Knowledge Base

The knowledge base provides technical data and basic information about the various barcode symbologies. This section will be extended continuously - feel free to supply us with additional information.


Barcode Overview

This barcode overview contains for each bar code type in condensed form the areas of application, the character set (encodable characters), the main bar code parameters and a sample bar code.

Barcode Overview

Barcode Reference

Here you find application-related information about bar code types, bar code parameters (module width, etc) and how to deal with output resolution and quality problems.

Barcode Symbologies

Here you find more information about the major bar code types, each with application area, classification, history, technical standards and sample images.

Barcode Symbologies

GS1 Application Identifier

Barcodes in the GS1 system (e.g. GS1-128 or GS1 DataMatrix) use Application Identifiers (AIs) to provide information about the structure of the encoded data. Below you will find a list of the most commonly used application identifiers.

GS1 Application Itentifier

Barcode Quiet Zones

In barcode technology, a quiet zone is the empty edge on both sides of a barcode. Here you find a PDF document with recommended quiet zones for each bar code type.

Links to External Resources

Here you find information and external links to the following topics: Barcode, barcode printing, barcode software, MDE devices, barcode applications, check digits and more...

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