TFORMer Server - Industrial Output Management

Bar code enabled label & form printing. Even with host systems or embedded into assembly lines. TFORMer Server - the printer management system from TEC-IT offers you all these features. It can be used with all kinds of platforms (e.g. AS/400, LINUX, UNIX) and applications (SAP R/3, ORACLE, People Soft, ...).

Form & label printing

Graphical design

Printer independent

without changing source applications


The Challenge

You are searching for an enterprise wide label and form printing system? Of course with included form design capabilities.

And you want to use bar codes? Without the need for special printer models?

Then we recommend TFORMer Server:

Whenever a flexible print out solution is needed – TFORMer Server offers you the required functionality. Even with host-systems. Without changing the source applications. Without being restricted to special printer models. Without limitations in form design.


Multiple Connectors

"Virtual" Printer




The Solution

  1. TFORMer Server offers a central printing solution which is capable of inter-operating with any application or system used in an enterprise or in industrial environments (Microsoft® NT® , UNIX, AS/400, IBM hosts, ORACLE, SAP/R3, ...). This is achieved by offering multiple connectors (e. g. a so called "virtual" printer) to host systems or host applications.

  2. The host application prints raw data (e. g. pure ASCII) into such a connector.

  3. TFORMer Server monitors the connector and reroutes print requests using the correct form layout to the specified target printer.


very high stability

hardware independent

best possible output quality


The Advantages

TFORMer Server provides enterprise wide bar code enabled form and label printing. Including all functional design capabilities required today - e.g. arbitrary fonts, graphic and bar coding features.

Additional - dependencies from hardware or software manufacturers are minimized - each application (even host applications) can use the wide printer palette supported by Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003 without special know how.

Therefore - the expenditure for training and care of different printing systems is reduced to a minimum – even in heterogeneous environments.

Some advantages:

Enterprise-wide availability

Simple maintenance due to central installation.

Graphical form designer

Integrated bar code support (even for 2D-Symbologies like PDF417)

Spool administration & fail-safe active/passive support.

Absolutely printer model independent.

No additional costs for hardware


for Industry, Commerce...


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