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End-To-End Encryption for Scan-IT to Office - BETA

2020/03/27 | Scan-IT to Office V4.0 Beta
End-to-End Encryption for Scan-IT to Office

We increase privacy and security for our mobile data collection and barcode scanning solution Scan-IT to Office.

Thus, we will soon switch to a system utilizing end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption ensures that data collected or scanned remotely is transmitted with maximum privacy. Only you (or persons you entitle by pairing) will be able to view and access data collected with your devices. Even TEC-IT as developer of the system has no possibility to intercept your information.

In order to prepare for a smooth transition, we invite users to install the new beta version of the Scan-IT to Office app for Android: Test Scan-IT to Office V4 beta.

Using this beta, you benefit immediately from an enhanced user-interface and stability improvements. Please note that end-to-end encryption will not be activated until all components of the Scan-IT to Office system are updated, we will do this within the next few weeks.

We invite you to give it a try and please share your feedback with us!

For further information, visit our product web page: https://tec-it.com/sto.
In case of questions, please contact us.

TEC-IT is There For You # COVID-19

2020/03/16 | COVID-19 Pandemic Information
TEC-IT Availability Information During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Important information for our visitors and customers!

Due to the current situation, we would like to inform you that the entire TEC-IT team is available for you. Even if our employees are now working at home, we can be contacted as usual by phone ([+43] (0) 7252/72 720) or email (support@tec-it.com, sales@tec-it.com). This situation is also new for us, so we ask you to be lenient about slightly increased response times or other minor issues.

Since we know that many of our existing customers now need licenses to use TEC-IT software on private computers, we issue temporary licenses for free if necessary. These temporary licenses are available for existing customers and are valid until May 31, 2020. Re-licensing or uninstalling of the original license is not necessary, the simultaneous use of private and corporate licenses is of course possible. Just contact us via the web-form.

We hope this message is helpful and thank you for your understanding!

Online Barcode Maker with Additional Features

2020/03/15 | Free Online Barcode Generator
Online Barcode Generator with New Sequence Generator and Code Page Selection

TEC-IT’s popular Online Barcode Generator was recently updated with a new sequence generator and code page selection. These are the improvements in detail:

  • Sequence Generator
    This feature allows you to fill barcode data with an automatically generated sequence in order to download multiple barcodes at once. This function is limited to a maximum of 10 barcodes for unregistered users. If you need support for larger sequences, just contact sales@tec-it.com.
  • Arbitrary Character Sets
    Users are now able to select a code page to create barcodes with non-Latin characters. Just go to Settings - Advanced and select the desired code page. An example: By default Data Matrix codes are generated using the Latin-1 code page (ISO/IEC 8859-1). By selecting the UTF-8 code page you are able to create Data Matrix codes with Chinese, Japanese or Russian characters as well.
  • Further Enhancements
    Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Try the free Online Barcode Generator today! In case of questions, please contact us, we are glad to help you out.

Improved Online Label Printing With New Templates

2020/03/15 | Online Label Generator
Online Label Generator with New Label Templates

TEC-IT's Online Label Generator has been recently updated. This online label printing solution allows you to generate industry standard labels with your own data in seconds. The focus of this update was on improving compliance label templates and the usage of TFORMer V8:

  • Updated Label Templates
    The General Motors (2018) templates have been updated. You will find now all GM templates in a separate group.
  • New Label Templates
    The automotive templates VDA 4992 and VDA 4994 are now available.
  • TFORMer V8.0.2
    This online service now uses the latest TFORMer version.
  • Higher Number of Copies
    The user can now set a maximum of 65 copies for each label.
  • Further Enhancements
    Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Just try the Online Label Generator for free! In case of questions, please contact us.

User Friendly Barcode Label Printing Software

2020/03/06 | TFORMer V8.0
Barcode Label Software TFORMer V8

TFORMer, TEC-IT's professional label printing software, provides powerful design and printing features combined with great usability. Using the long-awaited Version 8.0, TFORMer Designer and TFORMer SDK you are now ready for the next level of labeling!

What's New?

  • Quick Format Support
    Formatting of numeric, data, time and text fields is simplified with the new output format feature.
  • Real Data Label Design
    Label design with actual label data improves clarity and easy-of-use.
  • New Layout Container Files
    TFZ file extensions for Save As and Open allow the user to edit label layout files with a simple double click. TFZ files are containers for layouts with embedded images and can be directly uploaded to the Online Label Generator (https://label.tec-it.com).
  • Updated Industry Label Templates
    Common industry templates like VDA 4994 and GM 1724 were updated to match current standards.
  • Enhanced Printing Kernel
    The rewritten label generator kernel provides better performance and stability and is now ready for future enhancements.

For further improvements and fixes, please see TFORMer Version History.

Give It a Try!

The update can be tested as free demo version: Download TFORMer V8.0. Owners of an active maintenance contract may upgrade to V8.0 free of charge. Please contact us in case of questions.