We invite you to get in touch with one of these resellers. For product specific or technical questions you may also contact TEC-IT directly. Reseller requests are welcome!

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Resellers in America


Brazil: FACHIN HAUAGGE Consultoria

FH Consulting - our reseller partner for the Brazilian market.

Brazil: is a reference in reselling software for the corporate world. Through international partnerships with leading manufacturers, the company brings to Brazil and Latin America the best software for the corporate market and industries of different segments.

OSB Software

Brazil: OSB Software

OSB Software is a software reseller that serves commercial, government and educational customers in Brazil. We already have approximately 2000 partnerships with manufacturers around the world. Please contact for inquiries.

Pelissari Consultoria (Business Management with SAP)

Brazil: Pelissari Consultoria (Curitiba - Paran)

Pelissari belongs to a group focused on providing solutions in Business Management Systems, with emphasis on SAP environments. This TEC-IT partner provides a complete range of services and products within the concept of a Full Solution Provider and with a strong focus on productivity.

Canada: Cyber 3D

IT supplier for academic, government and commercial customers. Please contact the sales department for inquiries.

Canada: Tangentia

Tangentia is the leader in global boutique technology solutions offering bespoke IT solutions to their customers. Over the last 15 years, Tangentia has leveraged its global delivery model and its own proprietary governance model to provide solutions to 1000+ customers globally. Tangentia is made up of 6 business units: Tangentia Automation, Tangentia Digital, Tangentia Security, Tangentia Cloud, Tangentia EDI and Tangentia Consulting. Please contact

Canada: Infology Corporation

Infology Corporation is a technology products and services company. We’ve been in business since 1992 and we served many customers all over Canada. Infology offers IT products in different categories: Data Capturing, Computing and Infrastructure, Printing Solutions, 3D Printing, eLearning Tools, and more. You may reach us by e-mail at

Limon Informatica

Mexico: Limon Informatica

Limon Informatica is our reseller in Mexico. Please contact Enrique Limón Limón.


USA, Illinois: ITsavvy LLC

By combining a leading value-added reseller business with Engineered Solutions, Managed Services, Cloud Solutions and Unified Communications, ITsavvy is becoming the industry model for integrated IT products and solutions provider.


USA, New Hampshire: SyntegraTech Inc.

SyntegraTech is our reseller in Bow (NH, US). SyntegraTech specializes in data collection and field force computing using Pocket PCs in combination with Syware's Visual CE and Microsoft Access. Please contact D. Mark Read.

Tangentia America

USA, New York & Delaware: Tangentia America

Tangentia America is the leader in Global Boutique technology solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. Tangentia America has offices in New York and Delaware. Please contact


USA, Pennsylvania: Softmart

Softmart is a global supplier of technology, tools and service solutions for business, government, education and healthcare environments. Softmart provides information technology, volume software license programs and all affiliated license support, a broad range of hardware, peripherals and complete end-to-end services. The company has locations throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and the West Indies, and ships product from more than 30 warehouses across the country for quick delivery. Softmart is a recipient of the Microsoft Excellence Award each year since 2007 and of the Microsoft Platinum Award since its inception. The company’s business systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

ROC Software

USA, Texas: ROC Software

ROC Software is located in Austin (TX, USA) and provides best-of-breed output management software for UNIX, Linux and Windows systems, allowing customers to efficiently control their printing and output. Please contact the sales department.


USA, Wisconsin: SoftwareONE

SoftwareONE is a licensing solutions provider with the unique combination of being truly global, fully-focused on software licensing and privately-owned since 1985. Their software licensing experts take a consultative approach to helping customers optimize their software spend, while enhancing their relationships with software publishers and local service providers. SoftwareONE is globally headquartered in Stans, Switzerland and employs more than 650 people in 35 countries, with the United States headquarters is located in New Berlin, WI. For enquires please contact the sales department.

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Resellers in Asia Pacific

Qast Software Group: Software Distributor, China

China: Qast Software Group

Qast Software Group is a leading software distribution company in China. The company is specialized in software reselling, value-added services, technical support and related services. Qast has offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore. Please contact the sales department for inquiries.

XLsoft China: Software Distributor, China

China: XLsoft China

XLsoft China is a leading provider of software solutions and services in China with customers in a wide range of industries including education, ISV, banking and finance, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, government. They are only partnering with innovative software companies to provide high quality solutions and best services in license management, software packaging, information security, 3D visualization, etc. Please contact the sales department.

eVget: Software Distributor, China, Chongqing

China, Chongqing:

Chongqing Huidu Technology (eVget) is TEC-IT software reseller in China. Please contact the sales department.

