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TBarCode .NET - Barcode Forms Control & Library (DLL) for .NET

TBarCode .NET is a full featured barcode assembly for .NET software developers. It includes bar code controls for Windows Forms and ASP.NET 2.0 as well as a "Barcode Class", which can be used like all other .NET Framework classes with managed code.

Barcodes in ASP.NET 
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Barcode .NET Forms Control


Windows Forms Control

Web Form Control ASP.NET

Barcode Class (Library)


TBarcode .NET adds Barcode Printing to your .NET Application

TBarCode. NET is a full featured .NET assembly (DLL), which offers flexible barcode generation capabilities for .NET in a slim and easy-to-use programming interface.

  • The bar code library contains a "Barcode Class", a WinForm Control and an ASP.NET Web Form Control.
    So you can use it in every kind of application -  e.g. also for web applications.
  • The Barcode API is based on managed code - use it the same way as other .NET Framework classes.
  • Tested with Microsoft C# .NET, VB .NET, ASP.NET, Borland C# Builder and Borland Delphi for Microsoft .NET.
  • Sample code and free support for developers included

Free Download .NET Barcode Control and Library

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Generate all popular barcode formats in .NET in the highest possible barcode quality

With TBarCode .NET you can...

  • Generate more than 70 common used barcode symbologies within one .NET library.
  • Draw directly to graphics objects or printer devices in the highest possible resolution in .NET.
  • Save bar codes to disk in all major image formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, EPS, EMF, WMF…)
  • Apply quality enhancement techniques to optimize printing tolerance or bitmap output.

Linear and 2D Code Support for .NET


All barcode symbologies

Perfect output quality

Full 2D Code support

Full control for all bar code parameters - in linear and 2D Codes

  • All popular barcode types within one .NET product: all linear types, complex 2D symbologies, RSS Codes and Composite Codes
  • High quality vector graphic output (EPS, WMF...) as well as bitmap formats (BMP, GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG...)
  • Integrated check-digit computation
  • Module width (X Dimension) and wide to narrow ratio fully adjustable
  • Support for label printers with low output resolution (e.g. 203 dpi printers)
  • Settings provided for Orientation, Colors, Fonts, Alignment, etc.
The better tool for generating 2D Barcodes in .NET...
  • Input data analysis with selection of the most efficient encoding modes.
  • Full implementation of additional operational modes (ECI, EAN-128 emulation, Industry Formats, Macro 05/06...)
  • Automatic generation of multiple 2D symbols with Structured Append Mode
  • Multi-Language Support (Japanese, Chinese…)
  • Data compression (zlib) for best efficiency of 2D bar-coding

.NET Web Forms Control

Full Featured .NET Barcode Library

Developer Support

Managed Code API

All Barcode Options

EAN-128 AI Support


More features of TBarCode .NET in detail

  • Easy deployment and distribution of the Barcode .NET Assembly for .NET Software Developers
  • Royalty free distribution – with the purchase of a Developer License the product can be distributed up to 10.000 users (per license)
  • .NET Barcode Class: Can be used as a DLL without being loaded on a form
  • API is based on managed code - perfectly suited for .NET integration
  • Auto configuration of size parameters for the intended application and scanning equipment
  • Bearer bars for ITF-14: horizontal or rectangle
  • Quiet zone support (linear codes: left + right quiet zone ; Data Matrix: left, right, top, bottom)
  • Bar width reduction option for enlarging printing methods (e.g. with inkjet printers)
  • Automatic resolution adaptation or custom output resolution in DPI
  • Unprintable character support: Escape sequences for encoding binary values (Byte codes) as well as lower ASCII characters (Returns, Tabs, LF...)
  • Special Escape Sequences for FNC1, GS, RS, EOT…
  • Application Identifier support for UCC/EAN 128. Auto formatting of human-readable text by placing AIs into parentheses.
  • Automatic check sum calculation with positioning options.
  • Image support: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF and all formats, which are supported by the .NET Framework
  • EMF Support for creating metafiles

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