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TBarCode for UNIX and Linux - Barcodes in PCL® and PostScript®

Barcode printing under Linux or Unix derivatives - in perfect quality - for all Postscript and PCL printers - supporting all linear and 2D symblogies - without the need of a barcode font or a barcode printer. Sounds good? Please read ahead...

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TBarCode for Linux

for Linux / AIX / HP-UX / Solaris / Unix derivatives...

No "per-printer" costs

No hardware dependencies

No hardware extensions

Printer independent

Instant bar-coding

Full bar code support

Industry standard barcodes

Compliance labeling

Why is TBarCode for Linux/ Unix your Bar-Coding Solution?

You need to generate, to print or to fax bar codes from within your system because of several reasons:

  • Document Management requirements
  • Supply Chain Requirements
  • VDA4902, B-10 Forms
  • and so on…

No problem you think - there are a lot of possibilities to choose from:

  • Using special bar-code printers:
    Well - that's a perfect idea (if you do not need to fax or save the bar codes). But are you really sure you want to pay for each single printer? And do you prefer to be forced to use exactly that printer models? Or to pay twice if you change printers?
  • Using printer cartridges with barcode-fonts:
    Of course, this is another solution. But again - it's very expensive and you can't embed bar codes into electronic documents.
  • Using TBarCode for LINUX/UNIX
    Save costs by generating your bar-codes in software. Completely independent from your printer models. Most likely you can use your existing printers for bar-coding - and on demand you can integrate bar codes into electronic documents such like PDF. Our bar code engine do the work...

Bar codes for HP PCL and all Postscript printers

Application independent

Device independent

Software only solution

No hardware dependencies

All bar code symbologies

Highlights of TBarCode for Linux/Unix

TBarCode for LINUX/UNIX - the bar-coding solution - can be used with almost every application: SAP R/3, ORACLE, legacy applications,…

  • TBarCode saves your money. Use bar-code technique without costly bar-code printers.
  • TBarCode saves your time. Configuration is easy - no need for time-consuming and annoying escape-sequence programming.
  • TBarCode offers extensive bar code support - without additional costs. And it is always up-to-date. New symbologies are required? Just update the software - instead of purchasing new hardware.
  • Most likely TBarCode can be customized for existing applications. No re-programming of your application is required.
  • TBarCode is completely device independent. You can print the bar-codes on all printers supporting PostScript or PCL.
  • You create and print vector-based - high resolution - high quality bar codes (no bitmaps are used). Check digits are computed automatically.
  • TBarCode is versatile. Special post-processing requirements (like faxing, emailing, storing,...) can be fulfilled.
  • TBarCode supports all bar code symbologies in common use. Linear (1D) as well as high-capacity two-dimensional (2D) codes (like PDF417, DataMatrix, MaxiCode, QR-Code, …) are supported.
  • Part of the package: ready to use filter-application which plugs into your printer-queue. You can build up a bar code server ready for all applications in your network. The filter is installed easily and turns your PostScript or PCL printer into a full-featured bar-code printer.
  • On demand available for IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, other Unix derivatives

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