COGITO SOFTWARE Co.: Software Distributor, China, Beijing

China, Beijing: 北京哲想软件有限公司 - COGITO SOFTWARE Co. Ltd

COGITO SOFTWARE was established in 2000, a leading software distribution company in China. Please contact the sales department for inquiries.

Cogito Solutions Ltd.: Software Distributor, China

China: Cogito Solutions Ltd.

Cogito Solutions Ltd. is established in year 1998, specifying business is software distribution, computer consulting and computer programming in Asia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cogito Solutions Ltd. is now a leading computer distribution and consulting firm in Asia. Currently, we have offices in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong serving customers from the regions and Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Brunei etc.

Com&Lan System Tech. Co. Ltd: Software Distributor, China

China, Beijing: Com &Lan System Tech. Co. Ltd

Beijing Com &Lan was established in 1995, with its headquarters in Beijing P.R China. Com &Lan is recognized as leading enterprise management software and e-business application solution provider, the largest domestic agent of Microsoft, and the most influencing platform for providing commercial software and services. Please contact the Mr. Kelsey.

51Component: Softwarehändler, China

China: 51Component

51Component is a Chinese company specializing in selling software components, implementing software-related technical support, and optimizing software development for digital companies.

51Component has an extensive list of international and domestic developers that they have cultivated long-term cooperative relationships with. 51Component’s products include hundreds of highly advanced testing products, as well as offering a wide range of development languages and platforms to choose from. They provide highly acclaimed, best-selling technology products within the global market. Many project managers and developers utilize their development tools, increasing productivity as well as saving time and money

Please contact the sales department for inquires.

Oriental Speedy: Software Distributor, China, Beijing

China, Beijing: Oriental Speedy

Oriental Speedy Code Tech & Dev. Center is TEC-IT software reseller in China. Oriental Speedy is a manufacturer of barcode products and a distributor of many famous brands in the AUTO ID industry. Please contact Wendy Wen.
PCStars: Online Software Distributor, China, Beijing

China, Beijing: PCStars

PC Stars belongs to be the biggest online software distributors and leading SaaS (Software as a Service) providers in China.
PCSOFTTECH: Software Agent, China

China, Beijing: TL-Chinasoft Technology Co. ,Ltd.

TL-Chinasoft Technology is a professional software agent located in China. Please contact Ms. Ida Wang.

Shanghai Commuch Software: Softwarereseller in China, Shanghai

China, Shanghai: Shanghai Commuch Software Co., Ltd

Shanghai Commuch Software is a professional software agent. They provide international software solutions for Chinese customers. Please contact the sales department for inquires.

Shanghai Liang Zuan Software Co., Ltd.

China, Shanghai: Shanghai Liangzuan Software Co., Ltd

Shanghai Liang Zuan Software is a professional software distributor and service provider located in China, Shanghai. Please contact Mr. Fei Xia for inquires.

Columbia Computer Products Group

Hong Kong: Columbia CP Ltd.

Columbia Computer Products Group is an Independent Distributor of Software Applications (over 4000+ Titles). Columbia Computer Products (HK) Ltd was established in 1989 in Hong Kong and has offices in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. Please contact Mr. Raymond Wong (Director).

Cogito Solutions Ltd.: Software Distributor, Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Cogito Solutions Ltd.

Cogito Solutions Ltd. is established in year 1998, specifying business is software distribution, computer consulting and computer programming in Asia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cogito Solutions Ltd. is now a leading computer distribution and consulting firm in Asia. Currently, we have offices in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong serving customers from the regions and Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Brunei etc.

Logon Software Services

Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific: Logon Software

LOGON assists over 25,000 I.T. professionals in the Asia Pacific region by introducing tried and tested award winning software tools designed to improve productivity, efficiency and quality. TEC-IT's software products were also taken into their product line.

India: MQIX Consulting

MQIX Consulting offers a wide range of solutions in the field of information technology. We are based out of Hyderabad, India and open to world for fulfilling business needs in IT. Please contact Shilpi Verma Srivastava.

RV Solutions

India: RV Solutions

RV Solutions offers a wide range of IT software products in EDI, B2B, eCommerce domains. We operate from Goa and Bangalore offices.
Please contact

Tangentia India

India: Tangentia India

Tangentia India is the leader in Global Boutique technology solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that can bridge the most challenging technology gaps while creating significant cost efficiencies and competitive advantage across an organization and its supply chain. Tangentia India has offices in Goa and Bangalore. Please contact

Tegara Corporation

Japan: Tegara Corporation

Our reseller in Japan, Tegara Corporation, sells computer-related products needed for research and development worldwide. Please contact Toshihiko Sato.

Hyubwoo Info Tech Co., Ltd.

Korea: Hyubwoo Info Tech Co., Ltd.

