefModWidth).
  • Enhanced debugging features (e. g. sending a print control - barcode.ini setting BCText). Errors in the bar code (wrong print control, wrong bar code data) can be made visible on the printed document (barcode.ini setting: OnError).
  • Better verification of syntax errors in print controls
  • Symbol specific parameters for PDF417, MaxiCode and Data Matrix are supported now (e.g. EC-Level, Structured Append,...).


Corrections to V2.0:

  • Bug Fix: a printing problem occurred always if the bar code data contained a comma (e.g. "123,45A"). This problem was corrected (cause: in this special case the data characters were interpreted as if they were part of the Print control)


Enhancements since V1.03:

  • From V2.0 the 2D-Symbologies PDF417 and Maxicode are supported (with standard behavior).


Fixed: The error text is now displayed with a correct description



Start of the version history.