Data Acquisition and Inventory Apps for Android

Simplify your data collection with our software and Android.

Android Apps for data acquisition, inventory management and stocktaking: TEC-IT apps were designed to boost your productivity in all application areas. Most apps provide integrated Bluetooth connectivity, the use of external, industry-grade Bluetooth barcode scanners (Motorola Symbol, Baracoda, Microvision ROV, etc) for improved input speed and better accuracy is possible.


Barcode Keyboard

Barcodescanner Keyboard for Android

This soft-keyboard with integrated camera bar-code scanner is a real time-saver:

Besides manual typing this soft-keyboard scans and enters barcodes directly into input fields of arbitrary apps. A special key invokes the built-in or an external camera barcode scanner immediately. Scanned bar-codes are automatically entered into the active target app, the bar-code data appear as entered manually by the user.

This input method works with all existing apps and is extremely easy to install. English, German, French, Swedish and Russian keyboard layouts are available. The keyboard layout is automatically adjusted according to the system language of your Android.

The Barcode-Scanner Keyboard is available as free demo, as pay-as-you-go version and as bulk-license version for mass distribution.

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Type or Scan!


For Barcode Scanning

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Barcodescanner Keyboard Product Video
Free Android TCP/IP and Bluetooth Reader


Data Acquisition for Android Smart Phones and Tablets

Use GetBlue to automatically capture and collect device data with your Android smart phone or tablet.

GetBlue communicates with Bluetooth® devices like serial port profile (SPP) barcode scanners in client or server mode, TCP/IP servers or clients, HTTP applications and third party camera scanner apps. The collected data is displayed, logged, stored, forwarded or injected as virtual user input into arbitrary apps (data acquisition via keyboard wedge). Manual communications functions are available as well. GetBlue is also able to proxy data between different devices and protocols (e.g. Bluetooth SPP -> TCP/IP).

Both the free demo as well as the unlimited version are available on Google Play. Integrators benefit from the bulk-licensing enabled version available for download on this website.

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Bluetooth SPP


Keyboard Wedge

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Data Acquisition for Android Smart Phones and Tablets - GetBlue Product Video
Rapid Inventory Item List

Rapid Inventory

Inventory App with Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Use Rapid Inventory for Android to simplify stocktaking and inventory management tasks. Create, manage or control your item stock lists, scroll of articles, part lists, equipment serial numbers, physical or fixed assets, CD and DVD collections, etc. in no time at all.

The built-in barcode scanner and the integrated support for industry-grade Bluetooth scanners allow you to create and manage item data in as little time as possible.

Rapid Inventory was optimized for fast and smooth operation on smart phones and tablets; particular emphasis was placed on simple and intuitive operation. The integrated data exchange functions allow you to import existing stock lists or to use the collected data for further processing. Data import and data export can be performed using CSV files, XML files or by the means of Google Drive (Google online spreadsheets).

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Inventory Management


Bluetooth Support

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Stocktaking and Inventory Management for Android - Rapid Inventory Video


Bluetooth Keyboard-Wedge for Android

The keyboard wedge BluePiano extends arbitrary existing apps on your Android smart phone or tablet with automated Bluetooth data collection. This new input method offers the following main features:

  • Fast and accurate data collection without copy/paste or manual typing.
  • Compatibility with all Bluetooth SPP devices supporting the serial port profile (RFCOMM).
  • Captured data is injected as virtual keystrokes into the input fields of arbitrary target apps.
  • BluePiano offers a new soft-keyboard with the extended data acquisition capabilities, modifications of the target apps are not required!

BluePiano is very easy to install and to use. A setup assistant supports the initial configuration.

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Android Keyboard Wedge

Bluetooth SPP

For all Apps

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Bluetooth Keyboard-Wedge - BluePiano Product Video

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanner for Android

The app Wireless Barcode Scanner turns your Android device into a professional wireless barcode imager with outstanding communication features. The app is perfectly suited as cost-saving alternative for handheld barcode imagers; it scans and decodes common linear and 2D bar-codes swiftly and reliably.

Connectivity with arbitrary target systems is guaranteed. The scanned barcodes are available via Bluetooth SPP, TCP/IP and WebSockets (a WebSocket utilizes the direct communication between HTML5 web-pages and the barcode scanner app over TCP, additional software is not required for this purpose).

The app is ready for enterprise wide deployment and volume licensing. The configuration can be automatically imported from files, the use of cryptic configuration barcodes is past. The app can be licensed using Google Play, using TEC-IT's activation server (no Google account required) or via license files based on the device-ID.

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1D/2D Barcode Imager


Bluetooth, TCP, WebSocket

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Wireless Barcode Scanner Product Video