Hyubwoo Info Tech, Korean company doing system integration business and distributing & selling software, was established in 1991. The company is specialized in software development toolkits reselling, value-added services and technical support to customers. Please contact the sales department for inquiries.

TanGunsoft Co.,Ltd

Korea: TanGunsoft Co.,Ltd

TanGunsoft has not only been maintaining top class partnerships with major software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk but have constantly been investing on S/W targeting specific market such as TEC-IT with excellent product sales, technical support, and distribution since our establishment in 2002. Please contact our sales department for inquires.

Open Software Information Technology: Software Distributor, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Open Software Information Technology (OSit)

OSit was established in 2012 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as a part of Alrubaishi Group. We provide new directions in many areas of software and technology innovation, such as Openbravo Open Source cloud based ERP and POS solutions, Microsoft Dynamics 365, cloud service provider, web services, web hosting and design applications, email services, digital marketing, and e-commerce, software licensing and much more.

Cogito Solutions Ltd.: Software Distributor, Singapore

Singapore: Cogito Solutions Ltd.

Cogito Solutions Ltd. is established in year 1998, specifying business is software distribution, computer consulting and computer programming in Asia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cogito Solutions Ltd. is now a leading computer distribution and consulting firm in Asia. Currently, we have offices in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong serving customers from the regions and Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Brunei etc.

Qast Software Pte Ltd: Software distributor, Singapore

Singapore: Qast Singapore Pte Ltd

Qast Singapore is a leading distribution company in Singapore. The company is specialized in software reselling, value-added services, technical support and related services. Please contact the sales department for inquiries.


Taiwan: AccessSoft Inc.

AccessSoft Inc. is a professional distributor in Taiwan. Please contact Mr. Rachel Wu.

Cogito Solutions Ltd.: Software Distributor, Taiwan

Taiwan: Cogito Solutions Ltd.

Cogito Solutions Ltd. is established in year 1998, specifying business is software distribution, computer consulting and computer programming in Asia.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cogito Solutions Ltd. is now a leading computer distribution and consulting firm in Asia. Currently, we have offices in China, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong serving customers from the regions and Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Brunei etc.

I-Planet International Co., Ltd.

Taiwan: I-Planet International Co., Ltd.

I-Planet International Co., Ltd. is a professional software retailer and distributor, who is currently a partner of Microsoft, Adobe and other companies in Taiwan. The company has engaged in this business for the past 10 years. I-Planet mainly does business in the education sector and has a market share of 90%.

Linksoft Inc.

Taiwan, Taipei County: Linksoft Inc.

Linksoft Inc. is TEC-IT software reseller in Taiwan and has offices in Xi'an, China. We sell computer-related products needed for research and development.


Taiwan: NFI Co., Ltd.

“NFI Co., Ltd is a professional management company of software asset in Taiwan. Our main business is selling professional software and related hardware products.” Please contact Mr. Kevin Hu.

CCM Systems Company Ltd.

Thailand, Bangkok: CCM Systems Company Ltd.

CCM Systems Company Limited. provides comprehensive professional services in Engineering software, CAD, GIS, LBS, Mobile apps development, Software, Hardware, and related spatial information technology. We also provide consulting and IT services to clients across Asia.

Gunner Barcode & Printing Co., Ltd.

Thailand: Gunner Barcode & Printing Co., Ltd.

Gunner Barcode & Printing Co., Ltd is a leading, service-oriented company in Thailand with 16 years of experience. The company is specialized in barcoding and POS solutions offering customers high quality barcode printers, barcode scanners, POS software, premium labels and jewelery tags. Gunner Barcode & Printing Co., Ltd is an authorized distributor for brands like CipherLab, TSC, Prowill, HiTi, Primera Technology and reseller for Zebra, Honeywell and Motorola.

Harmonious Company Limited

Thailand: Harmonious Company Limited

Harmonious is a SAP consultant and solution provider in Thailand. Beside Synactive GuiXT solutions, solutions for integration with external systems or an in-house product for asset tracking, Harmonious is offering TEC-IT bar code solutions for SAP. Please contact Mr. Chanchai Nitikitpaiboon.

ETİ Bilgisayar

Turkey: ETİ Bilgisayar Ltd

Founded in 1990, Eti is the Software Center of Turkey with thousands of registered users and products from nearly 30 Software Vendors who have an extremely good reputation for creating innovative and powerful software that are helping companies and business users to improve their productivity.


Turkey: ABH

ABH (Anadolu Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) is one of the leading players in the Turkish IT market. ABH focuses mainly on value-added solutions and services and offers different solutions for enterprise systems (ERP) and applications. Please contact Mr. Onur Tekin.


