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Barcode printing for SAP R/3 (with SAPlpd) - in perfect quality - for all printers - supporting all linear and 2D symblogies - without the need of a barcode font or a barcode printer.


Printing bar codes with SAP R/3

Bar coding Extension

for SAP R/3

Printer independent

No Hardware Extensions

Why TEC-IT's Barcode Solution for SAP R/3?

You need to print bar codes from within your SAP R/3 system because of several reasons:

  • Document Management requirements
  • SCM requirements
  • VDA4902, B-10 Forms
  • and so on…

No problem you think – there are a lot of possibilities to choose from:

  • Implementing barcode symbologies yourself in ABAP (but TEC-IT does not really recommend this method)
  • Using printer cartridges or special barcode printers...
    Of course – it’s a solution. BUT are you really sure you want to pay for each single printer? And do you prefer to be forced to use exactly that printer models? Or to pay twice if you change printers?
  • Using TEC-IT BarCode for SAPLPD...

TEC-IT Barcode for SAPLPD is a software–only solution that enables SAP R/3 to print bar codes on all types of printers. And no hardware extensions are needed.

Barcode printing for SAP R/3



Install Extension

Print Bar Codes

The Road to Barcode printing for SAP R/3...

SAP R/3 Barcode Software Solution

All Bar Code Symbologies

Easiest Use

Perfect Output Quality

Hardware independent

Barcode Printing for SAP R/3 without the need of a barcode printer or a barcode font...

TEC-IT Barcode for SAPLPD is a bar code extension for SAP R/3 clients with seamless integration into SAPLPD.

TBarCode can used for locals and network printers. It enables you to use bar code functionality without special bar code printers and without special printer cartridges. The bar codes are generated by our highly developed software.

Therefore the main advantages are....

  Absolute printer independent.

  All common bar code symbologies are supported (linear and 2D symbologies).

  Integrated check-digit computation.

  Extremely easy to use and install.

  Unified barcode interface – no printer specific adjustments are required.

  Completely transparent to your SAP applications and SAP R/3 release independent.

  All parameters can be set by standard SAPscript print controls.

  Outstanding barcode quality!

Please keep in mind: TEC-IT's Barcode solution enables barcode printing for SAP R/3  without the need for barcode printers and without the need for downloading bar code fonts.

You can upgrade or change your printers anytime without considering the bar code functionality...

Without a Barcode Printer or a Barcode Font

Seamless Integration into SAPlpd

Principle of Barcode printing for SAP R/3

TEC-IT Barcode for SAPLPD is a Barcode DLL that translates print controls placed within the SAPLPD data stream into bar code sequences.

Because of TBarCode for SAPLPD is using Windows NT printer driver functionality it is completely device independent. TEC-ITs Barcode DLL for SAPLPD works transparent to the user. All supported bar code types are printed in the best possible resolution (printer dependent) - ensuring best possible "scanability".

You do not need a barcode printer to get the best possible output. Use an inkjet or a laser printer or another label printer to print barcode labels or bar codes to any document without a barcode font or another barcode extension.

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