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Smart Application: QR Code Captures Running Events

2012/12/18 | TBarCode SDK
Barcode Generator TBarCode SDK in action!

Sports keep us fit!

In order to the slogan our customer focuses on running. Recently RunningGuru.com has extended its membership area with QR codes linking to running events. Event managers are now able to advertise by using the created bar codes. The runners can connect within seconds to any event, just by scanning the QR code.

The picture shows TEC-IT’s TBarCode SDK in action. This bar code software supports the generation of the QR Codes.

Find out more about RunningGuru and check out the website RunningGuru.com.

New Barcode Labeling and Reporting SDK for Mac OS

2012/11/12 | TFORMer SDK

TEC-IT is proud to announce that the TFORMer Labeling and Reporting SDK is now available for Mac OS X®.

Embed any printing task into your system! TFORMer SDK automates printing and exporting of industry compliant forms and labels. Integrate the labeling and reporting SDK into your application easily by using one of the various programming interfaces. More details on the TFORMer SDK product page

Just download and try it for free - TFORMer SDK V7.0.4

New Barcode DLL for SAP - TBarCode/SAPwin Version 10

2012/10/23 | TBarCode/SAPwin V10.0.0

TEC-IT releases version 10 of the Barcode DLL for SAP ERP!

TBarCode/SAPwin is a powerful bar code generator software for SAP ERP, mySAP ERP and SAP R/3. The new version of this Barcode DLL for SAP includes the following features you should take advantage of:

  • Customers of version 10 are prepared for the upcoming 64-Bit versions of SAPSprint and SAPgui.
  • New bar code types: QR-Code 2005, Pharmazentralnummer (PZN7), Pharmazentralnummer (PZN8), DP Postmatrix ISBN 13, ISMN, ISSN, Italian Postal 3 of 9, Italian Pharmacode, Brazilian CEPNet
  • New hexadecimal mode for binary data (e.g. for Deutsche Post Premiumadress)
  • Flexible bar code positioning with global offset and adjustable printing direction (default behavior changed due to SAP specification).
  • Advanced logging, fine-tuning of bar code size and module width optimization (output quality).
  • Enhanced setup for easier deployment of the Barcode DLL (both for SAPSprint/SAPGUI and SAPlpd).
  • and much more...

More information can be found in the version history.

Download TBarCode/SAPwin 10

Update: Convenient Barcode Add-In for Word and Excel

2012/09/12 | TBarCode Office V10.5.0

TBarCode Office V10.5.0 - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 - is now available for download.

The new version is based on VSTO 4.0 from Microsoft. For the user this means an improvement of user experience as well as a reduction of problems with inactive add-ins. Please find more details about enhancements in the version history.

We recommend to all users of V10.X to download the free barcode add-in update: Download TBarCode Office - Barcode Add-In.

NEW: Create Eye-Catching Barcodes with Barcode Studio

2012/07/26 | Barcode Studio V14.0

TEC-IT releases version 14 of Barcode Maker Software Barcode Studio. Benefit from our new design highlight - the barcode with embedded logo. The new version provides some useful features:

  • Barcodes with logos - Embed your own logos into the bar codes with just a few clicks.
  • Special effects - Use special drawing modes like rounded rectangles or circles to create eye-catching barcodes.
  • More details - Zoom into the bar code details as required.

All further details are listed in the version history of Barcode Studio.

This download will enable you to test Barcode Studio V14 for 10 days - unrestricted:
Download Barcode Studio - Free Demo Version!

Advanced Training Focuses on QR Codes

2012/07/24 | Verband Druck+Medien NRW
Recent edition of zukunft medien concentrating on advertising with QR codes

TEC-IT and the Verband Druck+Medien NRW link (establish) a strong partnership for the future. We are proud to support advanced training by providing special educational licenses for Barcode Studio.

Due to growing demand, advanced training for printing technicians and graphic designers should be increasingly focused on QR codes as a professional printing solution. Our Barcode Maker Software - Barcode Studio - is the perfect learning companion.

About Verband Druck+Medien NRW

Verband Druck+Medien NRW is Germany’s largest industrial association in the printing and media industry - partner as well as stakeholder in politics, labor unions and society. They provide services for all printing and media corporations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

More Information

Magazine zukunft medien (focusing on QR codes in advertising)
Website Verband Druck+Medien NRW

Update: Barcode Add-In for Word and Excel

2012/07/18 | TBarCode Office V10.4.0
Microsoft Office Barcode Add-In

TBarCode Office V10.4.0 - Barcode Add-In for Microsoft Word and Excel 2007/2010 - is now available for download.

During the setup process you will already notice the first changes. This version setup has an option to deploy the add-in to all users of a machine. Additionally, you are able to encode Word document properties like the author in the bar codes. Please find more details in the version history.

We recommend to all users of V10.X to download the free barcode add-in update: Download Barcode Add-In TBarCode Office.

Update: TFORMer Designer V7 - Label Printing Software

2012/03/20 | TFORMer Designer V7.0

We are proud to present the new version of the label printing and reporting software TFORMer. Here is a short abstract of the most important improvements:

  • EASE OF USE - new Page Setup Wizard
  • INTERNATIONAL - Spanish user interface language
  • VERSATILE - richt text with soft-hyphenation and super/sub-scripting
  • UP TO DATE - pre-defined Avery® label templates
  • PERFORMANCE - streaming support when generating output with TFORMer SDK

Please check the version history of TFORMer Designer for more detailed information.

Give it a try and download TFORMer Designer V7, a free 10-day test-drive is included!

Barcode Maker Software Update with Rotated Barcodes

2012/03/08 | Barcode Studio V12.3

Version 12.3 of Barcode Studio is now available for download.

This new version includes enhancements like barcode rotation or column/row selection when printing labels. In addition, the custom drawing mode settings are now stored in the bc file. Barcode Studio V12.3 also contains fixes for the creation of Aztec codes, barcode resizing algorithm and the file naming for exports. Please find more details about enhancements and bug fixes in the version history.

Download Barcode Studio Update for Microsoft® Windows and Mac OS® X! This update is free of charge for existing Barcode Studio 12.x customers.

NEW! Eye-Catching 2D Codes - Barcode Studio V12.2

2012/01/17 | Barcode Studio V12.2

We are proud to announce the new release of the barcode maker software Barcode Studio!

Version 12.2 provides a brand-new and unique feature: The user can select the drawing method for the bars (or squares) of a barcode. Instead of the typical squares used in 2D codes, Barcode Studio now supports the use of circles, rounded rectangles and even custom bitmaps. The creation of eye-catching 2D codes was never easier - check out the image to the right!

More details about enhancements and bug-fixes can be found in the version history.

Give it a try and download Barcode Studio today!