Turkey: DATATEKNİK Bilgisayar Sistemleri

DATATEKNİK is the greatest domestic PC manufacturer of Turkey and also provides innovative, private and integrated IT services for corporations. Please contact Mr. Alper Tunckale.

Pacisoft Company

Vietnam: Pacisoft

The store for business software and online services features the top brands from the industry's leading publishers, including Microsoft, Autodesk, Kaspersky, Solidworks, Google, Symantec, Adobe, Corel, Nuance and hundreds of others. is a Khanh Trung Company, Office in 163 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Phone number: (+84) 36 100 816. Please contact the sales department.

Tin Bao Lan Co., Ltd

Vietnam: Tin Bao Lan Co., Ltd

Tin Bao Lan Co., Ltd's systems integration and services business focuses on providing IT solutions, during years of operation and focuses mainly in the field of hardware products (ASUS, ACER, HP, DELL, LENOVO, IBM, CISCO, APC, EMERSON) - Software (MICROSOFT, CAD/CAM, ERP SYSTEM) - Solutions (Cloud system, Virtualization, Backup, Networking and Camera) - Design Server Room: (UPS, Fire Protection Solution, Raised floor system) - IT services (Maintenance, IT help desk, IT training, IT Recruitment) - ANDON system solution, qualify control, access control, etc.
For further information, please contact TBL's sales department.

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Resellers in Australia and Oceania


Australia: Aquion Pty Ltd

For over a decade, Aquion has supplied and supported software to leading large accounts, their resellers and partners. They have expertise in information security, organizational efficiency, network optimisation and strategic software sourcing. Aquion provides all services to market, sell, implement and support the strategic technologies that they supply in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and India. Their partners include major resellers and consulting firms. Please contact for all inquiries.

ROX Systems

Australia: ROX Systems

ROX Systems offer a wide range of software, hardware, consumables and services solutions around automatic identification & data capture including software for designing, printing and automating the production of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more. Please contact for all inquiries.

Icon of the world with Europe being highlighted

Resellers in Europe


Austria: ACS&S

ACS&S stands for Advanced Computer Systems & Software and offers IT solutions for the small and medium business range. ACS&S focuses amongst others on standard hardware, special devices (multimedia and industry PCs, visually impaired people) and business software. Please contact Gerhard Nöbauer.


Austria: COMPAREX Austria GmbH

Our Austrian reseller COMPAREX Italia Srl offers a comprehensive service portfolio which covers licensing of standardized software, software management, system support, proprietary software solutions and complete system-house services, in addition to IT infrastructure and financial services.


Azerbaijan: Module Caspi LLC

Module Caspi is one of the developing companies within Caspian and South Caucasus region. It has been operating in different segments of industry; including but not limited to Energy, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Mining, HSE and Medical, Industrial IOT and Construction projects. Our work strategy is as following: Investigation, Procurement, Supply, and Service. We have a team of engineers that will help the customer to develop customizes products for the specific needs. Our large stock availability meets all kind of MRO equipment requests from our clients.

Some of our global and local clients: BP, Saipem, Azercell (Telia Sonera), GE Oil, Wood Group, BBTV, Ideal Perfumery, Azerbaijan International Mining Company, TISA, Worley Parsons etc.


Belgium: SoftAdvice

SoftAdvice sells, builds and maintains digital solutions with a focus on information and enterprise content management for customers in a wide range of industries. Please contact Mr. Patrick Vervloesem.


Benelux: SAPSTROOM bvba

SAPSTROOM delivers SAP R/3 solutions especially in Supply Chain Management area like warehousing, transportation and logistics services. Their service combines consulting and software delivering. Also SAPSTROOM is specialized in data acquisition and bar coding. Please contact Mr. Pieter Paul Dessein.

Outsource IT

Cyprus: Outsource IT

Outsource IT is a group of professionals which their main concern is to satisfy their clients needs. With decades of experience in customer service and support in the communications field, we can support you in the following fields - Installations (Structured Cabling, CCTV, alarm systems, satellite communications, VOIP, servers/racks, electrical), Support (Servers, mail servers and PC's) and Services (Domain name registration, web hosting, cloud services, satellite communications, communications/publications, advertising, packaging). For more information, contact us through our contact form.

Czech Republic, Liberec: SW.CZ

SW.CZ is a well-known company on Czech software market. SW.CZ provides broad range of software, qualified consultations and fast delivery for home and corporate clients.

Grafiteco A/S

Denmark and Scandinavia: Grafiteco A/S

Grafiteco A/S is the leading Scandinavian consultant and supplier of barcode verification equipment and solutions. With more then 40 years experience (1968) in the industry they only work with the best equipment and software. Therefore they have chosen to work with TEC-IT barcode software and in co-operation with REA barcode equipment they are the best possible platform.

