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TWedge - the Software Keyboard Wedge

The software-based keyboard wedge and data logging tool from TEC-IT.

Easy connecting to serial port / RS-232 and TCP/IP devices. Perfectly suited for quick and flexible integration into all applications - e. g. SAP R/3 and many more. Data logging software tool inclusive.

Data acquisition and logging for SAP R/3, Access, Office and legacy applications...


TWedge - software based keyboard wedge for data acquisition / data logging without programming (e.g. for SAP R/3)

With TWedge you can input data from external devices - like a bar code reader, a gauge, an electronic scale… - into your application software - without programming!

TWedge works by generating virtual key strokes - like the data has been entered by the user's keyboard.

  • Almost every software accepts keyboard input - so you can use TWege for data acquisition / collection for almost every existing software.

  • Changing or reprogramming of your application software is not required - therefore perfectly suited for SAP R/3 or legacy applications.

  • Automated selection of input fields - your data goes where you want it!

  • Device input can be redirected to different applications (depending on received data or control characters)

  • Simulation of control and function keys pressed by the user!

  • Delaying of input or control keys - giving your applications time to process input data (e.g. when storing a file).

  • Data acquisition device can be either locally connected (serial port / RS-232) or accessible through TCP/IP

TWedge is also a powerful data logging tool - you can create log files for later data processing and analyzing. Log File generator and Keyboard Wedge - two products within one!

Use this link for the Free Download of TWedge Keyboard Wedge Software!

Download Software Wedge from TEC-IT

Free evaluation version download of our Software Wedge and Data Logging Tool...

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