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Download TWedgeCE - Mobile Data Acquisition Software

Download TWedgeCE, software for mobile data acquisition with Pocket PCs®, Windows CE® and Windows Mobile®! TWedgeCE offers hassle-free data acquisition from any device connected via RS-232 serial interface, COM port, Bluetooth®, TCP or UDP.

The free demo version can be upgraded into a full version by ordering a license key.

Download SoftwarePlatformSize Download
TWedgeCE V2.1.0.15376Pocket PC 2003 SE256 KB Download TWedgeCE_PPC2003_SE.exe
TWedgeCE V2.1.0.15376Windows CE 5 / CE 6 (x86)335 KB Download TWedgeCE_WinCE5_X86.exe
TWedgeCE V2.1.0.15376Windows CE 5 / Embedded CE 6 (ARMV4I)264 KB Download TWedgeCE_WinCE5_ARMV4I.exe
TWedgeCE V2.1.0.15376Windows Mobile 5 / Windows Mobile 6255 KB Download TWedgeCE_WinMobile5.exe
Download Previous VersionsPlatformSize Download
TWedgeCE V1.4.0.9Pocket PC 2002/20030.2 MB Download TWedgeCE_PPC2002.exe
TWedgeCE V1.4.0.9Windows CE 4.2 (ARMV4)0.1 MB Download TWedgeCE_WinCE42_ARMV4.exe
TWedgeCE V1.4.0.9Windows CE 4.2 (ARMV4I)0.1 MB Download TWedgeCE_WinCE42_ARMV4I.exe
TWedgeCE V1.4.0.9Windows CE 4.2 (Symbol PPT 8800)0.2 MB Download TWedgeCE_WinCE42_PPT8800.exe
TWedgeCE V1.4.0.9Windows CE 4.2 (x86)0.1 MB Download TWedgeCE_WinCE42_X86.exe
Download DocumentationPlatformSize Download
TWedgeCE User Manual V2 0.6 MB Download TWedgeCE2_Manual_EN.pdf
TWedgeCE User Manual V1-0.4 MB Download TWedgeCE1_Man_EN.pdf

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