Grafiteco A/S is working in cooporation from small office customer over to Graphic industry and in the Pharma segment.

Grafiteco A/S

Denmark: Axicode

Axicode is the leading barcode specialist in Denmark and specialize in professional data capture, software solutions and barcode verification. We offer labels, printers, scanners, verifiers, and custom software and web solutions. For inquiries please contact the sales department

Comsoft-SOS Developers

France: Comsoft-SOS Developers

Comsoft-SOS Developers is a big french software reseller which offers a broad range of software products and customized business solutions for small and medium-sized companies. Please contact Mr. Stéphane Baudry.


France: iNet System

As an Apple platform service specialist, iNet System is a member of the international Apple Consultants Network. Our company is specialized in outsourcing, development, consulting and training and is positioned as one of the first IT service companies exclusively in the universe of Apple technologies. Since 2004, iNet System works for companies, administrations and small businesses and also offers Mac support (online and by phone).
For inquiries please contact us.


France: LAFI

LAFI is a huge french IT reseller for large companies (B2B). Please contact Romain Berna.

Germany: Comline AG

Germany: Comline AG

Comline AG situated in the Technology Park of Dortmund was founded 1989. They act successfully in the area of information logistics. Besides industry-specific products Comline provides additional services including project management as well as software implementation. Please find your contact partner here.


Germany: ConnectData

Systems provider for complete solutions in the field of logistics, in particular for medium-sized manufacturing companies with barcode or RFID technology. Integration into ERP systems such as SAP or infor are an essential part of the solutions. For further questions please contact the sales team.


Germany: Config GmbH

Config GmbH focuses mainly on innovative information technology and provides customized IT solutions and consulting services for small and medium-sized companies. From supporting the entire IT system up to covering only parts of business, Config offers the best possible infrastructure, development and consulting. Please contact Mr. Haimerl.

COSYS - all around bar codes...

Germany: COSYS Ident GmbH

TEC-IT is an official software partner of COSYS (Germany) for advanced custom solutions. COSYS provides barcode readers /-printers, mobile data acquisition devices, Datamatrix technology, PEN computer, radio systems, labels and many more...

CRS - Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Germany: CRS - Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

CRS - Datentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1995, is well known as ERP and CRM supplier. They provide all-inclusive solutions and their competence focus ranges from consulting service to developing and customizing of standardized software. CRS - Datentechnik GmbH & Co.KG is established and available in Europe. German mid-sized companies as well as transnational corporations belong to their customers.

GCI Gesellschaft für computergestützte Informationsverarbeitung mbH

Germany: GCI Gesellschaft für computergestützte Informationsverarbeitung mbH

For 30 years the Software- und Systemhaus GCI mbH situated in Dortmund has focused on modern and integrated business software for medium-sized companies. The team consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals with expertise in the areas of software development, support, technology, sales and administration. They handle ambitious projects and professional after sales support smoothly. Please get in in touch with them using the GCI contact form.

go-systems IT GmbH

Germany: go-systems IT GmbH

go-systems IT GmbH is a system house that offers its customers a complete package from consulting, through purchase, training, installation to maintenance and expansion of IT systems. With its in-house development go-business, go-systems also offers its customers fully customizable ERP systems for a wide range of industries. In case of questions please contact us.

Hamburg Mobile

Germany: Hamburg Mobile Computing UG & Co. KG

We check your barcodes according to ISO 15415/15416.

Hexacom GmbH

Germany: Hexacom EDV-Vertriebs-GmbH & Co. KG

Hexacom is a reseller for software, licenses and enterprise solutions with more than 20 years of experience. Hexacom is fast, flexible, reliable and fair. We do not just write that on the flag - we live that too. Our goal: we want long-term relationships with really satisfied customers. For inquiries, please contact

International Software Partners

Germany: International Software Partners

International Software Partners GmbH is one of the leading European specialists for software distribution and service. Please contact Christian Laube.

IPEA - Innovative Produkte & Entwicklungen für Apotheken GmbH

Germany: IPEA - Innovative Produkte & Entwicklungen für Apotheken GmbH

IPEA ist your custom solutions partner for drug stores. Their services and products range from a pharmacy WiKi for quick employee information, solutions for individual and bulk formulations to consultation services for product releases (NEM), PZN, EAN and more.

JessenLenz GmbH

Germany: JessenLenz GmbH

JessenLenz is known as IT software provider since 1978. The services range from process and IT consulting over sales and service to the development and implementation of innovative IT solutions for complete business processes or for the whole IT infrastructure. Please contact Mr. Nils Göbel.

