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Barcode DLL for SAP® is Now Available as 64-Bit Version

2013/10/30 | TBarCode/SAPwin V10.0.2

TEC-IT launches the 64 Bit version of the Barcode DLL for SAP® - TBarCode/SAPwin.

The powerful Barcode Generator Software is a flexible barcode printing solution for SAP systems. Please be aware that the 64 Bit version requires SAPSprint release 7300.2.6.31 (64Bit!) or newer. All enhancements are listed in the version history.

A free eval is available under the following link: Download TBarCode/SAPwin V10

Final Update: Data Acquisition ActiveX® Software

2013/09/17 | TConnector V2.4.4

The service update V2.4.4 of our TConnector Data Acquisition ActiveX® Control is now available for download.

Version 2.4.4 provides an adjustable keep-alive time to any TCP connection. For detailed update information please check out the version history.

This is the last updated software version on TConnector. Unfortunately the product development was discontinued. From now on further changes and updates are available on request only.

Click here for the update: Download TConnector 2.4.4

Social: Civil Emergency Management Uses TFORMer

2013/09/17 | Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk
Special drier of construction industry with a TFORMer label

TEC-IT supports social, cultural and charitable organizations. We are especially glad to provide the barcode label printing software TFORMer Designer to ZKHW (Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk) located in Germany.

TEC-IT's software TFORMer is used create item labels. This simplifies inventory management and ensures efficiency.

ZKHW - Ziviles Katastrophen Hilfswerk Logo

TBarCode Update With Swedish Postal Code

2013/09/12 | TBarCode SDK V11.1.0

TEC-IT announces a service release (11.1.0) for the popular barcode generator software TBarCode SDK.

The new service pack contains the Swedish Postal Code (Swedish Postal Shipment Item ID) and a new check digit method called Modulo-11. All update details are listed in the version history.

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement: Download TBarCode SDK V11.1.0!

Improved - Label Software TFORMer Designer V7.5

2013/07/24 | TFORMer Designer V7.5

TEC-IT is proud to present version 7.5 of the Label Printing Software TFORMer Designer.

This update provides enhanced usability by introducing a ribbon-style menu and offers the following new features:

  • Better Label Design Flexibility
    Any barcode, graphic or text-element can be freely rotated and positioned using the convenient snapping mode.
  • New Barcodes, More Label Templates
    The following new bar-code symbologies were implemented: USPS Intelligent Mail package barcode used by the US Postal Service, Han Xin code for applications in China, DotCode for Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.
    Design efforts are reduced with the new transport label templates for Bring parcels, Coliposte and Parcelforce. The Caterpillar Shipping Labels have been updated to comply with the current standards.
  • Simple Printing Tool
    The integrated tool QuickPrint has been completely redesigned. Even untrained users are able to print labels in no time: select a label template and enter the data. That's all!

Please find more details in the version history of TFORMer Designer.

Download and test TFORMer Designer V7.5 unrestricted for 10 days. All licensed users of TFORMer V7 and all owners of an active maintenance agreement are eligible for a free update: Download TFORMer Designer 7.5!

Barcode Studio with Global Coupon Numbers & CSV Export

2013/07/23 | Barcode Studio V15.1

The latest update of Barcode Studio (V15.1.0) introduces some interesting new features. Among them are GCN support (global coupon numbers), new CSV export capabilities, improved GS1 DataBar and DotCode creation.

Features and Bug-Fixes:

  • GCN - Global Coupon Number
    Support for the new GS1 GCN Format (AI 255) for the global unique identification of coupons.
  • Data List CSV Export
    Along with the other barcode values the file names of the generated barcodes are exported. This facilitates further processing of the barcode images in programs like Adobe® InDesign®.
  • QR-Code for Money Transfers and Payments
    The BCD format encodes SEPA data for money transfers (IBAN, BIC and customer reference).
  • GS1 DataBar Limited
    The quiet zone now complies with the GS1 DataBar standard.
  • DotCode
    Improved rendering of the dots at low resolution.
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded
    An error when encoding the AI combinations AI 01 + AI 310x and AI 01 + AI 320x was fixed.

The complete list of improvements can be found in the Barcode Studio Version History.

