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TBarCode OCX (Barcode ActiveX Control) software

Barcoding of upc, ean, ean 13, ean 128, code 39, code 93, code 128, Codabar, 2/5, PDF417, Data Matrix, MaxiCode and more... without a bar code font!

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With TEC-IT barcode software you can generate and print the following bar codes...

UPC-A, UPC-12, EAN 13, EAN128, Code 39, 93, 128, RSS,  2/5...

Barcoding of all popular bar code types

Support for RSS-14 and RSS Expanded

Barcoding of powerful 2D symbologies (PDF417, MaxiCode, Datamatrix)

Create all these bar codes (UPC, EAN, Code 39, 128, 93, 2/5...) within one control and without a barcode font


Code11 Code 11
Code 2OF5 Standard Code 2/5 (identical to 2OF5 Matrix)
Code 2OF5 Interleaved Code 2/5, Interleaved (alias 2/5 ITF)
Code 2OF5 IATA Code 2 of 5, IATA version
Code 2OF5 Matrix Code 2 of 5, Matrix (alias 2OF5 Standard)
Code 2OF5 DataLogic Code 2 of 5, DataLogic version
Code 2OF5 Industry Code 2 of 5, Industry
Code 39 Code 3 of 9 (alias 3of9, Code39)
Code 39 Full ASCII Code 3 of 9, full ASCII
EAN8P2 EAN 8, 2 digits add-on
EAN8P5 EAN 8, 5 digits add-on
EAN13 / EAN14 EAN 13 (JAN, IAN), EAN 14
EAN13P2 EAN 13, 2 digits add-on
EAN13P5 EAN 13, 5 digits add-on
EAN128 EAN 128
UPC12 UPC 12 (alias UPC-A)
CodaBar 2 Widths Codabar (2 widths)
Code128 Code 128 (all subsets and compressed mode)
Code128A Code 128 subset A
Code128B Code 128 subset B
Code128C Code 128 subset C
DP Leitcode Deutsche Post Leitcode
DP Identdcode Deutsche Post Identcode
Code 93 Code 93
Code 93 Full ASCII Code 93, full ASCII
ITF-14 Code 2of 5 Interleaved (14 digits)
LOGMARS LOGMARS (Code39 for Mil-Std)
UPCSCC UPC Shipping Container Code (see ITF-14)
UCC128 UCC 128 (see EAN128)
UPCA UPC version A
UPCAP2 UPC version A, 2 digits add-on
UPCAP5 UPC version A, 5 digits add-on
UPCE UPC version E
UPCEP2 UPC version E, 2 digits add-on
UPCEP5 UPC version E, 5 digits add-on
PostNet5 USPS PostNet 5 digits, no check digit
PostNet6 USPS PostNet 6 digits
PostNet8 USPS PostNet 8 digits, without check digit
PostNet10 USPS PostNet 10 digits
PostNet11 USPS PostNet 11 digits, without check digit
PostNet12 USPS PostNet 12 digits
Korean Postal Korean Postal Authority Barcode 
Japanese Postal Japanese Postal Customer Code
RSS-14 EAN UCC RSS-14 (Reduced Space Symbology
RSS-14 Truncated EAN UCC RSS-14 Truncated
RSS-14 Limited EAN UCC RSS-14 Limited
RSS Expanded EAN UCC RSS Expanded (Reduced Space Symbology)

ITF-, SCC-, SSCC-, EAN-, UCC-,...

Related standards

Fully encodable

Related bar codes supported by the implemented symbologies

We are also supporting these related symbologies (referring as listed above): USS Code 39, AIAG, HIBC, USS Code 128, UCC-128, ISBT-128, EAN-14, SSCC-18, SCC-14, JAN, Bookland, ISBN, ISSN, USS ITF 2-5, I-2/5, ITF-14, EAN-14, SSC-14, DUN14, USPS, DOD Logmars (Department of Defense Logmars).

Please ask our support if you need information about how to use these bar codes.

PDF417, Maxicode, Datamatrix, QR Code

Two-dimensional (2D) symbologies like PDF417, Maxicode and Datamatrix, all RSS Types

Within one control we support also these powerful 2D bar code symbologies

PDF417 PDF 417
PDF417 Truncated PDF 417 Truncated version
MaxiCode Maxicode (2D symbology used by UPS)
Data Matrix Datamatrix (high capacity 2D symbology)
QRCode QR-Code
RSS-14 Stacked EAN UCC RSS-14 Stacked (Reduced Space Symbology)
RSS-14 Stacked Omni EAN UCC RSS-14 Stacked Omnidirectional
RSS Expanded Stacked EAN UCC RSS Expanded Stacked
EAN.UCC Composite Symbology All variants of the EAN.UCC Composite Symbology (CC-A, CC-B, CC-C)

More Symbologies

 You need other complex symbologies (beside PDF417, MaxiCode or Data Matrix)?

Or you need a special (custom) bar code symbology?

Contact us !


Specialties (orientation, module width, subsets...)

symbol orientation 0, 90, 180, 270

selectable check digit computation

adjustable module-width and print-ratios

supporting all code-subsets (code 128)

support of escape sequences ("Test\13" == "Test" + CR) for control characters

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