Logo Loggate GmbH

Germany: LOGGATE GmbH

LOGGATE GmbH, based in Bocholt (western Münsterland), is a system house in the auto ID sector. As a provider of services and products for automatic identification and data acquisition solutions, LOGGATE is a contact for IT projects in transport, logistics, industry, trade and commerce. The portfolio includes simple barcode readers, label printers, mobile data acquisition devices, LAN and WLAN networks, monitoring and server systems.

Manß & Partner

Germany: Manß & Partner GmbH

Manß & Partner focuses mainly on consulting services in the area of automotive, chemicals / pharmaceuticals, utilities, engineering & construction and consumer products. Their customer support for setup and operation of system topographies, like the development of system solutions running under ABAP/4, sums up their range of offers. Please contact Mr. Florian Hafner.

McLicense S&C Büsing GbR

Germany: McLicense S&C Büsing GbR

McLicense specializes in huge server environments and mainframes since 2003, and since 2004 likewise in software/hardware distribution and acquisition service. Please contact Mr. Büsing.

netzwerkfähig H & F GmbH

Germany: netzwerkfähig H & F GmbH

netzwerkfähig GmbH is a modern, innovative company in the areas of IT consulting, IT services and cloud computing. The company has more than 15 years of experience in implementing IT projects and envisions itself as a "full service provider". For inquiries, please contact the sales office.

Norlan GmbH

Germany: Norlan GmbH

Focus of Norlan GmbH is system integration of Auto-ID products, such as handheld devices and forklift terminals in the warehouse and transport logistics. For more information please contact Mr. Frank Verhufen.


Germany: OVS Computer Handels-GmbH

OVS Computer Handels-GmbH, based in Neuss, is an IT system house operating since 1991. 'Finding solutions together...' is the company's motto. OVS covers all central requirement areas of modern information and data processing, it develops and implements the best IT and printing solution, including consulting, procurement, delivery and installation. The company helps you to create more potential for the customers IT, more security in the network and a healthy (!) printing.

Paradies Informationstechnik GmbH

Germany: Paradies Informationstechnik GmbH

Paradies Informationstechnik GmbH develops software solutions for all industries and requirements. Furthermore, we are in areas as active hardware and software sales, network administration and also data recovery in vicinity. For inquiries, please contact Mr. Paradies.

PH-Soft Computer IT-Business Solutions

Germany: PH-Soft Computer IT-Business Solutions

PH-Soft Computer is an innovative IT system house and a competent, nationwide partner for IT hardware and software solutions. We also offer our regional customers in the area Augsburg/Munich/Ulm/Landsberg/Donauwörth our comprehensive IT services on site. Since 1991, we have mainly been supplying public clients, industrial and medium-sized companies with customized IT solutions. Our regular customers have also included doctors' surgeries and hospitals for many years. For inquiries, please contact Mr. Philipps.

Quentia GmbH

Germany: Quentia GmbH

Quentia GmbH developed in 2000 from the internal IT department of Andreas Schmid Logistik AG and its regular suppliers in Gersthofen (Germany). Today the Quentia supervises as an experienced system house with more than 90 employees a large number of companies in all industries in the Bavarian-Swabia and in the Greater Munich area with IT solutions, IT services and outsourcing. With quentia.logware the company offers a new subsidiary of Andreas Schmid Logistik AG on holistic software and hardware solutions, as well as consulting for logistics service providers throughout the German-speaking countries. For more information, please contact the sales team.

SienerSoft GmbH

Germany: SienerSoft GmbH

SienerSoft distributes software since 1999. Please contact the sales department for inquiries.

Softwarebox GmbH

Germany: Softwarebox GmbH

Our reseller Softwarebox GmbH distributes software since 1992. Their service is offered for corporate and private customers from Germany and Europe.

EAN Code Shop

Germany: EAN Code Shop

Onlineshopping Druske UG operates the EAN Code Shop, where you can purchase GTIN/EAN numbers without annual charges (graphics included). In addition they offer bar code related products like cash systems (POS), bar code software, etc.

Weiß Software & Systeme GmbH

Germany: Weiß Software & Systeme GmbH

Weiß Software is a full service IT provider for small and mid-sized companies which has been owner-operated since 1982. Their central location enables them to serve all customers in German speaking countries. The product portfolio focuses on individual software development and IT system project management targeting any industry. Additionally they provide holistic solutions in the area of hardware, insourcing as well as the setup and maintenance of hardware infrastructure. Please contact Mr. Karl Weiß for inquiries.

Wienen IT Business Solutions GmbH

Germany: Wienen IT Business Solutions GmbH

Your solution partner for software and hardware, network and communication technology as well as IT and enterprise security.

Nador Systems Ltd.

Hungary: Nador Systems Ltd.

