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TConnector ActiveX - Serial Data Acquisition / Collection

Serial Data Acquisition / Collection ActiveX Software from TEC-IT.

Easy connecting to serial port (RS-232), parallel port (Centronics interface) and TCP/IP (Intranet). Perfectly suited for Visual Basic, C/C++, Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft Word®, Delphi, Microsoft Internet Explorer, SAP R/3...


Use it within Visual Basic, C/C++, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Delphi...


TConnector ActiveX Software makes data acquisition and communication easy!

Insert TConnector ActiveX into Visual Basic, Visual C++, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, WinWord, Delphi... (and other applications supporting ActiveX Controls) and you are able to connect to any device within minutes.

You need only 3 to 5 function calls to read and write data. The property pages let you configure the interface settings in one step.

For flexible application we offer 3 modes of operation.

  • Read / write in synchronic mode

  • Event-triggered communication in asyncronic mode (OnData event is passing the incoming data)

  • Software wedge: key stroke simulation of incoming data

For all interfaces we use the same lean API - this unified API supports:

The built-in TCP/IP support simplifies intranet-based communication considerably.

We provide you with sample code for Visual Basic, Access, Excel and Delphi! Quick start up and full support (free of charge) is guaranteed!

Free Download of TConnector ActiveX - OCX available here !

Flexible data acquisition for SAP R/3, Access, Office and all legacy applications...


TWedge - software based keyboard wedge and data logging software for data acquisition without programming (e.g. for SAP R/3)

With TWedge you can input data from external devices - like a bar code reader, a gauge, an electronic scale… - into your application - without programming! TWedge generates virtual  key strokes based on incoming data - read more...

Free Download of TWedge Keyboard Wedge Software here!

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