Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CTFORMerExceptionExceptions thrown by TFORMer SDK
 CComputedFieldProvides access to a ComputedField which is referenced by a DataSource
 CDSFieldMappingDSFieldMapping defines the field-mappings between a DataSource and the DataFields used in a Formlayout
 CDataFieldProvides access to DataField information
 CDataSourceAbstract class for a DataSource
 CDataSourceCsvSpecialized DataSource for CSV data (character separated values)
 CDataSourceOdbcSpecialized DataSource for ODBC data
 CDataSourceXmlSpecialized DataSource for XML data
 CDataSourceParameterProvides access to properties of a DataSourceParameter
 CFormLayoutProvides access to a FormLayout which is referenced by a Repository or available as stand-alone FormLayout
 CJobThis is the main class of TFORMer SDK for generating output
 CJobTrayControlProvides access to JobTrayControl information
 CProjectProvides access to Project information of a Repository or a stand-alone link FormLayout
 CRepositoryOpens or creates a Repository, opens a stand-alone FormLayout
 CJobDataAbstract base class for JobData
 CJobDataCsvProvides access to JobDataCsv (a CSV-file that serves as JobData for a Job)
 CJobDataDataSourceProvides access to a user-defined DataSource, which is defined in the FormLayout or a Repository
 CJobDataOdbcProvides access to JobDataOdbc (an ODBC connection that serves as JobData for a Job)
 CJobDataRecordSetProvides access to JobDataRecordSet (a set of in-memory Record objects which serves as JobData for a Job)
 CJobDataXmlProvides access to JobDataXml (a XML file that serves as JobData for a Job)
 CRecordProvides access to a Record
 CTFORMerProvides methods to query status information and to license TFORMer SDK

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