TConnector: DAQ 软件数据表

TConnector 有着广泛收集实施接口(COM , LPT, TCP,I / O 文件... ) ,这些都是可以通过一个统一的API来执行。最简单的处理 TCP / IP 的支持使 Intranet 应用将大大简化。


  • ActiveX® Control (Microsoft® ActiveX compliant, ATL based)
  • Win32 API
  • 操作系统: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / ME / NT 3.51 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / Windows 7
  • 不支持:Microsoft Windows 95


连续性端口/ RS232连续性端口 (如:COM 1-4):读写数据
并行端口 / 并口并行端口 (如:LPT 1-2):写数据
蓝牙蓝牙地址 (如:1B:F3:E1:10:01:21):读写数据;在客户端模式中进行连接
TCP/IPTCP/IP (主机地址 + 端口可调节):读写数据;在客户端模式中进行连接
文档 I/O文档读写


同步 (读/写)
异步 (OnData 项目)
软件楔 (SendKeyStrokes 属性)

ActiveX 控件属性

DAQ Software Object Properties

IOTypeInterface Type (None, NULL, FILE, COM, LPT, TCP, Bluetooth)
DeviceSpecifies the exact port to connect with; used with communication types File, COM, LPT
Baud, Data, Stop, ParityRS232 settings; used with communication type COM
DTRDefault, RTSDefault
Handshaking; used with communication type COM
Host / ServiceTCP/IP host/service (address & port); used with communication type TCP
NoOfBytesMaximum of bytes to receive before an OnData event will be fired.
TimeoutTimeout in milliseconds. After the timeout period an OnData event is fired even if less than NoOfBytes bytes were received. Valid if property Timout_Infinite isn't set.
Timeout_InfiniteTimeout infinite (true/false); determines if a timeout period is set by the value of Timeout_Infinite or there is no timeout (infinite)
PrefixDefines a string that is placed in front of all other data characters sent by the OnData event. It can contain arbitrary ASCII characters and predefined escape sequences.
PostfixDefines a string that is appended to a data package sent by the OnData event. It can contain arbitrary ASCII characters and predefined escape sequences.
UseDelimiterUse delimiter character (true/false), if true the OnData event will be fired immediately when receiving the delimiter.
DelimiterASCII code of the delimiter character; e. g. Linefeed = 10
IncludeDelimiterDelimiter character is part of the data or is to be removed.
SendKeyStrokesIf set, the incoming data is translated into corresponding keystrokes. These characters are simulated as if they are entered on the keyboard (software wedge mode).

ActiveX 控件 方法/项目

DAQ Software Object Methods, Events

Open ()Opens a connection to the device specified by IOType & Device.
Close ()Closes connection.
Read (...)Reads data with maximum length of nBytes within the period defined by timeout.
GetNoOfBytesRead ()Returns the number of bytes received during the last Read method.
ClearBuffer ()Deletes all data from the input buffer.
Write (...)Writes data with length of nBytes within the period defined by Timeout.
StartListen ()Starts asynchronous mode: OnData events are fired when data is received by the specified interface (IOType & Device).
StopListen ()Stops asynchronous mode.
SetStates (...)Set status of interface status line(s).
AboutBox ()Displays about dialog.
EscapeZeroBytes (...)Represent Zero Bytes (binary value = 0x00) as "\0" in the input/output data stream. Avoids truncation of strings by Zero Bytes in COM wrappers (such as used by Visual Basic).
LicenseMe (...)Licensing by program code. After applying a valid license key the demo version is turned into a full version. The insertion of "Demo" into the data stream will be disabled.
Licensing ()Opens the license dialog for manual licensing. After entering a valid license key the demo version is turned into a full version.
OnData (...) Each time when data is received an OnData event is thrown (in asynchronous mode). The data read from the device is returned within the Data argument.
OnStatusChange (...) Each time when a status line changes its state, this event will be fired (in asynchronous mode). The changes are passed as array in the States argument.
OnClose () This event occurs when the server closes the connection (only available for IOType "TCP").
OnError () This event will be fired when an error occurs (only available during asynchronous mode).
TranslateErrorNo (...)Translates the error number given by the OnError event to the corresponding error text.
SetDebugLevel (...)Enables tracing of TConnector's internal activities into a log-file.
GetStates ()Returns an array of actually set states.
SetSingleState (...)Like SetStates(), but only to set a single state.
EmulateKeys (...)Translates an input string into virtual key strokes and puts them into the keyboard events message queue.
UseCodePage (...)Adjusts Codepage to be used for Unicode-MultiByte string conversion.


  • 与TEC-IT COM2TCP 软件,只需几个步骤即可建立一个远程网络,用于串行数据采集。
  • 通过异步模式可以轻松处理传入数据。一个 OnData 分隔符的去除事件可以在指定的接口接收到数据时自动生成。 除了这个事件,您还可以模拟输入数据的按键(楔形模式).
  • 可调 (如 CR/LF)。
  • 可根据要求定制特定的扩展和/或自定义需求。