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Bar code DLL software for printing bar codes without special bar code printers or barcode fonts. With this barcode software you print barcodes from VB, C/C++, Delphi and more...


Barcode DLL Sample Applications included!


C/C++ Samples are included with the DLL

C++ Sample application demonstrating the Barcode DLL within a MFC dialog

Barcode Editor

Sample C/C++ source code of Barcode View (a bar code editor) is included.

The C++ source code (Visual C++ project) of "Barcode View" is included with the Barcode DLL. This application demonstrates how to use the bar code API of the TEC-IT barcode DLL software. It can be used as a "standalone" bar code editor as well.

Free Download Barcode  DLL

free download bar code dllDownload Demo

The latest demo-release (including sample C++ projects) is available here - free of charge.

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