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News on barcode software (barcode generators and barcode SDK for Windows, macOS, Linux, UNIX, SAP, Navision), 2D barcodes, label printing software, report generators, compliance labeling solutions and data acquisition tools.

New TFORMer Templates for VDA, AIAG and GTL

2003/10/22 | TFORMer

The new setup includes more templates in the area of automotive industry: the Invoice Form according to VDA 4906, Bill of Lading (VDA 4994), Packing Data Sheet (VDA 4931), AIAG B10 / B15 Shipping Labels and GTL Master / Mixed Load Details Label. With these additional templates you avoid time-consuming design work and minimize costs. All of the templates are part of TFORMer and can be used without additional charge.

New Version 5.0

2003/09/09 | BarCode Studio

Barcode Studio goes into its next release. The following enhancements were made...

  • New symbologies Codablock F, RSS-14, Flattermarken
  • Vector based EPS format output (resolution independent), no more limitations for graphic studios and pre- or post processing
  • Adjustable text alignment for the human readable text
  • Extended output of SAP Printcontrols

New Version 4.1 released

2003/09/01 | TFORMer

Several enhancements were made compared with the previous version:

  • The templates now contain various automotive label standards like AIAG, VDA, GM, GTL and many more. Therefore creating VDA or GTL labels was never easier!
  • The repository consists of a new XML based file structure and uses the extension *.tfr – so for deployment of your layout definition you don't need the "LabelDB.mdb" database anymore.
  • On demand the layout definition can be stored in *.tff files, which can be used standalone without a repository.
  • Further enhancements for improving performance and handling within the Designer and Runtime module.

New Version 5.0

2003/08/06 | TBarCode OCX/DLL

TEC-IT releases the new version 5 of TBarCode OCX and DLL. In addition to the previous version it offers:

  • New symbologies Codablock F, RSS14, Flattermarken
  • New properties DisplayText, BarWidthReduction, TextAlignment, Quality
  • Enhanced .NET compatibility
  • SaveImage supports now high resolution, vector based EPS format by a new PostScript library (optional).
  • New in the DLL: Enhanced callback functions for row callback, Drawing in meta file.

Bar coding for SAP R/3 without middleware

2003/07/01 | TBarCode/Direct

TEC-IT introduces a new bar code solution: TBarCode/Direct is a completely platform independent software for printing bar codes on all Postscript printers without SAPscript or ABAP programming. Therefore this solution works with all platforms (e.g. Windows, Unix, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX...) and is perfectly suited for high throughput. TBarCode/Direct even works with third party output management or messaging systems. It integrates itself seamlessly into the printing process. No unwanted side-effects like disturbed duplex printing are to be expected.

TBarCode for Linux supports QR-Code

2003/02/17 | QR-Code for Linux

The new version of TBarCode for Linux features the powerful 2D symbology "QR-Code" in addition to enhancements for the Data Matrix symbology. The update is now ready for download. TEC-IT is one of the leading bar code software vendors for Linux. Since introduction of the product TBarCode for Linux became more and more important since many customers are using Linux derivatives in their production.

Elmar Schlecker Consulting

2003/01/31 | New SAP R/3 Partner

TEC-IT announces the new partnership with Elmar Schlecker Consulting for distribution and consulting in bar coding under SAP R/3. Elmar Schlecker specializes in SAP R/3 SAPscript / SmartForms and is familiar with TEC-IT bar code components. Through is know how in SAP the bar code solutions of TEC-IT can be deployed optimally for the customers.

Data Acquisition without Programming with TEC-IT TWedge

2003/01/16 | New TWedge Software

TEC-IT releases TWedge - a universal software for data acquisition without programming. TWedge can simulate key strokes from incoming data and therefore integrates data acquisition into almost all existing applications - e.g. Into SAP R/3. Data can be read from RS-232 (e.g. from a bar code reader) or through TCP/IP. But it's also a logging tool - because you can create log files from incoming data (time period and destination path is adjustable). For better integration into form input and application workflow, TWedge offers automation features like activating windows, pressing control keys/ function keys before or after data entry (or based on input data).