Click here for the update: Download Barcode Studio 15.1

TBarCode SDK V11.0 Service Pack 3

2013/07/22 | TBarCode SDK V11.0.3

TEC-IT announces the availability of an important service release (11.0.3) for the barcode generator component TBarCode SDK V11. This service release includes the following enhancements:

  • Added a quiet zone (5X) to GS1 DataBar Limited according to latest specification.
  • Support of the new GS1 Application Identifier 255 Global Coupon Number.
  • GS1 DataBar Expanded: Fixed the encoding of AI combinations AI 01 + AI 310x and AI 01 + AI 320x.
  • Corrected the calculation of the optimal bitmap size for resolutions other than 96 dpi.
  • For more details see TBarCode SDK Version History

Download the TBarCode SDK 11.0.3 update today!

Updates are free for users of the same major version or for owners of an active maintenance agreement.

Barcode Studio Update - the More, the Better

2013/02/25 | Barcode Studio V15.0

TEC-IT releases version 15 of Barcode Maker Software Barcode Studio. Benefit from our advanced support for international requirements. The new version provides some useful features:

  • All Applications, All Countries
    The new USPS Intelligent Mail package bar code enables the US Postal Service to enhance its package tracking. Han Xin code is intended for applications in China. DotCode provides state-of-the-art direct product marking capabilities.
  • Go International
    Now Russian and Polish language support is available in addition to English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.
  • Perfect for Pre-Press
    Overprinting support enables you to create the best possible bar code quality.

Please find the details in the version history of Barcode Studio.

This download enables you to test Barcode Studio V15 for 10 days - unrestricted: Download Barcode Studio - Free Demo Version!

New TBarCode SDK Version! With Han Xin and DotCode

2013/02/12 | TBarCode SDK V11

TEC-IT is proud to announce the new TBarCode SDK Version 11.

In addition to general enhancements the barcode generator toolkit version 11 provides support for new 2-D symbologies and another USPS postal code:

  • Han Xin Code
    This 2D symbology is optimized for Chinese character encoding and is intended for wide-spread use in China.
  • DotCode
    A very unique 2D symbology which is represented by an array of dots and perfectly suited for high-speed direct part marking or inkjet applications.
  • USPS Intelligent Mail Package
    This is a GS1-128-based, linear bar-code, which is used by the United States Postal Service for delivering packages.
  • Custom drawing for creating eye-catching and appealing barcode logos can now be selected.
  • Various other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Check out this well-known and mature barcode generator SDK by yourself! The demo version of TBarCode SDK V11 can be downloaded for free. More details are available in the version history.

Even More 2D Codes! Han Xin Code and DotCode

2013/02/12 | New 2D Codes

TEC-IT extended the barcode support in its products with two new 2D symbologies. Both symbologies were officially released by the AIM, the association for automatic identification and mobility.

Han Xin Code

Han Xin Code

The first two-dimensional symbology is named Han Xin Code. The Han Xin symbology was developed by AIM China and is optimized to encode Chinese characters. This 2-D symbology is intended as the main 2D code for applications and paper based communication in China.

A single Han Xin Code symbol offers a huge maximum data capacity of up to 7827 numeric, 4350 ASCII or 2174 common Chinese region 1 or region 2 characters. Han Xin technology is in the public domain and can be used for free. This matrix symbology benefits from Reed-Solomon error correction (adjustable in 4 levels), offers advanced features like ECI and can be printed in 84 different sizes (square symbols which feature 23x23 up to 189x189 modules).

DotCode with 10 lines of dots


The second 2D symbology is named DotCode. It was designed for high-speed, on-demand label printing or direct part marking with ink-jet and laser marking systems. The symbology was invented by Dr. Andrew Longacre, Jr. and is in the public domain.

DotCode with 15 lines of dots

A DotCode symbol appears as an array of dots with selectable aspect ratio; the user can adjust the overall shape of a DotCode array between rectangular ribbons and nearly square symbols. DotCode symbols grow in proportion to the amount of encoded data. While the size of a single DotCode symbol is theoretically not restricted, it’s limited to 124 lines/columns. The symbology uses error correction features, it was designed to tolerate missing, extra or poorly-placed dots without sacrificing reading integrity. Advanced features like ECI (Extended Channel Interpretation) and structured append are available.

DotCode with 26 lines of dots

Han Xin and DotCode SDK

The barcode generator SDK TBarCode V11 is the first TEC-IT product supporting these two new 2D symbologies.

Download and check out the brand-new TBarCode SDK V11. The demo is free!