Nador Systems Ltd. was established in 1991. The aim of the company to serve its customers with complete services and solutions in fields of IT, IT Security, telecommunications, office technology, barcode technology and RFID. You can find government and state administration bodies, health-care institutions, industrial enterprises as well as small and medium companies among Nadors clients.


Italy: COMPAREX Italia Srl

Our Italian reseller COMPAREX Italia Srl is one of the leading manufacturer-independent IT enterprises in Europe, offering a comprehensive service portfolio which covers licensing of standardized software, software management, system support, proprietary software solutions and complete system-house services, in addition to financial services provided via its own subsidiaries.

Sistemi 2000 s.r.l

Italy: Sistemi 2000 s.r.l

Sistemi2000 srl is specialized in Hardware and Software reselling, value-added services, technical support and related services. With over 25 years of activity, Sistemi2000 srl, with the subsidiary 2KSoft srl, that commercializes the most advanced software solutions, has created a partnership that could guarantee a complete and professional service. The experiences acquired during the years has consolidated their relationship with the most demanding customers by answering to the continuous innovations that this sector requires. Please contact the sales department for enquires.

Software Experience S.r.l.

Italy: Software Experience S.r.l.

Software Experience, founded in 2007, is highly-skilled in supplying hardwares, softwares, consultancy and assistance and in providing resellers and end users with a great service and competence. We are distributor and VAR for many software products and also one of our activity is to be an International Broker of ICT, being able to find any product (software and/or hardware) requested by our customers and we can purchase products abroad on their behalf.

DOESUM software + support

The Netherlands: DOESUM software + support

DOESUM software + support delivers tools and knowledge with high quality of service. Specialised in the fields of creative communications, graphic industries, prepress and printing, packaging, 3D-creation and printing, corporate and office workflows and use of general desktopsoftware. Relevant quality certifications: Adobe Authorised Training Centre, Adobe Certified Reseller, Enfocus Certified Partner, Markzware Authorised Solution Provider.

HIT - Kody Kreskowe

Poland: HIT - Kody Kreskowe

HIT-Kody Kreskowe offers comprehensive IT solutions streamlining logistical, storage and production processes. They are specialized in provision of equipment and solutions for automatic identification of information on the basis of barcode, 2D code, RFID and VOICE technologies. They offer a full range of services, from consultancy, through selection and supply of equipment, software implementation, installation of radio networks, to training, as well as integration of their solutions with the customers systems and devices plus the after-sales service. Contact the sales department for enquiries.


Poland: infilab

Infilab is a Polish company, offering IT services and solutions, consultancy, network administration and maintenance. Present at the market since 2006, Infilab brand was officially introduced in 2010. Currently we cooperate with several companies, dealing with day-to-day business tasks. For more information please contact our office.


Portugal: EDNI, LDA.

EDNI is a company incorporated in 1994, for the sales of computer equipment, products and value added services under the most advanced information technologies. It is a company dedicated to provide comprehensive solutions ranging from consultancy to training, installation, support and maintenance of equipment and data networks. The company 's customer portfolio includes leading public bodies, such as the ministries of education, justice, internal administration, health, finance, economics, foreign affairs, agriculture, presidency of the council of ministers, local authorities, universities, hospitals, air navigation enterprises, large construction companies, etc. While developing its activity autonomously EDNI belongs to a group of companies, which includes the following companies: Diceque, Organex, Tecnamatic, Rasia and Iberogal. Please contact Mr. Amaro for enquiries.

Rodax Management

Romania: RODAX Management

RODAX Management is a Romanian IT&C company, based in Bucharest, that offers Business-to-Business Integrated Information Services, being an IT&C turn-key solution and outsourcing provider. Areas of expertise include: infrastructure services, support services, business services, software development and event engineering. Please contact


Russia: BestHard

BestHard is a provider of software and computer hardware, licensed programs of world brands and computer equipment with turnkey pre-installed software. BestHard is a reliable supplier with a wide range at affordable prices. Delivery throughout Russia. Please contact the

Docflow Best Practice, Ltd

Russia: Docflow Best Practice

Docflow Best Practice develops solutions for electronic documents managing on SAP platform. They provide you with various electronic document management systems and electronic archives on the SAP platform as well as embedded scanning, bar coding, encryption and digital signature in the standard SAP applications. Their solutions are certified by SAP and don’t modify SAP-code. They can be easily adapted by using the parameterization and plug-ins and don't depend on your storage system. Please contact the sales department for enquires.

Quarta Technologies

Russia: Quarta Technologies

Quarta Technologies is an IT solutions provider and value added software distributor since 1997, providing leading software solutions from more than 100 vendors around the world. Please contact the sales department.

