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TBarCode OCX (a Microsoft® ActiveX® compliant BarCode Control)

Barcode ActiveX software for printing barcodes and barcode labels without using a barcode printer or a barcode font.

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Barcode ActiveX Control

Software for printing bar codes

create barcode labels

the barcode component
for each application

printer independent

no programming required

no special font or printer

web functionality included


TBarcode OCX adds Barcode Printing to your Windows Application (by using ActiveX technology)

  • Printing documents with barcodes or barcode labels is part of your application?
  • You want to integrate barcodes fast and easily into your system?
  • A barcode font would be not flexible enough (e.g. because of check digit calculation)?
  • Barcodes should be produced without programming effort, too?
  • Check-digits should be computed automatically (e.g. for EAN, UPC, Code 39, Code 128,...)?
  • And adjustable barcode parameters (like module width, bar/space ratio, subset control,...) are required?
  • Or you want to integrate barcodes into your web application (ASP, PHP,...)? Independent from the browser and without installing additional software (or a font) at the client?
  • Quick start up and easy application by optimized default settings is a must?
  • Maybe you are searching for a provider of custom-specific codes?


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Printing barcodes in Visual Basic, Microsoft® Access, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, C/C++, Delphi and more

  1. Download free barcode software (ActiveX unrestricted demo) from our Download Area and install TEC-IT Barcode OCX software by running setup.exe.
  2. Insert the Barcode OCX into your application (Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Delphi, Visual C/C++ and more) and adjust the parameters (right-click on the control - select properties).
  3. Start printing barcodes on labels or any document you want - without a font or a special printer.

Bar Code OCX

Voices from our customers...


Customer replies...

My company recently needed to start putting bar codes on shipments to one of our customers. Finding TBarCode OCX  was just the thing I needed. I can now integrate bar coding into the VB database program I've written allowing me to use the data already contained therein. I (...) can tell that your product is rock solid. Very Nicely Done !!!!! This will definitely make part of job easier !

Michael Rice - Stamptech Inc.


Your program is fantastic! It's really easy to install and runs without problems. We are a little toys shop enterprise. All of our informatics system control is through Microsoft Access "self made program". With your TBarCode OCX we have incorporated an upgrade control system. Thank you very much.

Xavier Tapias - www.lip.es

Printing barcode labels without a barcode font or printer

all barcode symbologies

easiest use + free demo!

perfect output quality

automatic check digits

no font + no barcode printer

built-in web-functionality

Features of TEC-IT Barcode OCX Software

TEC-IT Barcode OCX software enables end-users and software developers to print barcodes from within standard applications like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, WinWord, Visual Basic, C/C++, Delphi (...) and from within all other applications where ActiveX technology is supported.

Some of the advantages are...

  • Printing of all usual types of barcodes with one tool.
  • Perfect for printing barcode labels without a font or special printer
  • Integrated check-digit computation.
  • Tested with Microsoft Office product family, Visual Basic, C++, Borland Delphi, FoxPro (...).
  • All barcode parameters are adjustable
  • Drawing of barcodes is done directly on the printer device context (therefore highest possible resolution!).
  • Outstanding barcode quality corresponding to all technical specifications!
  • Printer independent - no additional barcode cartridges and no special barcode printer needed.
  • No unwieldy or inflexible software installations needed (e.g. no barcode font)
  • Supports "Data Binding" of fields (or queries) in Microsoft Access or in Visual Basic, Excel,...
  • Produce reports (for printing labels,...) that contain barcodes by using any reporting tool you want (that supports ActiveX technology).
  • The Barcode ActiveX Control software enables printing of all commonly used barcodes
  • Supports printing of barcodes like Code 39, UPC, EAN, Code 128, PostNET, CodaBar, HIBC and Interleaved 2 of 5 (and more...)
  • TEC-IT's Barcode OCX also supports two-dimensional bar codes like PDF417, Data Matrix and MaxiCode
  • Easy integration into HTML´, full scriptable in Internet Explorer (Javascript or Microsoft VB Script).
  • You can generate barcodes as JPG or PNG graphics directly on the web server (within ASP and PHP-4) - no writing of files and no resource cleanup necessary.

Barcoding for ASP, PHP, HTML, Javascript, VBscript...

Barcoding in web applications (ASP, PHP,...) with TEC-IT Barcode OCX Software

With TEC-IT's Barcode OCX you can easily implement barcodes into web applications like Active Server Pages (ASP) or other dynamic web page preprocessors (like PHP,...).

The enhanced WEB-API of TEC-IT's Barcode OCX  Software enables generation (and printing) of barcodes like ean, ean 13, ean 128, code 39, code 128, 2of5, 2/5 IL, PostNET (...) using the ActiveX technology on a web server (like IIS). Therefore you can implement barcodes into HTML documents without any client installations and without using an inflexible barcode font or an expensive barcode printer.

TEC-IT Barcode OCX Software is very easy to use - include HTML tags into your web page like this: <IMG src="Barcode.asp?text=Hello1234&code=Code128"> and get bar codes into the browser window. Sample code is provided. The barcode is created as an image (PNG, JPG,...) by the ASP (or PHP) script and sent to the client's browser as bitmap. To see how it works - visit the barcode playground. Printing barcodes from the browser window in high quality is no problem!

The Barcode OCX is fully scriptable in Microsoft VBscript or Javascript. Because of server-side use in a browser independent way and without additional software on your clients.

Additional to all linear bar code symbologies the powerful variants like Data Matrix, PDF417 and MaxiCode are also supported.

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