R-ID Solutions

Russia: R-ID

R-ID is a leading professional solutions supplier in the field of supply chain execution (SCE) and mobile business applications based on auto-ID and RFID technologies and wireless. The company specializes in a wide range of services embracing a full working cycle of fulfilling comprehensive systems, covering consulting, project development, hardware and software supply and installation, system integration, technical support and maintenance. The company is a part of Inline Technology Group.

SoftMap IT Solutions Russia

Russia: SoftMap

SoftMap specializes in the supply of software and IT solutions. The catalog presents the software of more than 3000 world famous manufacturers.
The company operates throughout Russia, founded in 2015.

SYSSOFT LLC, Software Distributor in Russia


Since 2008 SYSSOFT conducts a business in supplying software licensing solutions and provides clients with a full range of software products from all around the world. Our purpose is to offer the most advanced software solutions on mutually advantageous terms for the businesses of our clients. We aim to support long-term cooperation honouring one’s commitments with a high level of reliability and efficiency.


Slovak Republic: Avir

Our reseller in the Slovak Republic is offering a broad portfolio of shareware software products for corporate and private customers.


Spain: Danysoft Internacional S.L.

Danysoft is a value added distributor and solution partner with a focus on IT teams and special focus development teams and system management solutions since 1990. Part of our value relies on additional services such as training and consulting we provide to our customers in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America with our new offices in Peru & Brasil. For more informations, please contact the sales team at Danysoft.


Slovenia: COMPAREX, informacijski sistemi, d.o.o.

As a global IT company with thirty years of experience, COMPAREX is one of the world’s leading IT service providers and no. 1 software license management company in the EMEA markets. COMPAREX develops innovative services that support management and leverage software products, leading to an overall improvement of workforce productivity. For more information, please contact us.


Spain: éccora

éccora, based in Spain, is a global software supplier with an e-Commerce platform and B2B-based activity. For more informations, please contact our sales team.

uniko – The world of solutions

Switzerland: uniko – The world of solutions

uniko specializes in top IT solutions, software applications, infrastructure and business analysis. The solutions are delivered to companies large and small from a single source. Core competencies are in the field of information management to project management and consulting. The solutions are comprehensive, transparent and long-term processes and meaningful. The solution portfolio includes portal software and social business, scanning & barcode systems, automated workflows, UCC Unified Communication and Collaboration, requirements engineering and office automation. Please contact Mr. Steffen Naumann for inquiries.


Switzerland: Xcompany

Xcompany offers consulting and integration for auto-id data acquisition and label printing systems.
„Smart, target oriented auto-id solutions simplify your daily life, you will have more time!“
We support and integrate our latest barcode applications and auto-id hardware solutions into existing IT-structures.
Contact: Gaetano Vinciprova


Ukraine: BrigRetail / Kiev

BrigRetail іs one of the leading consultancies in Ukraine among those providing management & business consulting services as well as services on implementation of automated applications designed for enterprise business management and improvement of business processes.


Ukraine: SoftiCo / Kiev

SoftiCo is a well-known company on Ukrainian software market. SoftiCo has more than 1000 customers and partners in Ukraine. Provides all sorts of software, qualified consultations and fast delivery.

Grey Matter Ltd.

United Kingdom: Grey Matter Ltd.

Since 1983 Grey Matter has provided independent and trusted software supply, management and advice for organizations of all sizes seeking solutions to their business, technical, development and miscellaneous requirements.

PC Help Computer Services Ltd.

United Kingdom: PC Help Computer Services Ltd.

Whether you are looking for IT support, consultancy or managed services. PC Help Computer Services offers everything from remote monitoring, online backup, to telecoms services, web site design, hosting, security solutions or assistance in procuring hardware and software.

QBS Software Ltd.

United Kingdom: QBS Software Ltd.

QBS Software is a leading software supplier in Europe. QBS provides a range of products from IDEs to code tools, components to installation tools as well as security, reporting, installation, web, database, help creation, system tools and application software. Please contact Mrs. Charlotte Kasner.

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Resellers in the Middle East

eBusiness Design , Israel

Israel: eBusiness Design

eBusiness Design was established in 1995, to ensure Software Developers were supplied with the best software development products the world had to offer. We cover the academic market, having extensive experience in licensing programs for education, which includes primary schools, secondary schools leading universities and colleges in Israel. eBusiness Design offers the world's best collection of labor saving software in Israel through our team, carrying over 2,000 SKU's from 100+ Publishers.

Software Sources, Israel

Israel: Software Sources

You can buy TEC-IT software licenses through our local reseller in Israel. Software Sources is a distributor and reseller for Israel for many major international and local companies.

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International Resellers

Software House International

Software House International

Software House International provides licenses of well-known software and brands. You can also purchase your TEC-IT products there.